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Windshield protection.

That was worth googling.

And...ta da! Tesla's Roadster (and the Lotus Elise) did use AGP as its windshield source, ref. here: bulletproof glass attacks, anti theft automotive

And if you look through AGP's website, and go to "Complex Glazing", you can see that the Opel Astra "360º windshield" looks an awful lot like that in the Model X. Try here:AGP Glass :: Intelligent Glass

So, perhaps it does! The company claims it is the world leader in bulletproof and other specialty glasses. Its manufacturing plants are in Colombia, Brazil and Peru, although it is headquartered in Knoxville, TN.
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It would certainly be nice to know if it has some special features. I've asked tesla and can't get any answers, same as many other detail questions. I have a road trip planned which will probably be immediately after delivery assuming delivery isn't more than 2 months out. It would really stink to get a rock chip on the first trip. I have sketchy information about the film coverings but one company told me their film rolls are not wide enough to cover the windshield without a seam. They of course have never seen a windshield that big.
Heh. OUR first real trip in our Model X, if the timing next spring works, will be to drive it back to Alaska. And the Al-Can, aka "Alaskan Highway", as well as every single major and minor road in Alaska, is/are notorious for being windshield destroyers: flying rocks everywhere. So....I have a protector that I have designed, but do need an in-the-flesh Model X (more strictly, its windshield), in order to put on its finishing touches.

Who wants to lend me his/her X? :)