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    Canceling Cruise Control

    I apply the brakes to cancel cruise control. Is there a second way to do this like a lever or button movement on/around the steering wheel?
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    Canceling Cruise Control

    I apply the brakes to cancel cruise control. Is there a second way to do this like a lever or button movement on/around the steering wheel?
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    Chickening out ...

    I was planning to take the Model Y on a trip from New Jersey to West Palm Beach, FL. After reading through numerous posts on the experience of taking the Model Y on long trips, I'm taking the Prius, instead. I filled up the Prius's tank which reports an estimated range of 600 miles. The...
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    Long trip question

    Does the Model Y understand the question "Where is the next Supercharger on my route?". and "Directions to next Supercharger on my route?". I know you can have superchargers displayed and recharging stops plotted on your navigation maps, but if you get hungry or "nature calls" before that...
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    Does the model Y have a sunglasses storage location?

    If yes, where is it? If no, where do you store your sunglasses?
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    Supercharging settings during trips.

    When you use the built-in Trip Planner it plots supercharging stop locations, charging times, and charging limits. It is my understanding the charge limit will vary from one stop to another depending on predicted time, distance, and state of charge. Does the trip planner automatically set the...
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    Changing Charge Source & Plug

    Thanks for the replies. I tested this and it does change back and forth automatically without needing to reset the charge amps using the onboard computer. I made a video demonstrating this: https://youtu.be/GU7N1D1EOFs
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    Changing Charge Source & Plug

    I currently have the Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector wired to a 60 amp circuit and my max charge rate set to 48 amps. I have never used my mobile connector and I want to try/test it just to verify it is working in case I ever need it. Do I have to set the new charge rate to 12 amps, or will the car...
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    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    I had a flat on my left rear tire one day after taking delivery. There was a screw in the tire. I plugged it myself, ordered Tesla Pucks, and drove it to a Ford dealership and they did the permanent repair using the pucks on the jack points.
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    Battery Drain while parked

    I had the problem too. I got rid of Teslafi and only use sentry mode at specific times. It now loses about 2 to 3 miles per day Max. Before I was losing over 20 miles per day.
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    Maximum following distance.

    Is it just me or do others think the following distance should be adjustable to a further distance/time than what is currently allowed?
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    Tracking left of center

    When I use Auto-Steer, the car frequently tracks left of center. I normally drive right of center if I am on a 2-lane highway (one lane each way) (unless I'm riding a motorcycle). This makes me nervous and It forces the oncoming traffic further to the right of their lane. Is this "normal"...
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    Cargo hooks

    Interesting. Thanks!
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    Cargo hooks

    On my 2010 Prius, there are several D-rings in the cargo space to attach straps/bungee cords etc. to keep cargo secure and not moving around. I don't see these in my Model Y. Did I miss them? If not, what do you do to keep your cargo from shifting around while you are driving?
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    Acceleration Boost Purchased

    Today I tried flooring the power pedal to experience acceleration from 25 MPH to about 65 MPH. This is without the boost upgrade. I felt like my head was in a centrifuge and all the blood was being forced to the back of my head. It actually made me somewhat dizzy and nauseous. I wonder if...

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