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Air conditioning system misbehaves

Model 3 Long-range AWD.

Upon entering the car after a day it was not driven, the air conditioning system begins heating vigorously, even though the temp control is set to 20 deg-C and the weather outside is quite warm. It doesn't then respond to temp control at all. It returns to normal only after driving for a while, or after sliding the temp control all the way down to the "Low" position. (I can't distinguish between the two causes because both occurred at the same time.)

Please advice, thank you.

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How to confirm damage due to improper use of Lift?

In PA Tesla can't do inspections. Rep said I can go to any shop. Went to my local shop.

After going I find out I was supposed to bring jack pads and show the tech the manual on lifts. Reading horror stories of damage caused and battery damage.

Car drives fine and I looked underneath and don't see any marks or dents. But could the lift pressure cause internal battery issues that I wouldn't be able to see? Is there anything else I can look for?


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2023 Model X Long Range- 80 mph range

Looking to buy a 2023 Model X LR with 20" tires. I've read a bunch of posts about 80 mph range that have been helpful and I know that year built, weather, hills, tires, Plaid, AC all impact the real world range but I have a specific question. I travel in the summer about 350 miles (99% highway) about 10-12 times a year, because I take the trip so often I mostly don't stop as I just want to get there. I know I won't be able to get their without stopping but my specific question is if I have a 2023 Model X LR with 20" tires and it's all summer driving with flat farmland and if I drive 80 mph what do you think my real range would be at 100% charge now and 5 years later.

I ask because there is a 250 kw supercharger about 230 miles away. Would I comfortably be able to get there for the next 5 or so years without any range anxiety? The supercharger before that is about 160 miles away and don't love the idea of stopping then and having to charge from say 60% to 90% at very slow speeds or having to stop twice.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Need Help: Paying Off My Totaled Car with Insurance Check – Tesla Finance Contact?

I had an accident three weeks ago, and my insurance company declared my car a total loss. They've requested the name of the finance company, Tesla Finance, to send them a check for the payoff. I obtained an early payoff quote through the Tesla app, which provides wire transfer instructions. However, it advises me to call them when it comes to using a check. Unfortunately, I can't locate a phone number. Can anyone assist me in figuring out how to pay off the car with my insurance company sending them a check?

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MagicDock upgrade vs V4 dispensers

Does anyone know why Tesla is deploying MagicDocks into V3 dispensers instead of going straight to V4 dispensers? Is there something different with the physical base or wiring of the V3 vs V4 dispenser? Are V4's not going to get MagicDocks? Any chance older sites could go straight from V2 to V4 dispensers, even if they are still power limited to less than a full speed V4 ?

Not snarky questions, I am asking the above as genuine inquiries for my own education. Thanks.

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Tesla Wall Charging

I am thinking of purchasing the Tesla Wall Charger for my Model 3. It says it delivers up to 48 amps. I think ideally a 60-amp breaker would work best. But I live in a condo so the installation is crazy expensive. In order to cut costs, would I be making a big mistake by installing a 40-amp breaker? I would be charging in the overnight hours so I don't need the charging to be fast. The wiring used would be for 8-AWG which costs less than 6-AWG. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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NEMA 1450-1430 charging setting?

Hey guys so I've had my 3 for about 2 years now and I used a NEMA 1450 at my house, I recently moved and my new house does not have enough space in the breaker to add another 1450, I do however have a dryer in the garage so I got a adapter for my 1450 plug.(1450 to 1430) I am now able to charge my car through the adapter but I know I get the 1430's power, in the charging option I've always had my setting as 32A, I have read a bit online that it shouldn't be that high for 1430 outlet, I have it currently set to 24, but I didn't find anything recent about this and I have no idea whatsoever about electrical work so I was wondering if someone could help me understand this better and tell me if im allowed to to keep it at 32A or keep it at 24A.


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Issues with my 2017 100D that always go away before a service appointment

Hi Everyone, this is my first post here but i am at my wits' end with Tesla. I have a 2017 Model S 100D with now about 70000 miles on it and we love it! But, recently the car makes a funny noise and then right after all kind of systems will fail. The noise comes from behind the passenger side dashboard cover between the two air vents, and it sounds like a fan working overtime turning itself on and off. Turning climate off makes no difference. Some research seems to suggest that the autopilot control unit sits there but i have not opened it up to look. When that fan noise starts, the GPS will fail, steering assist will fail, Autopilot is unavailable and some other random warnings. Very annoying the constant toot-toot-toot sound.
Anyway, i booked a service appt with Tesla and described the issue as best i can supported by a video of the noise etc. The day my appointment was scheduled, the noise went away and did not come back and so when the Tesla people looked at the car they said everything was normal.
Couple days later the noise came back together with all its error and warning friends and stayed for days on end. Booked another service appointment for yesterday and, yes, day before the service appointment the noise stops and the car is normal.
So here is my question, i understand Tesla will connect to my car to diagnose it before the service appointment, and somehow that fixes it, albeit only temporarily. I cancelled the appointment since there is nothing to show them, but i believe in a few days this will be back and the infinite loop will continue.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Sorry about the long description :)

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Dashboard speaker grill distorted.

