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  1. S

    Scratch / dent repair help

    I scratched my Model Y while pulling into an EV charging spot at work. I feel like a total idiot because I just got this car a week ago! This is my first time owning a car, so I'm a bit lost on what kind of repairs this will need. What kind of repairs do you think I'll need? How much do you...
  2. O

    Coolant leak

    I was driving a 2024 Model Y. Haven't even had it a week. Ran over debris but didn't get any alerts at the time. After a while it said it was reducing the max speed. A while later it warned me of a coolant leak. Drove it to the nearest Teasla center but they had just closed. Drove it home and...
  3. P

    $4400 for repairs - Advice Needed

    Hi, took my car to Tesla collision center and they quoted $4400 in body paint repairs for the following damage. Good news is insurance will cover it since the claim falls under comprehensive and I have a low deductible but I’m scared my insurance still might go up after. What do you think? Is...
  4. J

    Model 3 Rear Bumper and Trunk Damage

    My Model 3 was hit in a parking lot while shopping about a month ago, and I have pretty decent damage to the bumper and trunk as pictured. I have an estimate on February 16th, and all the certified body shops say repairs are out until June/July timeframe in my area. Looking at the Tesla cam...
  5. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Extended Warranty Early Access period live in FL, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MI, TN

    Tesla Motors Club members, we’re thrilled to announce that AmberCare is now available for Early Access. Our extended warranty is tailored with a modern approach, built by Tesla owners and industry experts for the Tesla community. Our High Voltage Protection plan covers everything from your...
  6. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Extended Warranty Early Access period live in FL, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MI, TN

    Tesla Motors Club members, today we’re thrilled to announce that AmberCare is now available for Early Access. Our extended warranty is tailored with a modern approach, built by Tesla owners and industry experts for the Tesla community. Our High Voltage Protection plan covers everything from...
  7. S

    Lift Options

    Hey All! Looking to take a more active approach to maintaining my 2015 Model S where lifting the vehicle is required (especially since Electrified Garage closed their West Palm Beach location and Tesla Service quality has been low while charging high prices in my experience here in South...
  8. SEKS

    P90D subframe cracked / rear toe links issue PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, My late 2015 MS P90D, 100.000KM, AP1 Air suspension Tesla, has a very weird issue, that was simply there one day. My wive drives the car as well, but neither of us ever had an accident. The car is standing on staggered 21” Turbines with pretty new Michelin PS4 Acoustic (good profile...
  9. S

    Seeking Advice: Post-Collision Autopilot Concern and Repair Cost Guidance for Model 3

    Dear Community, I'm reaching out to seek guidance on managing a situation I've encountered with my new Tesla. I appreciate any advice you can offer. Background: I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 yesterday. While driving a few miles away from the Tesla Service Center, I engaged Autopilot on...
  10. L

    Est. Repair costs

    Hello there, Scraped a pillar turning right out of an underground garage and pushed in the door. Planning on buffing and repainting it (along with replacing the damaged plastic wheel well) and im not concerned about the rim. Has anyone repaired the edge of their door for a dent before? I don't...
  11. S

    South Florida Tire and Service Options

    Hi All, I’ve been taking my 2015 Model S to Electrified Garage in West Palm Beach since they opened a few years back for both tire and repair work. They have done an AC compressor replacement, door handle fixes, switches, trunk lift kit install, wrap, rim protectors, tires, and more. Byrone...
  12. A

    Tesla High Voltage Battery Disconnected for 8 Months

    Hi My MS was accidented last December. Before it was towed, fire brigade disconnected the high voltage battery. Adjuster decided to repair the car. The car is at Tesla approved garage for nearly 7 months. Parts delay is a painful experience. However, my question is that how will the battery...
  13. R

    6,000 dollar AC failure and fix on Model S

    Just took my 2013 Model S P85 (50k miles) in due to some AC issues. The AC was making weird sounds and wasn’t working all that great. The vehicle is obviously out of warranty. Initially the estimate came back with a receiver and dryer cap replacement, desiccant bag replacement, high pressure...
  14. M

    Model X Rear Camera Failed - Repair Guide?

