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  1. W

    2017 Tesla Model X P90D - What are your experiences? (Advice on purchasing used Model X)

    Hi everyone, I'm contemplating purchasing a 2017 Model X P90D that has logged around 80,000 km. I would appreciate hearing about your experiences with this specific model, especially from those who have dealt with high mileage. The warranty is nearing its end, and I am concerned about...
  2. N

    2017 Model S odometer?

    2017 Model S odometer vanished since recent software update - 2022.8.10.16. Bottom of screen with VIN on app now shows version not odometer. Read many threads and no info. Looked at account/software & everywhere actually with no luck. Is it just me? Apologize if it is in front of my nose…but...
  3. L

    22" rims from 2017 MX on 2023 MX Plaid

    Hello, right now (in Germany) I drive a 2017 MX P100DL and am now expecting my 2023 MX Plaid. For summer I have on the 2023 MX the 22" new Tesla Wheels For winter I want to put on the Plaid my old 22" wheels from the 2017 MX and put winter tires on that rims. My question: do the 2017 rims...
  4. calm-one

    GUI artifacts while reverse camera is on

    Since the last update to 2022.8.10.5 I have noticed that I am getting a graphic artifact band about 1cm tall and across the screen only when the reverse camera is activated. I have only noticed this in this specific situation. The artifact appears to be nav/map bleeding thru and is black and...
  5. G

    2017 Model S 100D battery behavior after charge

    June 2017 Model S 100D. Bought new June 2017. Now 54,785 miles. I generally keep the charge between 50 and 70% unless on a road trip… then 90%. Every 3 months or so, I charge to 100% and drive a long distance right away. Supercharger for about 60% of the time, rest using dryer outlet to get...
  6. Steve21

    Model S P100D lemon

    Hello everyone! I bought A 2017 Model S P100D back in 2020 and test drove it rigorously and found no issues mechanically. Even had 2 repair shops take a took as well and same result, it also passed inspection. The title is a lemon law repurchase according to the title. My question is how can I...
  7. S

    Tesla Model X 75D 2017 (Warranty, Price Negotiable, Specifications Listed)

    *Reposting to include the missing specifications* I've enjoyed my time as a Tesla Owner. I've learned that the things I love the most in a car (quiet cabins, autopilot, low cost of ownership) are found in the Nissan Rogue. I'm looking for a good home for this beauty. Feel free to call or text...
  8. S

    For Sale: Tesla Model X 2017 Blue 75D With FSD Capability Good Condition $69000

    Located in San Francisco Bay Area 5YJXCDE20HF060879 52607 miles Certified Pre Owned From Tesla so the warranty is extended until 60,000 miles or August 28, 2021 75D All-Wheel Drive Deep Blue Metallic Paint 20" Silver Wheels Black Leather Seats Standard Interior Five Seat Interior Full...
  9. D

    FS: 2016.5 Model S 90D, 34,XXX miles $50995

    Hi all - selling our 2016.5 (post-facelift) Model S 90D. Options list below, Free Unlimited Supercharging is transferrable (we are second owners, was transferred to us 1 yr ago). Everything else is self-explanatory. Just had new windshield installed (rock chip) along with 12V battery replaced...
  10. R

    New User ! Old Tesla owner

    Hey all! I’m new to the community and wanted to intro myself and chat where would be best to list some items I have for sale from my Tesla. 3D floor linings, charger, and some beautiful rims 22 inch staggered. Here’s a picture to see her stance! Based in California
  11. H

    2017 Model X 7 Seat All Weather Floor Mats

    Hi Everyone- New owner of a 2017 Model X 7 seater that current has standard carpet floor mats. Any suggestions for all weather floor mats? Life ok Indianapolis so would like something that can handle winter and summer messes with 2 kids! Thansk!
  12. S

    For Sale: Late 2017 Model S 100D - Immaculate Condition - $55,950

    Link to ad with pictures: Used Tesla Model S for Sale in Orinda, CA - CarGurus Description Original Owner. Car purchased on December 23, 2017 so under warranty until December 22, 2021. Excellent condition Model S with grey metallic exterior and premium white interior. 47,300 miles. Car is...
  13. B

    For Sale 2017 Model S 75D 33,xxx miles $54,500

    For Sale 2017 Model S 75D 33,xxx miles $54,500 Model S 75D Enhanced Autopilot Tan Tesla Premium Seats (heat & cool) 19" Slipstream wheels Red Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof (sliding sun roof) Black Alcantara Headliner Premium Upgrades Package Figured Ash Wood Decor Ultra High Fidelity...
  14. B

    2017 Model X 75D with FSD for sale

    Listing for $65,000 Selling my 2017 Model X 75D with Full Self Driving 37,125 mi (at time of posting) 6-seat configuration Full Self Driving (upgraded after initial purchase) Performance Pedal Set (Tesla-installed upgrade) Black Leather Interior with Figured Ash Wood Décor Premium Upgrades...
  15. J

    WTB used Model 3 - SoCal (San Diego, Los Angeles)

    Hello, I am looking to buy a used Model 3 in South California (San Diego, Los Angeles, ...). If you have one for sale, please message me. 2017 or 2018 models would be best. 2019s models are often too close to the new price unfortunately. Open to any trim/color options. Looking to buy...
  16. M

    Four 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels, Tires, TPMS, and Lug Nut Covers $500

    19" Wheels and Tires are from 2017 Model S with 31K miles Tires are Goodyear that came with the car. Perfect if you want to use them on a track. The tires have the TPMS and all the chrome color lug nut covers. One rim has some curb rash. See pics I'm the Los Angeles area and only interested...
  17. S

    Late 2017 Model S Body Control Module (BCM) Location?

