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Texas license plate "3" available on auction

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That's nothing.

In the UK, "personalised" plates are just special standard plates and can be bought and sold. The agency auctions off the good ones from each year's new issue.

Not as high as the list of prices you linked to but that's what's happening here. The rights to the alphanumeric sequence are "fully transferable", so can be resold. The ownership of the rights are nominally permanent, as the plates are good for 5 years and you can renew them.

P.S. Highest price TX plate sale I've ever heard of is roughly in the price range of that list. $115K for '12THMAN'. No doubt an bunch of Texas A&M alumni bid that up, that's a reference to their college football team (11 players on the field, the "12th man" is reference to support from the sidelines).
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