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model 3 19 inch wheels

  1. L

    Set Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - San Francisco

    Set of Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - $1,000; (pick up in San Francisco only) - took them off with ~7K miles (swapped them with 18" aeros for road trips) - one wheels has mile curb rash, all others are in good condition - one tire had a screw, but was plugged immediately. (drove for 200mi...
  2. K

    Model 3 19” Winter Tires/Rims - PA 19073

    Tesla Model 3 19” Winter Tires and Rims . Condition is Used. Local pickup only. Used set of Pirelli Sottozero 3’s 235/40 R19 mounted on Axis MS Bright Silver Turbine Rims. Used for 2 seasons Nov - Apr. They have at least one season, maybe 2 left. Some road rash on one, repaired with minor nicks...
  3. D

    So many flats....

    Hello all. I have a 2018 Model 3 with the 19 inch rims. Prior to getting this car, I think I had one flat tire about 20 years ago. Since taking delivery of this car in October 2018, I have had 2 flats that needed to be replaced ($345 each) and 4 repairs. The last mobile repair person told me...
  4. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories 4th of July Sale: 10 % Off and Get Free Shipping within US & Canada!

    4th of July Weekend Sale Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. 10% Off discount excludes Wholesale Orders and Model Y 19" TSS & TST Wheel Pre-Orders. Free Shipping for customers within the US and Canada only. Discounted Shipping to select...
  5. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Father's Day Sale: Free Shipping to the US & Canada!*

    *Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. Discount excludes Wholesale Orders. Free Shipping for customers within the US and Canada only. Model S Front Bumper Refresh, Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Dash, Model 3 Trunk Wing and Model 3 Lowering Springs are excluded from Free Shipping to...
  6. J

    Changing from 18" aero wheels to 19" sport wheels

    When I purchased my 2018 model 3, I went with the 18" aero wheels and have regretted not going with the better looking 19" sport wheels. It appears that my only choice now to purchase through Tesla is to pay $3,500 for the wheels and tires with no option to just purchase the wheels from them and...
  7. D

    Best UK websites for aftermarket / replica wheels for Model 3?

    Hi all New to here and looking to lease a Model 3 in Pearl White and the lease option to upgrade to the 19 inch sport wheels is £1,200. Are there any UK based websites I could buy replica gray performance wheels or similar anywhere for less? Many Thanks
  8. B

    Help checking out used Model 3 in Seattle

    Hi all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, please let me know if not. I'm looking at a used Model 3 for sale in Seattle, but I am out of the area (CA) and would end up getting the car shipped to me. However, I'd love to have someone take a look in person just to make sure the...
  9. T

    Selling: 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 19" Sport Wheels, Black Matte Wrap, $39k OBO

    Hi all! I'm selling this beauty due to Model Y purchase. Car is located in Tampa, FL. Details: - 2018 Long Range - $39,000 but happy to take serious offers - 42,000 miles - RWD - Excellent mechanical condition - Deep Matte Black wrap and Chrome delete - Wheels are powder coated (minor curbing...
  10. Jett Black

    Model 3 19" Sport Wheels & Tires - Low Miles - $600obo + shipping/pickup

    Title explains it all. Located in Nashville, TN. Just got a new Model 3 and am upgrading my wheels and tires. They are in perfect shape. No scrapes/scratches/imperfections. $600obo + shipping. Also available for local pickup. Apologies for the water on the wheels in the pictures. IMG_1836...
  11. L

    Hello! new member from Italy

    Hello, my name is Lolli_ I come from Italy and I have a M3 Long Range Dual Motor, Deep Blue Metallic, 19" sport wheels, Black premium interior (no FSD). I would like to know more about Supercharger situation in europe because I'm interested in doing many roadtrips! See you soon :)
  12. MikeBur

    WTB set of 4 silver 19” wheels for Model 3

    Seattle / Washington for local pickup. Willing to consider wheel / tire combos. Thanks, Mike
  13. Tsportline

    Vendor Happy Valentine's Day! Free Shipping to US & Canada on Tesla Accessories on Orders Over $500!

    OFFER TERMS & CONDITIONS * Valid online only. Use ‘TESLALOVE’ for discount code. Must have order value of $500 before shipping & taxes. Excludes Wholesale Orders. Discount does not apply to Custom Services performed at our Southern California Facility. Discount cannot be combined with past or...
  14. F

    2020 Silver 19" Model 3 wheels and tires - Trade for Aero

    Took delivery 4 days ago in Salt Lake City, UT. Want to downgrade to the Aero tires. 100 miles on them. As you know, it's a $1500 upgrade. Will trade for aero wheels/tires and $1250. Farrell
  15. I

    Hello from California

    Hello from California Here is my Stealth Performance Model 3 which I named Soulless
  16. A

    Model 3 19” Sport Wheels With Tires & TPMS Sensors For Sale - Used <400 Miles

    I am selling my 19” Sport wheels from my Model 3. I just received the car in December, and I replaced the wheels after about 370 miles. They are in perfect condition with no imperfections. The tires are basically brand new. Looking to sell for $2,300 + shipping cost to you. I don’t have pictures...
  17. I

    Does anyone else still prefer to drive their gas cars?

