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Unable to unlock charge port

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The stop charging button as well as the unlock charge port button are grayed out and do not work.

This leads to the very unpleasant (if not funny) situation that your Tesla is tied to the charging station and you are unable to drive away.

I know about the emergency release, but I am not usually inclined to tear the plug out of the socket while three times 16 A are flowing through it, thus causing sparks and burns inside the plug and socket and possibly side effects on the power electrics.

In the event, charging at an AC charger with a Type 2 socket in Germany, I could convince the charging station to stop charging, but not all charging stations allow that. I could also try to reduce the charge limit below the current level, so charging would finish, but this works only above 50%, because you cannot set your limit lower.

Anyway, all workarounds, useful as they may be, cannot divert from the simple fact that the Tesla is defective when it cannot be made to stop charging. Has anybody else had a similar experience?
I see you are posting on many forms today but I have the same advice.

Few options for you.

Hold both steering wheel buttons until the car reboots and see if it works then.

You don't have to pull the plug with 48 amps (it's ok to say it that way no need for code 3*16) just turn off the circuit breaker.
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Basically, you are charging but the car doesn't think you are properly connected

1) Try a reboot, but without an expectation that'll fix it

2) Use the manual release, pull out the plug and then plug it back in.

3) You might have a bad sensor, so schedule a service appointment through the Tesla application ASAP
(You can cancel if the problem resolves itself)
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Thanks for the good hints!

I should have mentioned that this was not a home charger. It was at a public charging station on a parking lot in Germany. The station had a Type 2 socket, so I had to use my own Type 2 charging cable, the one originally supplied by Tesla, which does not have a release button. That's why I misunderstood the circuit breaker recommendation.

I completely forgot to check the Tesla app, which also has a stop charging button. Maybe that would have worked. But now I am too far away from that charging station, so I cannot retest. Next time …