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Tesla removes regenerative braking strength option


Feb 9, 2020
South Bend, IN
Humans adapt pretty darn quickly. It wouldnt take you very long to get used to it. In fact, You would probably adapt in a day or two, much less if you ever drove a manual transmission anything (car, motorcycle, etc), anything where you had to shift gears and had engine braking.

You would adapt, because the feeling of deceleration if you take your foot completely off the accelerator would be enough to feel like you were learning to drive a stickshift vehicle. With that being said, a 30 minute test drive is not long enough to adapt.

My wife almost never drives my car, and drives by "pulsing" the accelerator as I mentioned. Also as I mentioned, a lot of people dont realize they do this, but the first time they drive a stick (or a car with regen braking like tesla or any other EV that has it) they will quickly realize that they "puuusshhhh" on the accelerator, then take their foot completely off to cost, then "puuuushhhh" then completely off, repeatedly.

Next time you get in your regular car, pay attention and see if you or your significant other drive like that.

I agree. On my test drive, I hated the regenerative braking and had the Tesla rep turn it off for my test drive. I understood it was good if I could get used to it though, so I left it turned on when I got my M3. It took about one day of driving to get used it. Now, when I drive my wife's ICE SUV, it feels dangerous and out of control when I release the accelerator and the truck barely slows down. It feels like a runaway train.

One pedal driving is one of my favorite features of the M3. I believe it is much safer also. I once had someone pull out in front of me and in the split second between taking my foot off the accelerator and pressing on the brake, the car had already slowed down significantly. I believe it helps stop the car much quicker in an emergency situation like that.


Mar 18, 2021
I didn't even look yet if I can turn it down on my 2021. I want it at the strongest but I'm used to driving manual cars and riding motorcycles. I hate being in an automatic car and having to hold my foot on the dang brake at a stop.

I feel like if you've ever seriously driven a manual car there's not even a learning curve, it's literally just like lifting off the gas while in gear at higher rpm to engine brake.


Active Member
Apr 25, 2019
Its hard to say if we'd get used to it, test drive only lasted 30 minutes. I know we didn't like it and would prefer the toggle while we adapt, I'm glad the people who like it got to keep their preferred setting. Too much money on a maybe makes me uncomfortable. Does the model X still have the option? I'd prefer to have it to the point of even going for last years model Y.

Trust me, you will get so used to it you wont even think about it. Plus, its is soooo much easier doing one pedal driving.


Supporting Member
Aug 18, 2012
I can only pity the folks who get spooked by the sudden slowdown when you take your foot off the pedal, and start hating EVs because of that.

Because once you get a hang of it (which will take utmost a day or two) you will realize that is perhaps the no 1 feature you will fall in love in an EV - the ability to smoothly decelerate around corners and use the brakes only to come to a stop.
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Apr 25, 2019
It's the natural tendency for people to react badly to something that is unexpectedly different. We all think we know how an accelerator pedal should react, and are surprised (and annoyed) when the Tesla acts differently ("It's weird!"). Of course, once you habituate the regen, going back to an ICE car is the one that feels "weird". :)

I have family in the UK, and switching back/forward between left/right hand drive cars also feels weird for a day or so, but you get used to it (and no, I dont drive on the wrong side of the road at first!).

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