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Wiki UK/Ireland and RHD Only - Queries and Comments for Tesla

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Inappropriate Braking

(As distinct from random or 'phantom' braking.) Seems to be a UK-specific problem? The presence of a car (or a bike, in my experience) stopped and waiting at a perpendicular junction (or, say, waiting to join the road from a gas station) on the kerbside/passenger's side of the car can trigger very aggressive/emergency braking. Not sure it's anything to do with TACC/FSD. It's happened to me five or six times since purchase (three weeks ago!). Like phantom braking, it can be pretty terrifying and/or dangerous.

More information: [UK] 2021.4.x
NoA Motorway On, Off ramp handling and on ramp lane merge behaviour

Off ramp : When exiting motorway onto an offramp, car starts the manoeuvre far too late. NoA will not start indicating until it has already started passing the off ramp, some times, indicating only at last possible moment. At this junction, NoA wont start indicating until approx this point (car will be in left hand lane not as per google map street view) - it should be indicating well before the junction. It often feels like there is possibly enough time for another (impatient) car to go to the left before NoA starts moving onto off ramp.

On ramp : Having joined a motorway from an on ramp, NoA will often prompt for an unnecessary lane change into 'faster' lane. Even when no slower traffic in current (recently joined) lane. Its almost as if the car thinks the right hand lane is the correct lane to be in - not so in the UK - cars should be in left lane unless overtaking.

On ramp merge : When joining a motorway from on ramp, which may be of significant length so is really a 2 to 1 lane merge, NoA will run all the way to the apex of the merge - at this point I have always taken over as it is not clear if the car is going to try and run you off the road. Examples : M25/M3 intersection (left lane) and M3-J5 on ramp merge (on ramp) - NoAwill not attempt the merge and seemingly will try and run the car off the road. May be user error but manual does not say how these should be handled, ie will NoA do it or should you treat it as a lane change? If latter, car still should not appear to want to run you out of road especially if right lane is occupied - no evidence of car wanting to slow for other vehicles that may be in its path.

1626431847247.png 1626431654057.png
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NoA lane change blocked by phantom lorry (truck) in adjacent lane

On NOA when on a three lane motorway, if you are in the fastest (right hand) lane and want to move back to the middle lane and there is a lorry alongside you but in the slowest (left hand) lane, the car momentarily thinks the lorry drifts into the middle lane (it shows this on the display, but the lorry does not actually change lane) this means that lane changes under these circumstances always abort.

Really frustrating, as you learn to either not to accept a lane change at that time (inconvenient to other road users) or revert to a manual lance change (so what's the point?)

More info Lane change bug
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TACC does not like 20mph zones

Just got a speeding ticket for doing 25 in a 20 mph zone in London. Since the course for avoiding points I have specifically watched the Tesla Info when driving around London. It picks up some 20s but not all . It sometimes misses reductions from 40 to 30. Interestingly my Kia Soul which uses a Tom Tom derivative has similar but different faults. However when I use Wayz in the KIA Wayz seems to get it right. Also Wayz warns you of speed cameras 100%.
Problem of 20mph is that neither car likes it . Neither cars cruise control operates well at 20mph.
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Aug 19, 2019
Corrective steering applied on single track roads

I wonder if this still affects others too: I occasionally get a loud (and quite startling) alarm noise accompanied by a screen message which includes "corrective steering applied for your safety" or something similar. This is when driving on narrow single track roads mostly but occasionally the road isn't even that narrow (by our local standards). The odd thing is that I have never physically felt any steering input being applied and I was never in any danger of colliding with another vehicle or stationary object. Maybe the lack of actual steering input is because I've now got the emergency stuff mostly switched off ... mainly to avoid the klaxons of doom which irritate me but really make my wife jump (no unkind comments please ;) )

further info : Car behaviour on Minor Roads
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I've locked this thread as during the few days that it has been active I think its captured most of the common queries that seem to be most relevant to UK / Ireland and RHD vehicles. If anyone does have a pressing comment/query, do please contact me and I can see if it is not too late to add.

On behalf of everyone on the UK and Ireland sub forum, I would like to thank Tesla for allowing us the opportunity to raise these queries and comments. Hopefully some will give Tesla food for thought and maybe even something tangible will come from some of them. Even if nothing does, it at least raises awareness to Tesla some of the differences in vehicle behaviour, performance and owner expectations experienced by UK/Ireland and RHD drivers.
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