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  1. Yanquetino

    How many PCS have failed?

    There are now numerous threads in this forum about the battery's PCS in the HV Battery Service Panel breaking down. In the dispute I have filed with Tesla awaiting AAA mediation, it would be helpful to have a rough estimate on how many forum members have experienced this problem. If you are one...
  2. P

    19 inch wheel repair kit

    Evening! We’ve sadly got curb rash already on a few of our 19 inch silver Model 3 alloys. Has anyone tried a DIY repair kit in the UK? I can see some US posts of successful repairs.
  3. B

    Car wash damaged my seat.

    Just got my brand new refreshed model x washed for the first time. Took her to a reputable hand wash car wash. Exterior looked pristine! Opened the door to get in and there is a huge gouge in the driver seat. Did they have a knife in their pocket? The owner/manager owned the damaged and is using...
  4. Y

    MYLR: Front Bumper Damage; Repair vs Replace price

    I got my front bumper damaged. Trying to get quote from places to see how much the cost would be for repair or replacing it. Does anyone have experience with this recently. The tesla collision center for pomona is the closest seems like.
  5. H

    Tesla asking $300 for a repair estimate (ran over road debris)

    A few nights ago someone dropped a full tire (no wheel) on the US-101 SB and I ran over it with the left-hand side of my car at around 65. The car continues to drive fine with only rips in the aeroshield and no real observable other damage (knock-on-wood), including brief looking-over the...
  6. P

    Model s 100d scratch ( help please)

    Hello I have a model s 100d.unfortunately my dad scratched through our house's garage earlier this morning. I was wondering if this is minor scratch or major scratch. It seems like there are no dents but scratch looks pretty big to me. Should i change the whole bumper or will compound work for...
  7. J

    Powder Coating 19 inch sport wheels

    Hello, i am looking for a place to powder coat my Model 3 OE 19” Sports wheel. I would love if you could recommend shop in Vancouver, BC who I can trust on the work (chemical strip, sand blasting, repair, powder coat). Also, l would appreciate if you could recommend a powder coat color code that...
  8. T

    Model S / RAV4 EV Coolant Leakage Motor Repair

    We recently acquired a RAV4 EV that had received damage from the standard coolant leakage. The vehicle apparently was stopping and going short distances, and then stopped running altogether. We were able to get the drive train out, and disassemble most of the motor. However, I'm curious if...
  9. D

    Confidence in “previously repaired”

    This showed up on the title search on a 2018 100D I’m considering buying direct from Tesla. They claim to have high standards for previous repairs but this seems major. Any thoughts? Would you go for it or leave it?
  10. S

    Right side front wing collision

    Is there a market for Tesla body parts? I want to repair this without going directly to Tesla. I’m in the UK and I’m looking for third party methods for this repair can anyone help??? Can you purchase the body part easily and fit it through a garage or is that not viable? Is there a market for...
  11. A

    Is my car gonna be considered a total loss

    So I was at a red light and a drunk driver rear ended me going about 40-50 MPH. Will insurance deem this a total loss? The car is 6 months old with 10k miles
  12. V

    Rear damage repair

    My Tesla model Y was hit from behind on freeway by a Toyota Tacoma truck. Please see photo. Right now when I drive it I can hear lots of wind noise. When I back up, it keeps telling me “stop” as if there is an obstacle. I booked an appointment at a Tesla Service Center but was told that the...
  13. S

    Spare Part Wait Times

    Hi everyone, my Model 3 is currently getting new suspension at Scientific Motor Body Works due to a smash, does anyone have any experience on how long parts normally take to be delivered? It's been over a month and still none of the parts have turned up.
  14. FalconFour

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Retrospective thread-summary pseudo-wiki for quick access: What is it? "Gee, I wish my Tesla, despite having access to the country's biggest quick charging network, could also charge on stations made for Other EVs too". Said no-one ever. Except... well, there are use cases for it. And with Tesla...
  15. J

    Replacement Rear light units

    A cyclist riding on the pavement crashed into my 2019 Model S 100D while I reversed onto our drive yesterday... (he was fine). Both nearside rear light units were cracked and the Tesla decal strip all got broken and needs replacement. Tesla wants £700, so thought I'd search for a second-hand...
  16. R

    Salvage Model 3 airbags deployed and cannot roll car

    Hi all, I have a salvage Tesla Mode 3 Performance we’re hoping to get back on the road safely. Curtain airbags have deployed, various body damage inc. the wing mirror. We’re currently having an issue with physically moving the car in tow mode. I’m pretty sure the pyrofuse has blown, but...
  17. L

    Alternative service shops - RI area

    Does anyone in RI or Southcoast MA take their Teslas for repairs/service other than a Tesla service center (not tires) TIA!
  18. OneTinyFish

    Minor Accident: Advice please!

