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Vancouverite M3 Insurance Rates!?

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Hi everyone,

I'm curious what you guys pay for insurance via ICBC in Vancouver? When I accepted delivery, ICBC quoted me a whopping $4200+- with a clean driving record; received my license in 2013 not sure how much discount I have...

I have 2 million basic for $1300 give or take
$2900 for Optionals (insane)
  • Collision for $1700 ($500 deductible)
  • Comprehensive ($300 deductible)

When I switched to BCAA, my optionals totaled $1750.

I see some people have such low M3 insurance rates even through ICBC, but my question is how?

I checked my ICBC driver factor, I'm at 0.719. I have no accidents or claims, so why am I at such high driver factor? I see some people with 0.559 even with speeding tickets.

I was also offered Optiom replacement for $500 a year for 7 years commitment, does anyone get replacement for their M3?
First time around in 2019, the difference between ICBC and BCAA was pretty negligible.

At renewal though, it went way up. I guess ICBC realised they're expensive to fix or something, but the price to insure my other car skyrocketed as well. Switched optionals to BCAA, much cheaper.

Note regarding BCAA though, it's highly dependent on postal code. 4 minutes down the road where I used to live, I would've paid something like $1200 more for BCAA. So going with BCAA isn't universally better, not even within the same city.
Wow. That is insane. I'm not sure how the insurance laws differ from Quebec to BC, but I'm paying around 1400$ tax in. Insurance here has gone up in the last few years due to the amount of flooding that occurs in Spring in certain regions. But what you guys have to pay is nearly criminal!