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Tesla might let other companies use its Supercharger network


Well-Known Member
Aug 7, 2012
Toronto, ON
Tesla has always been open to this - but so far no other manufacturer has wanted to admit that they need the network. "Buy our EV and you'll have access to the Tesla network" probably doesn't work well for brand protection. :)

Oh, I know that. But all it would take is for a traditional automaker or, more likely, one of the newer start-ups to build that adapter mentioned in the article and it's off to the races. Or, what if some new company built Supercharger to CHAdeMO/CCS adapters with all of the smarts inside, licensed same with Tesla, and simply sold to existing EV owners?

Most other automakers are still in the "someone else will provide the fuel" paradigm, so having their customers go to a Tesla "gas station" would probably not be seen as a worry.


Active Member
Mar 9, 2016
Also, the "if they paid for it" part is probably keeping companies like GM from doing this. Not sure what Elon would say is their "fair share" but I imagine it is not cheap. But the alternative is to either not have an extensive charging network or invest billion of dollars to build one.

Derek Kessler

Active Member
Apr 15, 2016
Yep. Musk first floated the possibility back in 2015, and last year Straubel brought it up. We've seen no public movement on that actually happening in the past three years.

It's a great public relations move for Tesla. They can lay claim to openness (we'll partner with anybody that wants to, sure) while knowing that it's highly unlikely that any competing manufacturer will actually go through with those talks. I'll bet the biggest sticking point is branding — every one of these Supercharger stalls says T ☰ S L A and that's not going to change. The last thing Ford or Mercedes or Toyota wants to do is tell their customers to go charge at the Tesla Supercharger.

The only way I can see this kind of partnership working is exactly how other partnerships like Ionity work: the chargers have to be a separate company with shared ownership. Tesla will never accept that, and so this will never happen.

Your link goes to another site.

That is what links do.


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Jan 20, 2016
Tesla has built drivetrains for both Toyota and Mercedes? Yet neither are equipped for Tesla format. None have been produced in significant quantities so it is puzzling.

Tesla can do this unilaterally. Selling a DCFC adapter with a coded SN attached to a CC that has WiFi capability removes communication issues. Then charge the actual costs plus profit to non-Tesla DCFC cars. This would assist in Supercharger expansion. Overcrowded locations would have signage indicating Tesla Only.

They do not need approval by other companies.

Tesla could also work with SAE to create a SAE specification that matches Tesla's design. Then companies could build their own Superchargers without risk or put aux ports on their cars for SAE Tesla connection.

This should have been done long ago before the VW settlement. Now there will be a format battle.
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Aug 7, 2012
Toronto, ON
Would be relatively easy to Tesla to brand some of their Supercharger stalls for other manufacturers.

I really don't see this as a deal-breaker. As I said, most car makers are still in the "someone else will provide the fuel" frame of mind. Does Chevy care what brand of gas you buy? Why would they care what "brand" of electricity you use? They've sold the car, and that's all that matters to them. Let Tesla claim this new "re-fueling" business, and reap the profits that come.


Well-Known Member
Aug 7, 2012
Toronto, ON
First you need to make a long range EV, and then you can start using these high powered chargers.

Except Bolt, there is none out there... so all this talk of sharing of superchargers is all moot and premature.

Agree we need more long range EVs, and they are coming, but there are lots of EVs that can use CHAdeMO or CCS and therefore a Supercharger with an adapter. The thing is, most short range EV owners probably wouldn't want to anyway.


Enjoy the journey
Feb 5, 2018
If we look at a map of gas stations in CA, for example, the dots are so many in urban areas it is a solid color. Urban Tesla chargers have a smaller footprint and can be installed in parking garages and “lamp post” street locations.

I was not around in the days when gas stations were being built, but those people who did witness this change in technology (buggy to gas car) are fewer and fewer. They likely hold the keys to helping our charging network if Tesla, Ionity, etc roll out in a fundamentally usable way, especially since today we have roads everywhere, unlike when the gas vehicle started to become popular.

Fundamental rebuild of our grid is going to be necessary for the 10-20 years ahead as EVs reach 25% then 50% of vehicles on the road.

If anyone takes Tesla up on the offer to use the SuC network it will breed a more urgent and funded way to increase chargers in areas where there is the greatest demand.

Gas cars tend to last about 20 years unless specifically kept up. Southern states about 30 years from my casual observation, due to less corrosion.

We live in an amazing transitional time. We can purchase semi-efficient solar panels and just about power our own lives as home owners. Power companies buy surplus power and we break even in 10 years or less, then make a profit. I’m excited about the future.

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