    Hello everyone! It's been a while. I was last active around a year ago when I was buying Christine, my red model 3. In the last 12 months we've covered 9,600 miles together on the island. She's been attacked by a loose dog (Forum link), also attacked by a peacock (YouTube) and now - she's been...
  19. C

    Totaled or repair? 3 months & 2900 miles

    My model 3 was hit by a big truck on the driver side at low speed (I'm not at fault). The whole side was damaged including side mirror, both doors, front, back and back wheel scratches . Currently waiting for damage repair estimates. I got my car early June this year and it only has 2900 miles...
  20. T


    Hi, I'm wondering how I can replace accelerometers: MX-B/C PILLAR ACCELEROMETER There're four of these in Model 3. Reference: Impact and Acceleration Sensors Thank you in advance :) Br, John
  21. P

    Brisbane front bumper advice.

    Hi everyone. Just came back from a wonderful sunday drive and nudged someone's rear bar. Any advice on repairs in Northern Brisbane? Is it best to go through authorised repair place for something like this? Anyone know what this repair will cost give or take. Thanks for your time, hope your...
  22. Transformer

    How to get my car home from the service center?

    Finally taking a road trip, my Model 3 LR broke down on the freeway outside Azalea, Oregon. Fortunately there was cellular coverage and the A/C worked. The tow truck arrived in 3 hours then took us and the car 200 miles to the Portland service center. The next morning, the service center...
  23. T

    Any issue with mixing non-OEM Pilot Sport 4S tires?

    I got a puncture in one of my M3P's rear tires, and because I didn't know any better, I plugged it on the spot (rope-style plug) rather than towing to a repair shop. Now I find that no one will do a more permanent patch & plug now that I've done that, so I'm stuck either hoping the plug holds...
  24. S

    Model Y - Read doors chips damage - Repair

    After 20k miles Model Y rear doors look like that: A bit too late, but decided to install Model Y Paint Protection Film (Model Y Paint Protection Film), but first I had to do something with damaged paint. In attempt of avoiding expensive door re-painting tried Tesla paint repair kit ($55...
  25. I

    Aggressive Bill Collection

    Had my first mobile service on June 22nd, servicing a smelly A/C system (vehicle is 7 months old...) and diagnose a substantial rattle. After the tech completed the AC repair (needed to schedule follow up to replace entire skirt for rattle fix) I asked about payment, she stated I'd receive...
  26. M

    Dented the passengers side rocker panel pretty badly, any idea what I’m looking at cost wise?

    Went over a curb and dented the rocker panel pretty badly. Took it in to get an estimate and was quoted a whopping 10k. Mechanic said that it can’t be pulled out due to how deep it’s pushed in, so it needs to be welded. He also said that since it’s aluminum it’s more tricky to fix. Is this a...
  27. M

    UK Model X out-of-warranty issues

    I'm thinking of buying a late 2016/early 2017 Model X with ~50K miles but I'm slightly nervous about future repair costs. There seem to be quite a few stories online about the early vehicles which had front and rear door sensor/motors failures but most of them seem to have been repaired under...
  28. V

    Model Y car Accident, Need advice

    Hi All! I unfortunately got into a car accident in my MY Long Range. It broke my heart into pieces. The car was picked up mid November I have 9000 miles. I took it straight to my local shop where I've had work done on a bunch of my friends, and families cars. All came out great. I'm beginning to...
  29. michael_mke

    Repair Estimate Model 3

    Cry for me. My 6-month-old 2020 M3P with less than 4k miles was involved in a minor accident over the weekend. The bumper took the brunt of the damage but the hood is bent I think. It doesn't sit flush with the fenders anymore. The headlights are also slightly misaligned. Still in the process of...
  30. W

    How can I get Tesla to stage firmware for a DIY part swap?

    Hoping that someone here can help me figure out how to go about getting a firmware deployed and staged so I can replace the charge port on my 2013 P85. I have the new charge port assembly coming from eBay this Saturday and the swap seems pretty straightforward. My only problem is getting g the...
  31. apples

    Tesla Service Billing to swap to summer tires even when tires are already off the car

    Getting my brakes serviced after winter to keep corrosion in check as suggested by Tesla. Since the wheels need to be removed to access the brakes, I asked to have summer tires put on at same time (ready to go on wheels) instead of putting winters back on. It's a bit early for summer tires but I...
  32. EV Family

    Model X crash + an Inside Look at how Tesla’s Approved Body Shops Manage Repairs

    Recently was involved in a crash with our 2018 MX. We got a behind a scenes look of how Tesla’s approved body shops handle repairs, some of the common misconceptions about repair delays and also how you could avoid some of the headaches.
  33. C

    Getting Model Y serviced, a documentary, Episode 1 - Identifying Delivery Issues

    Episode 1 -
  34. ajbessinger

    New forum/sub-group for maintenance and repair?

    I've been looking around in the forums for any kind of section dedicated to performing maintenance and repairs to Teslas, but it appears the only thing that comes close are the threads for "techincal/mechanical issues". That's all fine and well, but in the case of the Model S version of said...
  35. Joshan

    Worst Super Charger in USA?