Our new Model 3 is currently in the local service centre having boot lid paintwork sorted out.
While driving the 2019 loaner (we have) I've noticed that the dashboard speaker grill is nice and flat whilst our new car's has a somewhat uneven undulating look. Has anybody else noticed this with their new or recently produced Shanghai manufactured Model 3? Did you get it replaced?

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Is this a good deal - 2013 Model S 60

Super new to Tesla and looking to purchase a 2013 Model S 60. Should I purchase this one, or should I be looking for one that has never had a battery or drivetrain replaced? The other option I am considering has not given the owner any problems in 4 years except door handles and the 12V battery. The second option also has around 100k miles.

Which of the two options has more of a potential for giving me less headaches? Any feed back will be super appreciated.

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Model s 70 compared to 75 0-60

I've been looking around at model s 0-60 times ,specifically the jump from the 70kwh RWD battery cars to the 75kwh RWD battery cars. The drivetrains are identical with a large rear drive unit but the 0-60 times are 1.3 seconds apart. Why is this? Are 2 more modules active in the 75kwh for more amperage output? I cant seem to find reliable information between the 2 packs and the difference of them. If a 70kw battery were to go bad and be replaced with 75kw would the LDU be able to output the full 280KW? Feel free to correct me if I made any assumptions, I want to learn.

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New Tesla Model S Owner/Taillight question

This is my first created thread, thanks for having me; I just bought my first tesla after considering/plotting on a Model S for the past couple years while i was starting my business; I always said when I got my finances together i wanted a Model S, and proud to say Labor Day I went and picked up
My first Tesla. Its not brand new, I purchased after a 3 yr lease but I just bought a late build yr (Birthday stamp Oct 2020) Tesla Model S “Long Range Plus”, just bought it and am really enjoying everything but the one thing im not a fan of is the taillights;
I would love to have a clean LED set but if not possible ima tint them i guess prolly, I love my first Tesla and am all setup and got it just about done w/ a ppf wrap/ceramic coating on white interior/tints/etc after 3 wks of ownership but do i have any options to change these tail lights to some’n a lil more attractive? Id really like a set of LEDs, but have heard something about a “refreshed taillight” possibly although am brand new so dont know if they can be installed on my current model; Anybody have any ideas? You guys like the smoked taillight look? And is that my only option? Also not sure if that’d effect the long range battery life in anyway, id imagine not much if at all. Really enjoying the car, i wish the glass top was transparent glass or we
Least had the option, that’d be a real nice luxury touch in my opinion since can no longer have a panoramic top but overall im extremely happy w/ my purchase and dont regret it.:just now that i own it finally im noticing the little things that would take a model S from a great car to legendary; I honestly like to see the stars thru my roof tho and lowkey was disappointed there was no retractable roof option, but also wanted the long range model/battery pack so i can live without it (sunroof) for those reasons. While shopping for my first EV i saw the lexus that can turn the top translucent at a push of a button (the 500E)..ida def paid for that option if was available; The lexus was considerably more money than the model S, brand new, and not really what i was in the market for but that feature was super attractive especially when i just happened to take the test drive at sunset/twilight; Anyway, love my model S but these lights remind me
Of something off a car made in the 2000’s, not a 2020/2021; Any ideas? Appreciate any replies, thanks in advance and appreciate your time and advice on the matter..You guys be safe out there 🙏🏼


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Anyone have experience refusing delivery on a *LEASED* Tesla?

Hi all, we’re planning to lease a new Model X directly from Tesla.

My question: do we have the right to refuse the vehicle (on delivery day) if it has flaws we find unacceptable?

I know we can refuse a purchased vehicle, but am specifically trying to understand whether we have refusal rights on a ***LEASED*** vehicle.

Anyone have experience with this specific situation and can give us some insight?

We’re located in NYC if that matters.

Thanks in advance - and sorry if this has already been answered somewhere; spent some time googling and couldn’t find an answer specific to vehicle leases.


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