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Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable


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Aug 23, 2018
In the middle
Look at this. Amazon has to pay an army of internet weirdos to push their messaging. Meanwhile we do that for free. See, it is Tesla related.

Edit. I'm not the only one not getting paid right?


Jan 21, 2017
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
No, not only is it not universal, I am not aware of any driving jurisdiction in the USA or Canada where drivers should negotiate the right-of-way at an intersection with each other. Because the person who has the right-of-way is determined by who came to a stop at the intersection first. If it was tie, then the position of the vehicles relative to one another determines right-of-way. The right-of-way exists without any need for driver's to negotiate or gift it and the negotiating or gifting of it is almost always the result of a driver that doesn't even know the basic rules of the road.

If someone tries to "gift" the right-of-way to me, when I do not have the right-of-way, I ignore them. If they don't take the right-of-way even though they have had generous opportunities to do so, I will go, generally quickly enough and taking a path such that I always have an out should I see they have decided to finally go. I'm not going to sit there for 5 minutes if they are not taking their right-of-way.

If I ever see an AI driven vehicle signal that it's yielding the right of way to a vehicle that doesn't have the right of way, I will know the Ai developers didn't properly filter which human drivers were used to train the neural net. ;)
I call this the "Good Samaritan" syndrome. People who, in actuality, are putting themselves and others in danger by ceding a right of way that not only do they not possess, but they create a situation that no educated driver is expecting. How "accidents" happen. FSD will take care of this, hopefully.


Sep 14, 2019
I call this the "Good Samaritan" syndrome. People who, in actuality, are putting themselves and others in danger by ceding a right of way that not only do they not possess, but they create a situation that no educated driver is expecting. How "accidents" happen. FSD will take care of this, hopefully.
this has always bugged the living *sugar* out of me. there are usually obvious hazards in accepting the "gift" and straying from the written rules of the road, but they are oblivious in their well-meaning.


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Apr 3, 2019


delivery 2/7/13
Jul 24, 2012
Only way we hit 700 this week is if Q1 P/D come in Thursday morning as a surprise and they're great numbers.....which is why I picked my 700/710 Calls for next Friday. I debated on picking up a couple 700 Calls for this week expiration but I think it's a very small chance they release numbers Thursday morning. Maybe I should have just bought 1 or 2 Calls just for the fun of it 😵

There will be no way that they would release any P&D numbers before open on 4/1 considering that, if tradition holds, they will be delivering cars until the late hours on 3/31 on the west coast


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Jun 28, 2018
Only 100k? I wouldn't be shocked to see it 4x that. The consumer truck market is gigantic, and the civil market will also be big. Especially if Biden really pushes agencies on buying EVs.
It's not about the demand, looks like MS is expecting Elon to personally build these CT by hand by only making 25k first year of full production, and 50k second year of full production.


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Mar 6, 2013
San Diego
Did anyone catch what's going on over at Canoo? Their supposed deal to engineer EVs for Hyundai is dead. They had a bizarre quarterly conference call from a remote office rather than HQ, and on the call, instead of the CEO, were newly hired business execs plus the board chairman who'd joined from the SPAC. They announced they were going to build their own "mega microfactories" instead of outsourcing manufacturing. As a Tesla investor the insourcing and vertical integration sound great. But the call also gave off weird vibes that there's some sort of power struggle going on at the company where the current CEO is imminently about to be fired and the newly hired execs are camping out in Dallas because they aren't being allowed to enter the main office in Los Angeles.

Yeah, I listened to some of the call. Basically the chairman, who invested money earlier into Canoo, has taken the reins, fired a bunch of people, and is putting his own people in. Expect the CEO to be fired soon. Perfect example of why early stage companies should not go public too soon. Time will tell if they can execute. Right now, it is a $2B market cap startup.

On the Hyundai deal, it sounded like it wasn’t worth the time and effort to do. But that deal was pivotal to them getting the SPAC priced and done. So, a real bait and switch for investors. If I were a law firm, I’d be licking my chops on this one!


Dec 11, 2019
Morgan stanley likely lowballing #s for CT. This way the price target appears justified and he can easily modify as things Tesla continues to execute. Usually I would troll Jonas but 880 is not a bad target for this year at least. Thats around 40% higher than current SP.
880 is a good number for the 150k deliveries this quarter and 100k ct's in 2025. It's really low for what is actually going to happen


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Jan 23, 2019
Here is Dan Ives predicting 14,000 Model S/X deliveries in Q1 based on 'checks' he did.

Ummm what????

Note to self - Never trust Dan Ive's "source checks". How in the world is he predicting 14,000 S/X


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Feb 16, 2013
Knoxville, Tennessee

A 10k tax credit will mean that your Cybertruck will be free due to your investment gains, probably far more than just one.

I was just doing the math in my head looking at my 2020 draft tax forms and the long term capital gains rates and I think I'd have to sell an extra $15,000 or so worth of stock to generate the liability if it's a $10,000 credit instead of $7,500 credit and I choose to buy a new Tesla in 2021.

The problem is I don't have enough non TSLA stock to sell at this point 😂 and of course I don't want to sell TSLA this year.


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Mar 14, 2013
I've just read the patent. Quite difficult (though not impossible) to get around. This is basically using radar/lidar to find distances and velocities of objects, associate them with optical, use optical to disambiguate (using time) then using those distances to objects to train a vision only model which is then used in the cars.

IIRC Tesla had a few cars with LIDAR, data collected by them were probably used by this algorithm.
And now that Model S engineering mule spotted a few months back with lidar sensors on it makes sense.

(Several of us opined it was likely used to validate the other sensor perfomance...)


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Aug 29, 2018
Now, after everyone laughed at their new name, Volkswagen is claiming it was all a joke.

TMC is a woke organisation - any jokes about German humour should be left until tomorrow morning.
I don’t know if this has been posted; but, I believe it bears repeating...

Are you starting on the HUD thing again...
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