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Asia & Pacific

  1. riky

    Any Updates on SPOTIFY in Asia/Pacific specially S.Korea ??????

    (The title says it all) 머스크 선생님 스포티파이가 쓰고싶습니다....
  2. M

    50 Stall Supercharger in Beijing -- Hairun Mansion Supercharger

    This popped up today among other Superchargers. It's like an alternative to the Lilacs Intl. Commercial Center of Shanghai. PlugShare Web v2
  3. Tam

    50 Stall Supercharger Station is on--Lilacs International Commercial Center, Shanghai, China

    First look at world's largest Tesla Supercharger station in Shanghai, China According to the article, Tesla Model S owner Jason Man was the only one charging there as of Monday afternoon, 10/23/2017 when usually, it's a long line for other Superchargers in Shanghai area. Where's the crowd :)
  4. V

    Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

    This forum is for Tesla current and prospective owners in the UAE!
  5. dndcruz

    Tesla Dubai Opening

    Tesla’s Dubai showroom is set to open on the 12th of July ! They have also shipped hundreds of teslas , which are probably inventory cars ( shown below)
  6. Tam

    Vietnam Thread

    Vietnam gets its first Tesla Model X P100D thanks to a private importer The article reported of the landing of Tesla 7-seater Model X P100DL on the port of Đà Nẵng for an owner from the capital Hà Nội on Tuesday, 5/9/2017 (tip from Nguyễn Thế Phú). It is interesting to see how it will do...
  7. D

    Anyone else going to the Auto Shanghai (April 21-28)?

    I plan to go to "Auto Shanghai 2017" and I was wondering if any else on TMC is planning on going. If you are, please post here or send me a PM, it be nice to meet up. I'll be coming from Beijing, and will be with a friend that is a native Chinese speaker. Her interest is also in EV, but for...
  8. S

    Some questions for my bachelor thesis

    Hello community, I´m Sven from Germany and I´m writing this semester my bachelor thesis about the future of the car and specifically about Tesla. For this I need your help. I´m impressed by you guys like you already shaping the world of tomorrow. A few of you I would like to ask some...
  9. dndcruz

    First Model S appears In dubai for Delivery

    looks like the first few model S have been shipped to dubai and are getting prepped for delivery , since service/delivery/store is not yet open , from the looks of these pictures , it appears it's being managed by technical resources UAE who specialize in Auto Service Centres . They were...
  10. S

    Hello from Nepal

    I am From Kathmandu, Nepal (South Asia) and interested to sell Tesla brand vehicles in my country. I dont have contact information of the concerned person/incharge who is responsible for export business for my country or region. Hence help me for the contact persons details, address, telephone...
  11. TesTaipei

    App for this forum?

    i have a stupid question - is there an app for this forum? Or anything that is more mobile friendly than just a webpage. Would be great to get easier notification that does not require coming to the page first. Thanks!
  12. Chuq

    First Macau store/supercharger

    It looks like Studio City will be Macau's first pop-up store/supercharger location! Tesla's First SuperCharger in Asian Vegas - Macau
  13. Tam

    Tesla Model X Crashed In China

    Tesla Model X Crashed In China Collision between Model X and BYD F6 sedan in Xinzheng city near Zhengzhou in Henan Province. No details on how it happened. No details about where all vehicles' occupants were.
  14. Q

    Asking for the contact point to become Tesla distributor in Vietnam

    Dear all, I am from Vietnam. I would like to ask for the help, we want to become Tesla distributor in Vietnam but i do not know the contact point or office of Tesla in Asia. If anybody know, please share with me. Thanks and Best Regards, Quang
  15. Tam

    How is Asia/Pacific Sentiment for first day of Model ≡ Reservation?

