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Touchscreen delays and responsiveness 2018.6.1

Kevin Bohacz

Supporting Member
I just upgraded to 2018.6.1 and have noticed a significant initial delay on the touch screen when accessing commands or settings. The delay is so long that it causes me to think that my touch did not register or that the touch screen is broken.

The delay can be as long as a few seconds between touch and response. This may not seem like much but when you’re driving and trying to adjust something it means you have to take your eyes off the road more than once and deal with delayed responsiveness of the touch screen.

The delays are at their worst the first time you access either the command or setting screens and then diminish to acceptable levels after that. So if you are looking for the delays check for them when the car is first entered or after a reboot/power on.

Has anyone else experienced these initial delays??

I have a two month old MS 100D with AP 2.5 i.e. the fastest computer. These delays are very worrisome. I hope we’re not going in the same direction as Apple with their older iPhones quickly becoming unusable as new versions of IOS with new features are rolled out.

I do have data sharing with Tesla enabled and wonder if this is contributing to the delays?
I did try rebooting. This lag can happen randomly but for me it does happen 100% of the time after the car reboots or has been sitting parked for some period of time.

I have the car scheduled to go into the SC for a window gasket-vibration and a separate issue of a wind whistle that happens at +65mph. I'm going to have them take a look at the lag also. Maybe they can come up with something. It's good to know that not everyone is experiencing the touchscreen lag (I hope)?
I've seen this issue occasionally too, especially when I first installed 2018.6.1. After letting the car sit overnight and coming back, the touch screen was either extremely slow or just unresponsive and needing a reboot.

It seems like, interestingly enough, now 2 weeks after I got the update, I'm no longer experiencing this problem at all. I suspect there's something going on in the background after the update that was bogging it down.