    While I do like my Stealth Performance Model 3 I enjoy driving my gas sports cars MUCH more still. The Tesla serves its purpose as a commute car a few days a week. Any else feel the same?
  18. A

    Brand New Model 3 19” Sport Wheels (Set)

    Irvine, CA Price - $2800 Selling a full set of Brand New 2019 Model 3 19” Sport Wheels OEM with Continental ProContact Rx tires, picked up from Costa Mesa Delivery center. I’m assuming TPMS sensors were installed. If they’re not installed I’ll take $100 off.
  19. M109Rider

    MASTER THREAD: Winter Tires

    wondering what others have done for winter wheel and tire packages. Tesla’s wheel and tire package includes install and is $2,000 US or $2,400 CAD. I’ve priced it out separately and it seems that’s a pretty good deal. Anyone else gone a different route, and found a better deal ?
  20. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories December to Remember Sale! Save up to $1,500!

    Stocking Stuffers For Friends & Family SHOP NOW! BUY MORE, GET MORE OFFER TERMS & CONDITIONS * Valid online only. Excludes Core Exchange Fees and Wholesale Orders. Any return of purchase will reduce your savings proportionally. T Sportline Referral Program and other discounts does not apply to...
  21. ZachieD

    WTB: Model 3 19 inch sport wheels original

    Looking for 19 inch Tesla original sport wheels for a model 3. Like new condition. Prefer tires and the tire sensors as well. Please message me if you have some available.
  22. B

    19’ Snow chains needed for Model 3

    Hello, I am located in Santa Monica and am going on a last second trip to Mammoth and do not have time to order chains via the Tesla website. Is there anyone near the area that I could pay to borrow chains for today - Friday? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brad
  23. M

    19 inch Sports wheels on SR+

    I have an SR+ with Aero Wheels and really want to replace them with OEM 19 inch Sports Wheels. I have asked Tesla Service Centre in Dartford if they can order me a set. Has anyone else done this? If so have you notice any range, comfort or performance differences? Also wondering if there is a...
  24. H

    TRADE my 19” Sport for your 18” Aero (Model 3, San Diego)

    I just took delivery of a New Model 3 with 19” Sport wheels and tires. These have <50 miles on them. Here is the trade... I provide: - 19” Sport Wheels with Tires You provide: - 18” Wheels with Tires - Aero Covers installed - cash We split the cost: - having a tire shop swap our tires...
  25. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories 4th of July Sale: 10 % Off and Get Free Shipping within US & Canada!

    Offer Terms & Conditions Online orders only. Discount excludes Model 3 Lowering Springs, Pre Orders, Wholesale Orders, and Custom Services. Discounted Shipping for customers within Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. T Sportline Referral Program is excluded from the 4th of July Sale. Sale ends...
  26. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Memorial Day Sale: 10 % Off and Get Free Shipping within US & Canada!

    Offer Terms & Conditions Online orders only. Discount excludes Model 3 Lowering Springs, Pre Orders and Wholesale Orders. Discount will be calculated at checkout with promocode ‘MDW19’. Free Shipping only applies to US and Canada. Referral Discount does not apply to Sale. Sale ends Tuesday, May...
  27. A

    WTB Model 3 19 inch wheels + tires (or just wheels)

    Also open to trade with current stock 18” Aeros I have on + cash. PM me. Thanks
  28. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla California Sales Tax Rebate (ends April 15)

    NOW UNTIL APRIL 15! ZERO CALIFORNIA SALES TAX! Online orders only. Rebate applies to CA residents only. 9.5% Sales Tax is based on order(s) shipping from 90069. Shop Now!
  29. H

    Model 3 Sport Wheels to trade for Aero Wheels

    I just got my inventory model 3 delivered with 19" sport wheels and could not get them to swap the wheels so I figured I could find someone who would be willing to trade. It's a March 2019 model 3 AWD and the wheels have about 200-300 miles on them as of now, but I'm still currently driving so I...
  30. Pkmmte

    19" Sport Wheel for Model 3

    I just recently had one of my wheels fixed then completely replaced after a light scratch remained. I'm selling my old wheel for $250. Attached are photos of it, including an up close photo of the scratch. I've been keeping it in bubble wrap this whole time. According to Tesla, brand new ones go...
  31. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Flow Forged Wheels - Model TSS Available in 18", 19" & 20"

    The T Sportline TSS Tesla Model 3 Flow Forged Wheel is built exclusively for the Tesla Model 3. It's manufactured in a flow forged process and is available in 3 colors: Space Gray, Gloss Black, and Matte Black. Our Space Gray finish contains dark tones of grey and black mixed with metallic...
  32. M

    Model 3 19" Continental Tires for sale

    Selling four Continental ProContact Rx 235/40/R19 tires from Model 3 with 19" rims. Only 1300 miles. Decided to get different all season tires. I live north of Boston. Reply back if you're interested.
  33. I

    20 inch Performance Model 3 Wheel Tire Package

    I have a full set of 20 inch wheels and tires that are from my Performance Model 3. I only drove the car 2 miles from Tesla Rockville, MD to the Auto Shop where I had my aftermarket wheels/tires installed. The tires are the 235/35ZR-20 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S TESLA, ACOUSTIC TECH XL The tires...
  34. K

    Model 3 Passenger side Key card to unlock car

    Just got me M3 delivered home yesterday. Our car was not marked delivered on the Tesla account, so we were not yet using our phones as a key. Interestingly, the key fob given to us as a key has not been working on the passenger side. Not sure if it should work, or should not. It only seems to...
  35. B

    Undelivered Tesla model 3 for sale.

