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Who has ordered?


Nov 19, 2018
St. Louis
I would cancel my CBT order if at the time of delivery, it does not come with unlimited SC.

At the very least, they should give a one time prepaid option. I just don't like the hassle of making a payment per charge session.

A one time prepaid option would have a significant premium and how often will you supercharge? If you live in a house 90+ % of charging will occur at home.

The payment automatically goes to the card on your Tesla account. No hassle at all.


Feb 14, 2020
Dickson, TN
Ordered tri motor as soon as they became available in Australia. I love the design. It’s the car I wanted since I was three. Never changed my mind. I think it is iconic any will not depreciate. Either it will be a winner and they make a million of them, great cause lots of support etc, or it will be an exotic car, even better, see it’s value on twenty years skyrocket. Also love it being electric, love stainless, love 80’s inspired designs (although it’s timeless), love six seats, love cargo area, love no arguments over what Color to get, oh, and I love the design. Current car is a 2007 Toyota Highlander (Kluger here) and it hasn’t ever broken anything apart from wiper blades ;). Hope Tesla can build like that. If not, it’s going to at least look smashing in our driveway...
I LOVE that: "it’s going to at least look smashing in our driveway."


Feb 14, 2020
Dickson, TN
I ordered the Tri AWD on Nov. 24th and sure wish I'd been quicker on the stick: RN112959XXX.
I have observed the Dual orders seem to have higher numbers when considering the order date. Perhaps
there are 3 different sets of RN's? Will be living in Tennessee when taking delivery and hoping other TN CT owners
may be interested in connecting. In the rural area where our farm is, it would be great to know others
willing to take whatever local reaction shock there may be, lol.
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Maybe he didn't order one just want to troll.
I don't troll. I have never supercharged before.

I have a Tri on order along with an S as stop gap that is yet to be delivered. I just find it odd that they would give my S unlimited SC but not for the Tri that costs just as much. I have a Rivian R1S on order as well. It will either be the Tri or the R1S.

Hopefully, I will get the S in time to trade it in.
Jan 30, 2020
I just find it odd that they would give my S unlimited SC but not for the Tri that costs just as much.
Sales gimmick/bonus.

They just run the math and figure enough people will buy an S+SC to result in more profit after sales/charges, so offer it to boost sales. "Free supercharging" was a come-on for early adopters when more people were skittish about powering up while traveling. It's still offered occasionally for upper-end customers because the math works.

The CT got "more than 4 years' production" ordered in 1 week, so there's no need for additional gimmicks to boost sales. The Tri having 500+ range, customers have little need for charging while traveling; orders being reserved exclusively by people with credit/debit cards, they can pay for it effortlessly when they do.


Feb 14, 2020
San Francisco
I ordered the longest range, tri-motor variant. However, a lot of things need to happen before I take delivery: buy a new house with a larger garage........oh, and come up with $77k somehow. HA!


New Member
Dec 24, 2019
Halifax Nova Scotia
Christmas Eve we (my wife, daughter and I) all hit the order now button all together on a Tri with FSD. However, we're on the East Coast of Canada so we'll be waiting a long while. I have a 4 year lease on an A4 (April 2018) so that will be going back April 2022. I know the CT won't be here by then. After that we'll be down to one vehicle till the CT arrives. I'm retired so it's no big deal but... I afraid being on the East Coast of Canada, having never owned a Tesla, and being "about" as far away from California (maybe TX?) as anyone in North America can be I've go to learn to be real, REAL patient.
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Aug 21, 2016
Orange County, New York
Christmas Eve we (my wife, daughter and I) all hit the order now button all together on a Tri with FSD.

That is so cool and epic - hope you guys took a picture of it. That would be an awesome print in your garage when your CT is there.

I have never supercharged before.

As @McMoo pointed out, it's really simple - just like when you buy an app from iTunes, but much simpler as you don't have to put a password.

I've had FUSC on my 2016 Model S since day one, and my 2019 Model X also comes with it. It's super great for road trips, which we do quite a bit. We drove from NY to the Freemont Factory in San Fran last summer with our Model X, all funded by the FUSC. 7,500 miles that would have cost close to $500 if we paid for Supercharging and well over $1500 if we drove an ICE vehicle. However, for daily driving (work/home/errands), I don't remember ever Supercharging in the 4 years of Tesla ownership. And I drive about 100 miles daily for work.

I too ordered a tri-motor CT with FSD. Not entirely sure I need it, but it's so polarizing that for $100 that I can cancel, I have about 2 years to think it through. :)
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Oct 22, 2018
Huntsville, AL
Please Consider adding your Order to the Cybertruck Worldwide Reservation Tracker (a google sheet) below is one of many maps that plot the data we have so far. A google search should pull up a link to it (if I link it here it will try to embed the whole sheet)


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