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Tesla on bbc

I watched it on iPlayer last night (Channels > BBC2 > Tuesday).

Is it just me or was the EV section bit of a random input? After all, the program was about building a Mini... I did skip through the main program and so might have missed some relevance. I can only take so much of James May attempting to look competent with a tool.

I was a bit taken aback at how completely ignorant wossername was about EVs. I thought she was a lot more worldly-wise than that! Maybe she exemplifies the above average income/intelegence UK consumer in knowing absolutely nothing about how far EVs have progressed in the last 5 years or so. For all the money HMG have spent (£100's of millions) on EVs there has been virtually zero public information on the subject. The only stuff we hear on the media seems to be about Tesla or Bo-jo's efforts (may he soon become PM!). MW
I thought it was quite an interesting program, giving a real insight into the modern process of building a car, but at the same time utterly useless. They were trying to tie it together by following one particular car being made, but constantly missed being able to show it actually being made. They seemed to have a timetable to stick to that wasn't aligned with building the car and had no flexibility, yet nothing they were urgently cutting to seemed to be time critical. It just left me thinking about the amazing program they could put together with all the footage they shot but didn't use, actually following the car all the way through.

The EV section was a bit random, and Kate wasn't very clued up about them, was she? I thought at the time though that she was probably just saying what most people think. They also didn't delve all that deeply into why EVs are so popular in Norway. As I understand it, cars in Norway pay 180% car tax, so something that would cost £50,000 in the UK would cost roughly £140000 in Norway. However, EVs don't pay this, so are nearly three times cheaper than a comparative conventional car. That's a bit better than getting £5000 off, isn't it?
And now autopilot is available in the UK expect a new story of doom and gloom shortly...

To be fair, the story linked to by S'toon does include the warning from Elon about not trusting it yet, which seems fair enough.