    My backup camera seemed to have failed or a connection came loose. I created a service request through the app and Tesla quoted me over $2500, which is insane. Does anyone have a video or a PDF to the 2017 Model X Repair manual so I can try and take apart the back hatch and see if the...
  15. J

    PPF Repair - patch or replace?

    Hi all, I have an 18 month old Model 3, put XPEL PPF Matte over the entire car right after I picked it up. Been happy with it, but just got a tiny (1 inch x 1/4") hole/tear in it on the back bumper. What are the best options to repair it? The shop that installed it wants to replace the entire...
  16. N

    Repair Negligence or Coincidence?

    Hi Tesla family! Let me begin by apologizing if this is being posted in the wrong location (please reach out if there is a better location for me to post). I could really use some advice on how to proceed with a Tesla repair nightmare: Back in May, my wife was in a minor accident with her 2012...
  17. varla

    Repair estimate?

    Had a little argument with a dumpster while parking. Anyone have a clue what this is going to cost? Apart from 3 panels, the headlight is loose. I'm in NYC. Also, I think part shortages are still a massive problem no? Thanks!
  18. A

    Model Y AC compressor failure

    My new 2023 model Y came with a faulty AC compressor. Tesla service is replacing it, but is claiming it will take more than a week to complete the repair. This is after waiting 3 weeks to get the parts. Is this normal? Why should any repair take that long?
  19. R

    Quarter Panel Dent - Out of Pocket options?

    Still dealing with feeling like an idiot as I backed my corner of my 2013 Model S into a corner of a truck. The truck sustained no damage as the car was just creeping in reverse, but my car unfortunately has significant damage. Given this is an older car, it's not that important that the car is...
  20. Z

    Need help with repair/replacement options of rear right panel

    I accidentally scraped my rear right panel in a parking lot against a concrete wall. The rear side is damaged and quarter panel has scrapes that may require repainting as shown in photos. How much would something like this to be fixed? Also, is it better to claim it through insurance (i have...
  21. M

    HV isolation fault of batterie

    Hello, To start off, I have bought a broke down Model S 85 intending to repair it, since the workshop owner the old car owner went to told me, that a battery block was dead. I am a certified mechanic with HV-Tools to meet the precautions of opening a HV car battery, so I didn't think it would...
  22. R

    Today is nine months I have been waiting for my Tesla X to be repaired. What should I do?

    On July 30, 2020, I leased a Tesla Model X vehicle from Tesla Beverly Hills. I also obtained insurance coverage from Tesla Insurance. I have been happy with the car, the autopilot, and the white gloves service in case of repair. I had shared with my community of Italian/expatriates friends in...
  23. C

    Looking for quality mobile dent/chip repair in so cal (LA/OC)

    So I was devastated to see someone had likely backed out of their parking space and dinged my front passenger and driver door. To make matters worse, sentry mode didn't pick up anything. I got a few hits of just random people walking by, but not the car backing in or out. I'm stunned that even...
  24. A

    Rear bumper to bumper accident, is this a scratch or crack?

    Long story short, I was backing into my garage and hit the other car's bumper. I wonder if this is a scratch or crack on the paint? I do not see any dents at all. Is this worth getting the bumper inspected by a shop or replaced?
  25. Electric700

    Main Battery Repair Options

    If you have issues with your main li-ion battery and your vehicle is out of warranty, you can request a low cost Tesla repair option. In addition, these third-party companies can help with main battery repairs, in the $5,000 range: www.057tech.com (Offers a main battery warranty)...
  26. G

    Trolley hit my rear bumper :(. Easiest fix?

