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Two totally ignorant questions...

Hi everyone, a couple of totally random and unrelated questions, for which I am hoping someone can educate this poor sap:

1. Given certain conditions, I ordered the currently available Model 3 a couple of days back, but I had always wanted the dual motor variant. So, with what we know from the Model 3 design, is it conceivable that it could be an upgrade through the service centre at some point, to add in the dual motor, or is it much more complex than just dropping the motor in and connecting it to the power source? Another way of looking a this, even if Tesla didnt offer it, does anyone have a sense on whether or not it would be relatively easy to get like the second front motor from a scrap Model 3 and have it installed?

2. When I wash my car my kids are often inside, sitting in the front seat and pretending to drive and such... but with my car I of course never have the keys in the ignition, so how will this work with the Model 3, if I have my phone on me and Im washing the car and my daughter is pretending to drive, if she accidentally hit the stalk and put it into drive... could the car actually engage in drive and move forward or backwards?

Im sorry these just might be the silliest questions ever, but am totally curious and would love to know whats what. Thank you! :)
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1. No
2. Yes

1. Agreed. Even if it was possible (which I doubt), it would almost certainly be cheaper to sell/buy/trade for an AWD version.
2. The brake pedal would have to be depressed at the same time the stalk is moved for it to shift into gear, right?
And couldn't you just have the car "off" by not having the phone inside the cabin, or by locking it from the outside with the card?
1. This wasn't possible with the Model X / S due to an additional motor necessitating other parts that made the upgrade cost ineffective. HOWEVER...maybe? The 3 is built on a different frame than those two vehicles, so maybe Tesla has added this consideration. If I were a betting man, I might put a small wager down that it'd be possible. If I were using someone else's money.

2. Turn off Bluetooth when you wash your car.
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You could plug it in as that immobilizes it, bu then you have that whole water/electricity thing going on. The EVSE would GFI, but still not probably a great idea. Maybe after the wash when you are applying the wax you can plug it in and they can play.
1. Might be cheaper to cancel your order and wait for AWD.

2. You can disable keyless entry?

"Once inside, you can drive away if you power up Model 3 by pressing the brake pedal (see Starting and Powering Off on page 37) within 15 seconds of scanning the key card against the transmitter. If you wait more than 15 seconds, you must re-authenticate yourself by placing the key card near the RFID transmitter located behind the cup holders on the center console. When your key card is detected, your 15-second authentication period restarts."

Tesla Model 3 Owners Manual Hits Internet In PDF Form
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#2 - if you use your phone bluetooth as a key, you can just disable bluetooth for the time your kids will be in the car and that should prevent it from starting (provided the car is not already started). Be sure to test this out thoroughly before doing it though.
I thought about the possibility of RWD to AWD - the car is designed to fit the motor in the front but as many have pointed out - there would be many components that would need to be swapped out to handle the AWD so can't see Tesla going to the trouble of offering the conversion when they can sell you a new one instead (of course, buying a new car would be easier in a state that give you sales tax credit for your trade in unlike CA).

I personally prefer handling of RWD cars to AWD and weather is not an issue in L.A. (although growing up my dad always had RWD BMWs in the snow and not really an issue with proper winter tires). I would love to be able to convert to a "P" RWD in the future.
I seem to recall you have a week to 10 days before locking in a configuration just before assembly, in case you wanted to change anything at the last minute. Although because tesla does not yet offer the dual motor configation and the fact there may be 350,000 others ahead of you in line with pre-orders, you probably have more time than that to make such a decision.
If someone can put the Tesla guts into Honda Civic, than SOMEONE will be able to put the second motor into the Tesla.

Only it's not just the motor. As someone mentioned, you may need a different suspension, Elon said that the AWD would be Air Suspension. You need drivable wheels too. And you need power from a motor controller, and power to that from the batteries. Oh, and software to control it all. And you need Tesla to bless this all so you can get service and maybe even SuperCharging for your FrankenTesla.

I'll be in line to have it done right behind you. I wonder if that is what all that clicking the car does when we get home, looking around for it's second motor.

For the car washing scenario I recommend the following steps.

1. Turn off bluetooth on the phone before leaving the house.
2. Use the key card to unlock the car and let the kids inside.
3. Keep the key card with you - do not give it to the kids.

This setup will allow the screen to turn on and the climate control to run, but will not allow the car to drive. If one of the kids attempts to start the car, a graphic will pop up on the screen showing where to tap the key card on the console.

Regarding AWD, certainly possible with enough money. Also most certainly will not be practical. Just trade the car.
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STRONGLY suggest you do not leave your kids in any car. Understandably, I cannot discuss name details, but take it on faith...there was a issue with a global vehicle manufacturer involving the brake-shift interlock where two toddlers left in a car with a key when the mom ran back inside for her purse (functionally equivalent to your situation) apparently worked together to allow the car to move. Best it could be determined, from bright young minds, they unlatched their child restraints, one pushed on the brake pedal while the other moved the gear shift. There was only property damage to the garage door, but the potential from even very young children is clear.