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Tesla offering free supercharging on Model 3's

Well at least it's limited at two years. Tesla needs to revamp their supercharger build out program and be more honest with which sites are actively being built and which are just "on the map" (Maybe a vague "Planned Supercharger location" vs "Supercharger coming in 2019" or something)
Likely for instock configs. Trying to boost numbers by depleting inventory. So if you place an order, sales will likely be contacting you to upgrade to a different configuration with free supercharging for two years.
Got this deal today, sales adviser said they're not allowed to put anything into print and that it's very limited because it can only apply to order set to be delivered by end of month. The discounting of premium options was...huge, I really wasn't expecting that. Allowed me to pick some stuff I hadn't even considered.
I'm scheduled to pick up on Sep 20th next week. I'll email my SA and delivery specialist and see what they say. Based on current inventory in Calgary don't think I would qualify for free upgrades but the 2 years of supercharging would be nice.
What I was told:
The premiums (paint, wheels) I was told is limited to in stock inventory vehicles only
Even if one shows as in stock online it could incoming and then it would not qualify for the free premiums but would for the brand new supercharger offer
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I was told today that it was for orders also as long as they were placed "today". Sales guy said the price discount comes off as soon as the VIN is generated (I placed an order so this better be true lol)

This is the exact reply trying to get the free premiums on a MSM with white interior that was showing as in inventory online that I said I would order today if it qualified.

“Just spoke with my manager – unfortunately, that wouldn’t be anything that we could extend for a couple of reasons (mainly being that it is still not directly on-site, and currently en-route).”