    After my recent road trip, I have to say Chattanooga. Pulled up with 9 miles remaining, on Christmas day in the middle of the night. There was not a single person around and the gate was down to the parking area and not opening or giving tickets. There was ZERO chance I was making any other...
  36. C

    Damaged by 10 days old Tesla Model 3

    Unfortunately, I damaged the rear quarter panel and possibly the back passenger door of my 10-days old Tesla Model 3. The car scraped against a pillar while I was parking into the garage. I feel terrible. It was late at night and was the first time I was doing the parking maneuver while not...
  37. Zeronet

    Model 3 2019 reviews

    Tesla Model 3 – 2 years experience I purchased a 2019 Tesla Model 3 with All Wheel Drive, Long Range Battery, and the Enhanced Autopilot in August of 2019. I sometimes read of Tesla problems, fixes, complaints, geeky tech stuff, and TSLA stock on the Tesla Motor Club weekly posts. I thought...
  38. J

    Road Rash Repair - NYC

    Does anyone in the NYC Metro area have a good road rash (rim scuff/scratches) specialist they can recommend? Preferably shops that have frequent Tesla Model 3 Performance rims serviced at (wind turbines). Open to all suggestions.
  39. willow_hiller

    Tesla now offers Energy service appointments via the app?

    Just spotted this post on Reddit, where a user found the Tesla app now can schedule service for energy products just like the vehicles: Just noticed Tesla app now has a service option under solar page, wasn’t there previously : teslamotors Sounds like a big step toward better customer service...
  40. W

    Tesla model 3 2020 mirror compatibility

    Hello, Recently my tesla model 3 driver side mirror is damaged..(heart broken). It is still functioning but the bottom is cracked and I would need to replace it. I found a couple of model 3 2019/2018 mirror for sale online, I wonder if it is compatible with 2020? Is there any way I can check...
  41. A

    Wind Noise at A-pillar FLAPPING Sound - Solved for now

    Hi everyone, VIN PLATE: Been on a noise hunt in the past week. My very first rattle from purchase 12/2019 was the VIN Plate rattle. Very easy to fix. Just stick a trim tool or a wedge thing and push it HARD down(i'd avoid a flat head screw driver because that'd probably crack the window. You...
  42. U

    Rear Ended. Best Options on Repair?

    I was just rear-ended in San Francisco in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 (trunk and rear bumper damage), and this is my first accident, so I'd appreciate any advice/help. Unfortunately, I only got the driver's license + insurance information from the driver and not the owner of the vehicle, so my...
  43. T

    Model X Door Handle Fell Off

    I parked my car in my garage and randomly the next day I noticed the FWD on the passenger side was missing and found it on the floor. Has anyone else had this happen? and how did the SC handle this?
  44. CMc1

    FML: Defroster ribbon sheared during tint

    Ughhhh. It is what it is. Defroster ribbon sheared during tint. Tinter thought the FM radio ribbons (up top) were for the defroster / defogger, so assumed down low was safe. Also 3rd brake light foam has been pushed/snapped causing light to bleed when brake light is on. Any UK solutions? Think...
  45. V

    Big Island Auto Body Shops - Kona

    Does anyone have any recommendations for auto body shops on Big Island, ideally on the Kona side (or even near Holualoa)? Would love to take my Model X to a shop that knows Teslas and does good work. Thanks so much.
  46. M

    Rocker panel repair advice

    I am super bummed this morning as I ran over a piece of metal trim in the HOV lane this morning. I managed to avoid hitting it on front driver tire, but it high the rear driver side causing deep gouge, dent to the rocker panel. My M3 is only 3 months old to make matters worse. Has anyone...
  47. Diamond Hills

    Vendor Diamond Hills Collision Center

    Diamond Hills Collision Center Tesla Approved Body Shop https://www.diamondhillscollision.com/ Who We Are: Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our thread, everyone! We're excited to become a vendor on TMC and are looking forward to interacting with the community. We are Diamond...
  48. IslandRoadster

    How Many Roadsters are Left?

    So we know there were roughly 1500 sold in the U.S. and another 900 or so worldwide for a total of roughly 2400, plus or minus. But how many of them have been destroyed in accidents or otherwise? Medlock and Gruber keep buying wrecked ones for the parts and Tesla buys them for trade-ins and...
  49. KyleDay

    I retrofit MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD Computer into my HW2.0 Car

    Here's my story of my DIY HW2.0 retrofit for MCU2, IC2, TUNER2, and FSD Computer: I want to begin this post by offering the most honest caveat I can: I do not encourage you to repeat anything I have done. In fact, now that Tesla is offering the MCU2 and FSD Computer retrofits officially, I...
  50. firerock

    Taking 3 day old Model Y for repair, and $100 Uber credit per day!

    Received Model Y on Monday via their new contactless delivery. It was fairly painless, but issues with the car were found and the only thing I could do is to schedule a service appointment. With you guys suggestion, I used the mobile app to schedule an appointment on April 1st (not a...

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