    My car was parked in a car park and a runaway trolley ended up hitting my rear bumper when it was windy. :( Any ideas how to fix easiest and not crazy expensive? The main thing that annoys me is the part circled as the paint has come up and it looks like a dirty mark. Would touch up paint...
  27. O

    Advice for concrete scrape on side of car, how should i proceed?

    Hey all, just made a terrible mistake and scraped the back right side above the wheel by turning too close on a concrete panel. I've been reading threads on this site and piled some good information but still want more advice on my particular situation. I have tesla insurance and was headed...
  28. I

    2022 Tesla M3 LR Accident Damage [is this totaled?]

    I got a delivery of Tesla M3 Long Range on September 24, 2022 and got T-boned by RAM 1500 while I was driving at 45 miles/hour on September 30 with only 120 miles on the car. Fortunately, I made it out with minor injuries and the accident was declared not my fault by cops and insurance since the...
  29. Z

    Taken 2021 Model Y in to service center 4 times in last month for "Powertrain needs servicing,", still unresolved - Anyone on the other side of this?

    Started with DIR_a149 error, and limited speed to anywhere from 71-50 mph. The first time we took it in, the service center said they found the problem and it was a sensor. Fair enough. Same message popped up a day later. The next two times they replaced the oil pump in the rear motor. The...
  30. ChaoticNeutral

    How do I replace Ultrasonic Sensor on rear quarter panel?

    Someone damaged my right rear QP paint and ultrasonic sensor in a hit and run. A replace sensor is about $50 on eBay in my color vs the $2500 Lyft wants to charge me for a deductible. Trying to search for replacement videos just brings up irrelevant and unhelpful content about Tesla dropping the...
  31. G

    Mechanics in Amsterdam

    I have a Raven Model S with some suspension/steering issues and I’m looking for a reputable repair shop around Amsterdam to fix it. Any recommendations?
  32. D

    Model S charge port pin deadfront

    My 2013 Model S has a broken deadfront on one of the charging pins. It now only allows charging at 16 amps (rather than 40 amps), and we live ~200 miles from the nearest service center. I know with the M3 they could just replace them, but I haven't seen anything regarding the S. I don't want to...
  33. Transformer

    "GM Says Its Dealers Have Serviced Over 11,000 Tesla EVs Since 2021"

    https://www.carscoops.com/2022/11/gm-says-its-dealers-have-serviced-over-11000-tesla-evs-since-2021/ > General Motors has a “new business” and that’s servicing Tesla electric vehicles at its dealerships. Since 2021, GM claims that its dealers have fixed over 11,000 Tesla EVs across the nation...
  34. E

    ‘22 M3 RWD Front Bumper Damaged

    Just got the top of my bumper scratched up by a large vehicle :(. Just took delivery a couple weeks ago so this was a tough pill to swallow, luckily no one was hurt and there was no other damage. it looks like the bumper is the only part damaged (the white mark on the lip of the hood is just...
  35. D

    Should I fix this before returning a lease?

    Does this look bad? Should I call a mobile car repair guy to repair this before returning the lease. It’s under the car.
  36. R

    Just got into an accident. How’s it look?

    2020 Model S vs a big Dodge SUV. She turned left in front of me, I slammed on the breaks and hit her pretty good. Cop said it’s her fault and obviously I have sentry plus another dash cam in the car for proof. We’re both fine. I was coming home from a workout/HIIT class. My body is a little...
  37. WhiteOnWhiteMY

    Tesla Replacing OSS bumpers with Non-OSS bumpers?

    A Reddit thread was recently posted regarding a “Tesla Official” claiming they will replace an OSS equipped vehicle with a Non-OSS equivalent in the event of a bumper replacement due to crash damage. Anyone know if there is any validity to this statement?
  38. H

    For DIYers: adding distilled water to dead OEM 12v batteries

    Some OEM lead acid auxiliary batteries on older Teslas seem to completely rejuvenate with the addition of distilled water -- the same as with many lead acid batteries. I first learned this with my previous car -- a 2004 Prius -- which had a very user-serviceable auxiliary battery. I was about...
  39. A

    When Do I Give up on my 90,000km 2013 Model S?

