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May 3, 2019
Tesla Daily - more financial based
Tesla Bjorn - Shiiiiiiit
CarWow - They enable the correct things in the settings

I find the rest too irritating and inaccurate. Most especially Fully charged, which takes the "holier than thou" attitude to the next level.
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Jul 12, 2012
I watch:

TeslaBjorn (Bjørn Nyland): I like his detailed testing. It's occasionally annoying that he'll seem to just try to figure out how something works instead of reading the manual, but since he seems to Always Be Testing, I can forgive him not wanting to read manuals.

He publishes a spreadsheet of his results and it has a worksheet called Banana. It's for his banana box tests, that test cargo space uses banana boxes.

Electric Vehicle Man (EVM): former Leaf owner, now Model 3 Owner. Tests a bunch of PEVs, including PHEVs. (His new car reveal video when he bought his Model 3 was very enjoyable. The contrasting reactions of his daughter and wife were great).

Both of the above understand the essentials of EVs.

Now You Know: despite being Tesla and Elon Musk fanbois, I find them entertaining, and they ooze passion for what they're doing.

FullyCharged: a terrible channel for regular car reviews, but they are very interesting for other topics.

I can't stand Doug DeMuro and something about Ben Sullins set off a mental alarm, so never watched Teslanomics.


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Jun 17, 2019
Surrey, UK
Ov, Tesla Driver - YouTube seems to have gone AWOL. Hope he is OK.

Whilst I appreciate that FSD beta youtubers are probably taking centre stage at present, its a real shame that we have lost the continuity of version progress/regression through the more regular drives that he does. It would have been good to see if he had detected something wrt the likes of phantom braking and handling of some scenarios like object detection and avoidance.
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Jan 20, 2020
Ov, Tesla Driver - YouTube seems to have gone AWOL. Hope he is OK.
He took time out from both his channels to do a TV show called 'nerducate'.

He's back doing his MasterOV Gaming channel (posting frequently) but has abandoned his Tesla channel without any sort of announcement.

I'm a bit annoyed with him as his last Tesla video was asking for people to pay to be members of his YT channel, promising far more frequent updates and a dream case giveaway.

I subscribed for two months at £8 a month and never heard from him again.
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Jul 8, 2020
Same here. I subscribed and then he stopped making content. But of a swizz. Which is a shame as I really liked his videos.

In other YouTube news: Jack Massey Welsh has sold his sr+ model 3 and has ordered a 2021 LR! Should get some good content from rhat


Mar 10, 2020
If you want a relaxing start to the day. I like to have my 1st cup of tea of the day with Jeff Roberts and his daily drone flyover of the Texas Giga/Tera factory to a chilled sound track.

I gave up on Berlin because I don't do Techno/Trance and other electronic music forms at 06:30 in the morning (plus not a lot changes from day to day - kept looking out for the hibernating lizards/snakes preventing further forest clearance but never see any - bloody music scaring them off).
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Nov 18, 2020
The two Model 3 reviews I enjoyed the most: for detail Autogefuhl and for entertainment Throttle House where they pitch the LR against a BMW M2 Comp. The latter is currently my favourite car channel.


Oct 23, 2020
Funnily enough I don’t mind Jack. I can see how some find him irritating but I find him quite funny. Doesn’t seem a bad lad, despite the click bait titles and thumbnails: I think he just knows the commercial side of YouTube well.

I actually find SpawnPoint most annoying. I find most of his content about his OCD level of detail to cleanliness and “tech setups” an irritating flex. Bit like how he insists his name is SpawnPoiint with two i’s. Think he just needs to relax a bit. Not my cup of tea.

Bjorn and Rich Rebuilds are good.

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