    I have located the BCM on Model S vehicles built up to about mid 2017, but have a RHD single motor vehicle built in Aug 2017 and the BCM is not where it usually is....which is under a protective shield in the passenger footwell. Does anyone know where it may have been relocated to on these...
  18. S

    Model X Left Roof Glass

    Hello All, I am looking for driver side roof glass for a 2017 Model X exactly like this. If you have this spare part for sale please contact me and I will purchase immediately.
  19. J

    2017 Model X 90D 13,000 Miles FOR SALE IN CHICAGO

    I have a 2017 Midnight Silver Metallic Model X 90D with 13,000 miles. I am leaving the country and need to sell it. $82,000 priced to sell. All Black Interior, 6 seat, Enhanced Autopilot, Premium Interior and Premium Sound Packages.
  20. 5

    $125obo 2017 Model X 7-seater all weather mats for sale - used

    Got these mats for my 2018 MX because they didn’t make the 2018 version yet. Just got the 2018 version so this set can go to another awesome Model X, just in time for winter season. $125 obo
  21. N

    PRICE DROPPED - 2017 Tesla Model S 100D - Gray On WHITE - great condition

    If you disagree with anything on my ad, please send me a PM. Please let keep things classy and within the forum rules. Please no high-jacking of my thread. If you're not interested, no worries...kindly move to the next thread. Cheers! :) 23k miles. Midnight Silver on white. No accidents...
  22. G

    2017 Model S 75D (White); 15,524 mi; Unlimited Supercharging; $77K

    Hello Everybody! I’m selling my 2017 Model S 75D (Upgraded from 60D) with 15,524 miles, and unlimited supercharging for $77K. (Custom order, delivered March 2017). Vehicle was uncorked and upgraded to current firmware during its yearly service. Location: Los Angeles, CA Windows are tinted...
  23. P

    2017 Model S P100D White 3K Miles Full XPEL Free Supercharging

    Selling a fully loaded 2017 Pearl White Model S P100D AP 2.0 with free supercharging. I purchased back in June and have only put 2900 miles on it. The car still smells and looks new. Some extras include full XPEL paint protection film on the entire car, Spectra Photosync 50% tint, and all season...
  24. B

    mid-2017 (AP2) S90D for sale (NOVA)

    Fully loaded Red S90D for sale with 6k miles. All options sans rear jump seat: Sunroof Premium sound Smart Air Suspension Premium Upgrade Package Black leather/Alcanterra All weather floor mats Upgraded Charger Sub-Zero Package Gauging interest more than ready to sell at this point. $113k new...
  25. S

    Anyone going to the Cupertino National Drive Electric Wk Sat. 9/16?

    This is our first year owning an EV and saw that there was a National Drive Electric Week this Saturday, 9/16 (10-4pm) in Cupertino at the DeAnza College parking lot. We might be interested to attend with our MS and have been going back and forth about it, but have no idea what it's like and if...
  26. F

    2017 tesla model X 100D for sale

    had my tesla for about three months and now I am looking to sell it! 3000 miles on it with blue exterior and white and carbon interior on black wheels. Asking for 108K
  27. T

    Toronto Weekend Social 2017 - anybody go?

    I wasn't able to make it. Was there anything new stated or shown? Anything interesting happen?
  28. T

    Model S - April 2017 updates or changes potentials?

    So, last year around mid-April the Model S got a new front end design and other features. Given that Tesla has announced the end of the 60, what are the odds of other changes occurring? I would think all effort is being put into the Model 3, and probably not too many changes if any are...
  29. heytae

    Brand new 2017 Model X 20" wheels FOR SALE

    We're getting our MX in early March and I'm going to be selling its 20" Slipstream wheels as soon as we get the car, probably with less than 100 miles on them. Set of four (4) wheels and caps only, since I'll be replacing them with aftermarket chrome wheels. They'll look like this per the Design...
  30. sniperside

    FS: Carpet Floor Mats - 2016 Model S - Black, 3-Piece Set, $85 [Almost New]

    Tesla OEM Factory Carpet Floor Mat [Black] - 3 piece set Pull from my new MS and replaced with all weather mats. Car had about ~220 miles when the mats were removed. See pictures Price is $85 + shipping Pickup is free in NC
  31. T

    NVidia Booth CES 2017

    Prominently Front and Center of NVidia's booth. Owners should be proud. All other "announced" cars are years behind self driving, electronic power train, etc. NVidia Booth CES 2017 by TechVP posted Jan 7, 2017 at 1:55 PM Image by TechVP posted Jan 7, 2017 at 1:55 PM Image by TechVP...
  32. Maarten

    Wens elkaar een gezond, schadevrij en gelukkig 2017!

    Tot mijn verbazing nog geen speciaal draadje gezien hierover, dus hierbij. We delen veel met elkaar op dit bijzonder plezierige forum. Leren van elkaar, ontmoeten elkaar, schrikken van de ongevallen en bijna ongevallen, leven met elkaar mee bij de (voor)pret van een nieuwe Tesla, etc. etc. Voor...