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ZTE Mobley - WiFi Hotspot - Need Help from OBD2 Experts

Discussion in 'Model S' started by 1NJ85D, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. 1NJ85D

    1NJ85D Member

    Feb 26, 2015
    Scotch Plains, NJ
    I got an AT&T ZTE Mobley WiFi Hotspot to remotely access my Blackvue using its Cloud capability.

    The ZTE Mobley fits nicely in the OBD2 connector, stays out of the way and works OK. The price is right (zero with a contract, $100 otherwise) and service is only $10/month (on a Mobile Share plan).

    However, the ZTE Mobley turns itself off after the car is turned off. You can set a wait time of up to 2 hours, but you can't make the ZTE Mobley keep itself continuously on.

    Here is the question for the OBD2 / OBD-II experts -- How does the ZTE Mobley know that the Model S has turned itself off? I thought the OBD2 connector on the Model S had only ground and (continuous) 12V power. I believe the OBD2 connector does not have a pin with switched 12V. What OBD2 signal is the ZTE Mobley lilkely leveraging to determine if the car is on?

    I would like to "fool" the ZTE Mobley with a short OBD2 male/female cable.


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