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Tesla Tracking And Flagging Local Supercharger "Abuse"


Jack Bowers
Aug 23, 2009
Today I received a friendly email from Tesla as a result of the charging habits of one of my employees who lives in the Rocklin/Roseville area and drives a company Model S (I've offered to reimburse him for the electricity if he starts charging at home). Here's the text of Tesla's email:

One of the great benefits of owning Model S is the many ways to easily charge. Between home charging, Destination Charging, and Supercharging, there is a solution for any application and adventure.

In particular, the Supercharger Network is the fastest, largest and quickest growing charging network on the planet. The Supercharger Network has grown tremendously to meet the needs of our owners and so far more than 150 Stations have opened globally in 2015.

However, as fast and prevalent as Superchargers are they will never be as convenient as charging at home. The true convenience value of EV ownership is unlocked when owners enjoy the ease of charging at home each night and Supercharging only when needed. Simply plug in when you arrive home and Model S will charge right away or at the time you’ve scheduled using the Touchscreen or Mobile App. Long before morning, your car will be fully charged for the next day. There is no extra travel time and no waiting.

The Supercharger Network’s intent remains to expand and enhance your long distance travel while providing the flexibility for occasional needed use during local trips. Our goal is to provide the best charging experience, keeping charge times low to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. As a frequent user of local Superchargers, we ask that you decrease your local Supercharging and promptly move your Model S once charging is complete. Doing so ensures a better experience for the whole Tesla ownership community and allows Supercharger resources to be available for those who need them most.

Our helpful charge time and cost calculator shows just how little it costs to fill up at home. Using the national average cost per kWh of $0.12 and a 40 mile daily commute, topping up at home is under $2.00. In addition, many utilities offer incentives for off-peak charging, allowing you to realize additional savings of up to 50% depending on your local utility provider.
When staying local, please maximize the convenience of home charging by allowing your home to become your personal charging station. If you have not installed charging at home yet, visit our home installation page to get set up in no time.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of Tesla Motors.
Residential Time-of-Use Service for Plug-In Electric Vehicle,
Schedule EV, Rate A



In at least some parts of California, "up to 50%" is understating the discount. PG&E (SF Bay Area utility) off-peak rates listed above are more like 25% of peak if you register as a plug-in electric vehicle owner. Not sure about Nevada, Jack.