    Please share your plan if you are planning to reserve your Model ≡ next week on your common spreadsheet: Model3-CampOut-LineUp-OnLine In the US and Canada, Tesla stores will take in deposits starting at the same instant: 10:00 California time, or 11:00 Denver, Colorado, or 12:00 in Chicago...
  16. Reeler

    $1000 Referral Credit for Model S - LEADERBOARD for Asia/Pacific

    The App lists the top referrers if you do a referral, but it is not otherwise accessible. I will post daily updates of the top 3 referrers in the US and elsewhere in the world. Once someone commits to sending me the Leaderboard from either Europe or Asia/Pacific, I will accurately break that...
  17. S

    My tire is broken, who can tell where I can buy good price tire for Tesla Model S

    My tire is broken, who can tell where i can buy good price tire for Tesla model S I want 10, because i want keep some, and my friends want to keep 6 from me. Who have a good website or some good suggestion? Thanks to you all. It would be better for 21inch.
  18. M


    Any korean here ? I would like to connect all tesla enthusiasts and possibly owners together here. I don't own one but I have done test drive at Artarmon show room and it was AWESOME!
  19. Y

    Beijing scraps driving limits for electric vehicles

    Beijing scrapped the daily driving limits for electric vehicles. They recently enacted a rule that imposed restrictions "if there's heavy pollution forecasted for more than 72 hours, besides pure electric vehicles, cars with even- and odd-numbered license plates will be allowed on the roads on...
  20. islandbayy

    The K-Man Does China

    Hello all, some already know I will be heading out to Chengdu, China next week. On my trip, I will also be visiting the Chengdu Tesla Store, Which is currently the Largest Tesla Store in the World. I will also be visiting some Chinese Superchargers (Unfortunately not with a Model S, as I cant...
  21. sablesands


    WE had a private person do something similar in New Zealand where there is no Tesla office showroom or support. He bought it in The Netherlands and shipped it to NZ Anyone throw more light on whom might have ordered this Tesla in Malaysia, see quote below from auto reporter Paul Tan > Regards...
  22. T

    Shanghai last sunday

    Matt black with red Rims? China is going crazy with Tesla
  23. islandbayy

    Tesla owner around Chengdu!

    looking for a tesla owner in Chengdu. I will be traveling to DuJiangYan, arriving at Chengdu airport. i would like to do one of my famous youtube videos, this time in China. Anyone interested! i noticed a supercharger and store are planned for Chengdu. And if said person would like to make a...
  24. Muzzman1


    Hi Everyone, I have a client in Indonesia that has put his deposit down for a Signature Model X. Since I'm a Model S owner here in the US, he's asking me what the best thing to do is as far as bringing it into Indonesia. I'm pretty sure he made his deposit in Singapore, but maybe HK...
  25. Lump

    Disgruntled Chinese Customer Gets New Tesla, Smashes It

    Disgruntled Chinese Customer Gets New Tesla, Smashes It - China Real Time Report - WSJ Refund this guys money (minus the all repair costs) & drop him off at the nearest GM dealer.
  26. Cosmacelf

    Tesla to start Chinese deliveries April 22nd

    New thread in main forum: Elon will deliver the first batch of Model S to Chinese customers on April 22nd!
  27. RobStark

    Tesla to build Super Charger Network in China

    Published on January 16, 2014 by Joey Wang Tesla Motors is moving forwards in China with a spectacular plan to build supercharge stations for electric cars along “highways linking Beijing and Shanghai”. Furthermore, Tesla plans to expand service and sales centers in China, including a...
  28. Lump

    Tesla may have just made its first sale in China

    Twitter / Lebeaucarnews: NEW: Chinese media reports ... According to local Chinese media, a man from the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang has bought a Tesla Model S sedan that cost him as much as 2.5 million renminbi (link in Chinese)—or $410,000. While that figure hasn’t been...
  29. R

    Tesla fans from China

    Hello everyone, I love Tesla, and now many people in China love Tesla Model S badly, nice to meet everyone in this club. I have posted a test drive report of Tesla Model S on a famous automobile website in China early this year. Here is the website...
  30. T

    拓速乐电动车 普通话/中文/汉语 的讨论 (Chinese Language Thread)

    特斯拉电动车普通话/中文/汉语的讨论 (Chinese Language Thread) Taking a cue from hiroshiy, this is a Chinese language forum for Chinese Tesla enthusiasts (if any) and future owners (outside of Hong Kong). This will also help TMC appear in chinese search engines once baidu etc. caches this page. If Tesla fails to...
  31. felixtb

    when is TESLA finally coming to China???

    Last year Elon announced that tesla would go to china during 2013........ has anyone heard anything more about this eventual leap??