    Tesla model 3 sitting in dealership waiting to be delivered. $52000. Mid Range Rear-Wheel Drive Red Multi-Coat Paint 19’’ Sport Wheels All Black Premium Interior
  36. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories December to Remember Sale!

    The December to Remember Sale: Spend More, Get More! Save Up to $1,500 off your next purchase! $700-$1,350 receive a $150 discount $1,351-$2,750 receive a $300 discount $2,751-$4,250 receive a $500 discount $4,251-$6,750 receive a $1,000 discount $6,751+ receive a $1,500 discount * Valid...
  37. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories Black Friday Sale!

    Black Friday Sale: Spend More, Get More! Save Up to $1,500 off your next purchase! $700-$1,350 receive a $150 discount $1,351-$2,750 receive a $300 discount $2,751-$4,250 receive a $500 discount $4,251-$6,750 receive a $1,000 discount $6,751+ receive a $1,500 discount * Valid online only...
  38. Qbenjamin

    2018 Model 3 (Red/19" Wheels/EAP)

    Not looking for pricing assistance, so keep it moving if you aren't interested in purchasing. As the title states, we have a Red M3LR that we're looking to sell. Vroom offer of $45K was a bit too low, especially since they had one without EAP for sale at $48.5K (already sold). We're looking...
  39. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories Labor Day Sale

    Get 10% Off & Free Shipping Until September 3rd! Offer Terms & Conditions Get 10% Off and Free Shipping on select items. Valid online only. Excludes 18" TST Wheels, Model 3 Lowering Springs (AWD/Performance/Performance+), Digital License Plate, Model 3 Trunk Wing, Model 3 Carbon Fiber Dash...
  40. K

    Model 3 19" Sports Wheels & Tires - $1,600.00

    Model 3 19" Sports Wheels & Tires (No TPMS) - $1,500.00 (local pickup in New Jersey) These are in excellent condition and are exactly what you would get if ordered with the car from Tesla. Tesla retails them at the online store for $3,500.00 (albeit with winter tires and TPMS). TPMS sensors...
  41. Asad1087

    AlloyGators in Silver on 19in Sport Wheels

    After some light rim rash on the front passenger rim I decided to get some protection. Not an exact match but really close. Completely covered the original damage too. Process involves jacking up or lifting the car and slightly deflating the tires. AlloyGators are hammered in with a rubber...
  42. C

    Wheels for dual motor performance motors question?

    Have my config all set and just need to pay my 2500 so deciding between color and options and trying to not to drop 77k. Question does dual motors come with a different wheel other then the 18in rims. on the line under 18in it says 20inch standard..... ???but doesn't change car itself pic...
  43. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories 2018 Memorial Day Sale

    Save 10% Off + Free Shipping in the US and Canada!
  44. K

    Talking Teslas Podcast

    Join us this week as we discuss our experiences going electric. Our format is short and sweet. Please rate us on iTunes. Talking Teslas Podcast by Rev964 Media on Apple Podcasts
  45. J

    Configured 4/13 waiting on VIN (RED+PUP+LR+19+AP)

    Looks like something strange with RED since April second week no VIN's have assigned, anyone in similar situation..?
  46. M

    19" wheels with continental tires. $1000 for the set of 4

    Looking to sell Model 3 set of 19" wheels with continental tires. $1000 for the set. Meet in Oakland, CA.
  47. Adman2298

    Aftermarket 20" rims or 19"???

    So while everyone is going 20's on their new M3's, what about the commuters who are concerned about range, ride and the overall cost of new shoes with lots of rubber?? What about the commuter that just wants it to look super cool and still function? That's where I went and here is my...
  48. EVTuning

    Vendor TSW Wheel and Tire Packages

    I have put together a number of wheel and tire packages for Model 3 in 18" and 19" sizes using TSW Cast and Rotary Forged wheels and Michelin and Continental Tires. All pricing for wheels includes shipping. All pricing for Wheel and Tire packages includes new TPMS Sensors, Mounting, Balancing...
  49. pmich80

    Configuration Change

    I've read in the FAQ on Tesla's website that I should be able to make amendments to my configuration online (within 3 days) but i do not see the option. I configured my car last night (March 27th) but the EAP, although being something i really want, is extremely pricey. I don't think it's...
  50. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories Black Friday Sale!

    * Save up to $1,500 off your next purchase Spend More Get More: $500-$1,100 receive a $150 discount $1,101-$2,500 receive a $300 discount $2,501-$4,000 receive a $500 discount $4,001-$6,500 receive a $1,000 discount $6,501-$10,000 receive a $1,500 discount * T Sportline Referral Program does...

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