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Tesla sold my car to someone else before my delivery day

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Hi guys, I just got an issue about my model 3 delivery.

My delivery day should be tomorrow, but I got a call today said the original car assigned to me was sold to someone else last week because the delivery guy didn't check carefully that car was assigned to me.

That guy's model 3 probably had some problems so he came to Tesla for an exchange.
The delivery team saw a ready model 3 which is assigned to and gave it to him.

The thing is I already bought the insurance and paid registration, I just have to spend more money and time for another car's insurance and registration.

Should I ask for compensation and what should I ask for?

Thanks in advance!
Yes, i got that vin two weeks ago.
On the UK Model 3 forum I read that some cars had been delivered but they were already registered as sold
and the owner (a leasing company) were not able to get the government discount.

This created a hairy situation since the cars were then rejected while they had already been sold to companies to provide them to their employees.
Insurance shouldn't be a huge issue. You can call them up and tell them delivery was pushed back and Tesla had to change the vin. They should be able to update their system with no extra cost (assuming the specs are the same).

Registration might be different, but your local office might be able to change the paperwork, if there is going to be an additional cost find out from them how much that will be and then ask Tesla to cover that cost. You could try to get something free for your "time", but if Tesla is willing to pay any registration fees and they're willing to match you fairly quickly (week or less) with another equal car, you might just want to call it good.

Now if you're out of a car for weeks or a month or something, and you can show you've sold you previous car or something then you might be able to hassle Tesla for some discount on a premium paint color or something else because it's causing you issues until they can delivery the new car. If you have a trade with Tesla I would make sure to get in writing from them that the value of your trade has been locked and approved and they will allow a discrepancy in the mileage to allow you to keep driving your current car. You don't want to go back two weeks from now with 700 more miles on your trade or something and have them adjust the value down because of that. Tesla should eat the cost on that.
He's from Canada. But here in the people's republic of NJ we prepay four years of registration prior to taking delivery of the car.

... but no sales tax on EVs, so I'll pre-pay the registration. The only "citizen friendly" thing I think NJ has ever done ...

And hey, if nothing else, we also don't need the dopey inspection sticker on the windshield. So there's that.
... My delivery day should be tomorrow, but I got a call today said the original car assigned to me was sold to someone else ...

With a few differences in details, this is basically one of several things that Nissan did to me when I was trying to buy a Leaf. I had a VIN for a car that was in port in Portland and scheduled for arrival in my city in a week, and then they told me, "No, that's not your car. Your car is in L.A., but it got damaged in Japan and we're going to fix it before we send it to you." That was the third delay of my car. After the 4th delay and half a year after the date they had originally promised to deliver my car I said "F**k it!" and bought the Roadster instead. Drove that for 7 years before getting my Model 3. In the end, I'm really happy I ended up with Tesla. But I will never buy a Nissan again after the way they treated me.

Tesla owes you big time for the nuisance. Maybe a free upgrade to a higher trim level.

Tesla service used to be outstanding. Based on this and other stuff we see here on TMC, they have not been able to keep up their level of service as their customer base grows.