    My Model S ran amazingly and needed minimal service for the first 8 years. It's low mileage but had been in 2 major accidents and still drove really well after these incidents. Ironically, after my warranty completely expired last year, it's been nothing but trouble. I had the suspension...
  40. vanR

    DIY Tesla Drive Unit Repair

    Check the youtube channel I started about DIY repair of the Tesla Large Drive Unit (DU). This may benefit those who like to fix their car themselves, epecially if it's out of warranty. Here is the link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCIHg1trfQQTYIA88w-ZcCdw Background: The DU in my 2012 Toyota...
  41. B

    AC issue after filter changed, wondering if there is an at-home fix?

    Recently got my filter changed at a Tesla service station. Ever since the large dashboard vent doesn't emit air and I get a message about a system fault on the AC settings. I found a temporary fix by lowing the temperature to "LO" then back up to my default temp and air starts blowing again...
  42. Gurule92

    Got my MYP back after an accident. Looks better than new tbh

    So I am one of those people who grabbed a test drive vehicle at the end of a quarter. The paint wasnt perfect but i was happy to have the car. I got into an accident on Apr 12 and got the car back on June 28. I was thinking they'd total it. Repairs ended up being over 30k! But s-Y-per is pretty...
  43. N

    Bottom Part of Rocker Panel Damaged But Hard To See - Should I Get This Repaired?

    I don't know what the heck I ran over in the parking lot today but I think it was a small curb for a loading zone that I didn't see. Damage isn't visible until you get down and look at it. Do I need to get this repaired? There is definitely a small dent to the panel down there (from looking...
  44. orion2001

    Advice on repairing damage from minor fender-bender

    I have some minor damage to my Model Y LR from a fender-bender and I'm debating what to do. The certified body shop estimated ~ $1400 to repair/paint. Insurance will cover it minus the $500 deductible. It's primarily a small dent above the wheel in the metal panel as shown and some scraped paint...
  45. T

    "Speed limited to 90mph" and other issues and Tesla keeps pushing back repair appointments

    For the past few months I haven't been able to go over 90mph in my Tesla Model S Plaid because of an error which says "Speed limited to 90mph", here are the relevant error codes: DI_a250, TAS2_a314. Albeit I did slightly hit a pole to break my side repeater camera (which they've been delaying...
  46. EVPartsSol

    Vendor Tesla Battery Modules and Full packs! *Independence Day Sale*

    Hello all! We currently have an overstock in with our battery modules and we are going to be running a promotion! We are taking $500 off our packs for a short time only! Everyone here at TMC will get early access to this deal WHILE SUPPLIES LAST We are also discounting other items in our...
  47. K

    Is this trim gap problem?

    Guys, I took the delivery of Y last Thursday and noticed some gap below front and back door. Tesla told me these are fine…any thought? They seems wider gap than normal.
  48. C

    Accident today - front left bumper

    Hi all. My model 3 was in a collision today which was front left of my car colliding with front right of the other drivers vehicle. This was a low speed crash at around 15mph. The front left bumper have been dented around the wheel and there are some scratches. It doesn’t seem too bad but the...
  49. J

    Third Repair Facility for Tesla

    I wonder if there is any effort of documenting third-party repair shops for Tesla by town. As we all know, the dealers are trying to rip us off since especially they know that we do not have many options when it comes to repairing Tesla cars. As a new owner of the Tesla Model S, I am looking for...
  50. Yanquetino

    How many PCS have failed?

    There are now numerous threads in this forum about the battery's PCS in the HV Battery Service Panel breaking down. In the dispute I have filed with Tesla awaiting AAA mediation, it would be helpful to have a rough estimate on how many forum members have experienced this problem. If you are one...