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Trade in 2017 Model S for a Y

Trade in 2017 S for 2023 Y

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Hi Everyone,

I have a 2017 Model S and I am wondering with the FSD transfer and the tax credit, if I should trade that in and get the model Y. My car is out of warranty and right now Tesla has offered an estimated $20k based off of my vin. I was thinking of doing the MCU upgrade but now with the FSD transfer and tax credit I am leaning towards the Y. Any advice is appreciated !
Ouch. How many miles? You car has battery and motor 8 years unlimited miles correct? Plus unlimited supercharging assuming you are first owner.

I have an 2017. No way I would let it go for 20k. Yet understand why one might consider it. Have you figured on a price outside of trading it in? Might help in decision.
I am currently at 66k miles so not too bad and yes that’s correct. I was referring to the bumper to bumper warranty. I am the first owner so I do still have free unlimited supercharging which is nice but my concern is that also both of my front daytime running lights are burned out (common issue) and from the forums it looks to be around 1200 each headlight. I’m thinking that plus the mcu upgrade I’m already at 5k so everything has been tempting. I also love the Bluetooth key feature and premium sound system on the new Teslas which is something I don’t have.
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I wouldn’t. I have a 2016 S and my wife has a 2022 Y performance. Love the Y. Tech is great and car is super fast. But, i prefer my S all day. S is spacious and it’s more luxurious inside. Also, my car is paid off while we have payments on the Y.

I’m assuming yours is paid off. Just fix the headlights and upgrade to MCU2. It will feel like a brand new car without the payments.
I had a 2012 S and sold for 35k with 150k miles on it

I only got a Y cause my wife wouldn't drive the S too flashy she said and too low to the ground I still miss it though

The Y is better in the snow but that's cause I have AWD now

Is yours a 75D? The S drives better but I actually prefer the simplified and horizontal screen orientation
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Always wanted the S
Purchased the Y performance
Regret for not getting the S
Always wanted the S and most likely always will
I totally agree purchased MYP 10/2022 I hated it and paid almost premium

Bumps bobble hard suspension I could not believe why I paid 62k for this crap

Found 2021 refresh with FSD and 3k miles red and cream walnut paid $70k 04/2023

Sold MYP $47k took a loss gain on MS with FSD I Feel in ended up with a better deal

I absolutely love the MS so soft smooth 21inch wheels fully loaded honestly best car I owned zero regrets

Yes once you have MS I don’t think I can ever go back