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Of Course I Trust You Will Do The Right Thing
"Tesla is a drama magnet." Ain't it the truth. So why does Elon do it? Some on easy street might wonder. Why does Musk, Chief Executive, of two competitive companies divvy up his time between SpaceX and Tesla. They're like siblings. The elder for this article's purpose being SpaceX. The favored overachiever that keeps you smiling like an idiot because they make, you the parent creator founder, look good in the speculating eyes of those trolling your "handiwork" . Then there's the equally favored and perhaps a wee bit more loved youngest. Always life of the party. All about that fast paced on the edge of elevation and disaster. Thrill of the roller coaster joy ride is Tesla. You buy in from the jump.

Weeks after reporting Q1 2018 numbers (Production/Deliveries) Tesla is front page news. Again. From Wall Street to clickbait digiverse can't stop won't stop being inquisitive about the electric car company's strategy. Speculating on its futures. Focused entirely on, conga percussion roll please, Model 3. First quarter indicators do reflect Tesla did not hit projected overall M3 manufacturing targets; however, deliverables are up by 40% compared to Q4 2017. Albeit at a slower pace for Model 3. Specifically what it reveals for this, segway of sorts, in Tesla's product portfolio is that the EV maker is still making necessary adjustments to ensure what is rolling off production lines into customer ownership is absolute best. Exceeds industry standard in safety and performance. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, Model 3 is a ten year program. Getting manufacturing right is quintessential in hitting high mass production numbers. OADD (Over At Demand Deliverables) formulae matters.

My prediction holds. Tesla continues to raise revenue. Holding to trend that even with challenges in certain product areas the company increases its value. Introduction of semi and new Roadster model pads the bottom line and sets Tesla up for future extending beyond end of Model 3's current ten year program. Investors are notably nervous. Recent news of NTSB relations. Rumors whispered about autopilot system. Market responds in tandem. As it will because it does not - cannot factor in what's happening behind the glass. On the production lines. Decisions in processes made weekly daily and sometimes overnight. All impacting what when and how every nut bolt paint panel cable port point and software code is pieced together assembled configured to produce a well made electric vehicle. Despite all external theatrics, internal gut wrenching grind, vision is precisely why Elon Musk stays with it. Short term courage for long term gains. He is the man worth the drama's price.

What now? Keep on keeping on. Tesla sticks it. Hammering out best in class electric cars. Continues to perfect manufacturing in step with production. As process improves so will pace. When necessary to adjust that rate to allow for tweaks that impact customer safety? So be it. Word to investors do what you must but on the other side of that big roller coaster rise is the best ride of your life. Just saying. You could bailout but you might wanna hold on just a little while longer. Stay in line.

Solarcity. I've been thinking about you lately. Some interesting goings on as home installations have been on the decline. Saudi Arabia jumping on green grid bandwagon. They've got more than a foothold too. Tesla stepchild company's product popularity has spread internally via word of mouth. Perhaps now's the time to take it to the streets. A single home install that serves as a model for new construction community is a marketing draw. The sell to older neighborhoods will always be cost savings. More aged the home less energy-efficient using traditional methods. Pitching in real numbers how much harvesting the sun as an alternative energy source will save that homeowner in utility payments makes for regional rock stardom. Should Solarcity vie for number one global position? Nope. Being the USA go to works. For now.

My darling. SpaceX. Other than an admission of what most of us already knew regarding Zuma mission. Northrop Grumman owns responsibility for the ultimate failure. SpaceX role was nominal. The company's launch cadence steady staying in go mode. Next blast off, April 16. Again I say thank you for "making me smile."

Til next post...