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Tesla Service Billing to swap to summer tires even when tires are already off the car

Getting my brakes serviced after winter to keep corrosion in check as suggested by Tesla. Since the wheels need to be removed to access the brakes, I asked to have summer tires put on at same time (ready to go on wheels) instead of putting winters back on. It's a bit early for summer tires but I figured I was saving the mobile service team a trip by doing both at the same time.

Tesla service insists on charging the $50 seasonal tire swap fee even though there's zero incremental work.

It isn't about the $, but the principal of this double-charging for time is awful. Check out the entitled response I received when clarifying.

So $140 to service brakes + $50 to swap tires.

I won't be petty and make the service person put the tires fully on/torque, and turn around and remove them again because it isn't their fault. But it's tempting.

I might try to sneak up and secretly switch the tires while they're lying on ground though!
I had a similar thing happen last year.

In for something else so paid to have the brake cleaning. Asked them to check the tread and rotate if appropriate. They charged for the rotate even though they had the wheels off for the brake cleaning. After some discussion about how the wheels were moved at least a car length during the cleaning, they removed the rotation charge.

I didn’t schedule it, initially, so who knows if they’ll waive the fee but you should try.

Going in for some warranty work and I was thinking of having them “check” the brakes and tread but decided not to put it in the app since they really do overcharge for that stuff. I need to find a reliable brake/tire guy around here.
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Yeah that's stupid. If the tires and wheels are already ready to go and the other set of tires and wheels were coming off anyway, I don't see why they have to charge you to put the other set on at the same time. It doesn't take extra time nor extra work.
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That is just plain dirty. I'm very thankful that I have never had to bring my car in for any kind of service or repairs. I'll be lubing my brakes and putting back the all season tires back on in couple of weeks after this brutal winter with the constant salting on the roads. The rear brake rotors are not looking very pretty.
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