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  1. E

    Model Y performance - Montreal

    Hi, I have a model 3 AWD that I will be putting up for sale and I’m interested in the model Y performance. Only thing is it lowered and had a stiffer suspension. Unfortunately the dealerships at montreal and Laval won’t have any Y performances to test drive. I was wondering if anyone in montreal...
  2. F

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Suspension Front & Rear - Used 20,000 Miles

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Suspension Front & Rear - Used 20,000 Miles No issues whatsoever, just swapped out for the Öhlins DFV Coilovers in an attempt to get a better ride....it's better but figuring out if it was worth the $$$! Oh well, too late, thus these are for sale. $500 OBO...
  3. D

    Eibach lowering springs for model 3 AWD/Performance slightly used for 200 miles

    Eibach lowering springs for model 3 AWD/Performance slightly used still new in box for 200 miles southern california san diego area, i prefer pick up than shipping. asking $320
  4. J

    For sale: 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance with extras – 1,031 miles

    Hello and thanks for your interest. Car is mint. Professionally wrapped front-end with paint protection film since day of delivery. Vehicle has Pirelli all season tires. Original summer tires are for sale here. Vehicle configuration is attached. Description of vehicle follows. – Paint...
  5. R

    Racing Brake XT910 Brake Pad Upgrade For M3P

    Well here goes my first ever post, so go easy on me 😅. I just swapped out the stock P3D pads for the Racing Brake XT910 pads, and I cant believe I didn't do it sooner. Living in Ontario, Canada, one of my worries was how they would perform in the cold weather, but so far there are no downsides...
  6. E

    WTB: Konig K66 snow chains for Tesla Y Performance

    Looking for K66 snow chains in SoCal to rent or buy! Also looking for the rubber mats too
  7. ishareit

    Model Y Performance reservation - for sale

    I have the following configuration that is on hold until Jan 1. As you can see, it is $2,000 cheaper than the current Model Y Performance price. I ordered this and a similar Long-Range because I could not make up my mind at that time, but decided to go with Long Range for myself. Wondering if...
  8. D

    Range of 2020 Model Y Stealth Performance

    I have a 2020 Stealth Performance Model Y (18XXX) and for a long time now my max range has CLEARLY been 280 miles despite the range being advertised at the time as 315 miles (assuming 100% charge, EPA estimate) Is anyone aware of Tesla using software to limit the range of these cars? I know...
  9. R

    Y Performance - how to minimize tire costs?

    Which option would be the most economical in the long run (requiring less maintenance, replacement, lower tire cost, etc)? (A) Keep the 21", and get Michelin Pilot Sport AS4 (I save the cost of changing wheels & buying TPMS sensors) (B) Change to 19" for the benefits of square setup, more tire...
  10. J

    Selling new 21" Überturbine wheels SoCal

    I’m getting my Y performance in mid -late December. I’m planning on immediately changing out wheels and tires. Is anyone looking to purchase the 21” uberturbine wheels and tires? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well. I’m in Ventura county, so cal Thanks
  11. tom @ eas

    Vendor eas | Southern California Tesla tuning source and daily showroom

    For over 17 years, European Auto Source (EAS) has been a respected industry leader in BMW M models, and we continually strive to offer top end, rare, and unique products with the up-most level of customer service. Those that currently or have had BMWs in the past have most likely heard or even...
  12. C

    20 Inch Model 3 Performance Wheels and Tires 2020

    20 inch OEM Tesla wheels and tires. Good condition. 2020 Model 3 Performance Package wheels. Wheels: 20x8.5 114.3mm 5 lug bolt pattern 35mm offset Aluminum Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/35 ZR20 92Y Extra Load Treadwear: 300 Traction: AA Temperature: A Recent service by Tesla demonstrates...
  13. spentan

    For Sale: 2017 Tesla Model X P100DL w/FSD, 6 Seat, Blk/Blk/Wrapped 96K mi $89,420 obo

    2017 Model X Performance (P100DL), Fully Loaded, 6 Seater, with Free Unlimited Supercharging and Full Self Driving Capability paid for. It has also had it's Infotainment Upgrade paid for ($2500), and Brakes were just replaced. Tires were replaced a few thousand miles ago. I have owned this...
  14. M

    FS (SoCal): MYP 21" Uberturbines and Tires (New)

    Selling a set of MYP Uberturbines with factory tires (thread paint still visible) which were swapped at 117 miles (screenshot while waiting at tire shop). TPMS not included. Asking for $2,700.
  15. M

    Make the Model Y Performance ~Quicker~

    Hello all, Owner of a 2021 Model Y Performance here. I'm wondering if anyone has found out; how can the MYP be made quicker? I understand the car is blazingly quick, and many will question why more speed and rapid acceleration are needed. But, I believe the MYP should be able to outperform...
  16. M

    2021 Model 3 Performance with FSD / Black with Black / 3k Miles / No Virginia

    We are having another baby so I need to sell my Tesla Model 3 PERFORMANCE (Black on Black) which I just got in March. The car has 3,123 miles on it and is in PERFECT condition. It does have Expel Full Frontal PPF and Virginia legal limit tints on the four side windows. It also comes with FULL...
  17. L

    FS: [Northern Virginia] 21" Uberturbine Rims, Pirelli stock tires (25 miles) + TPMS sensors from newly purchased Model Y performance (delivered 9/16)

    Hello everyone, I'm located in Northern Fairfax, VA and I'm looking to sell my 21" Uberturbines. They'll come with the stock Pirelli tires, x4 OEM Tesla Wheel caps, and the Tesla TPMS sensors. I'm also including Tesla Totes (x4) (new in box purchased specifically for the buyer's convenience)...
  18. B

    FS: 2021 20” Überturbine Wheels, Pirelli P Zero Tires, TPMS (Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota)

    FS: 2021 20” Überturbine Wheels, Pirelli P Zero Tires, TPMS (Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota) I have an estimated delivery date range of September 9 - September 29 for a Model 3 Performance. The wheel package will be changed out at delivery and can be available for pick-up in Wisconsin, Illinois...
  19. T

    2020 Y Performance without PUP for sale

    $61,200 No FSD Love it keep it but already have another Y. We are saving up for a new S Q2 2022 delivery. 2020 Model Y Performance without PUP Ride is so much smoother than a the stif lowered PUP suspension, even with the Ubers. In July 2020 you could choose without PUP and pick any wheel...
  20. B

    2018 model 3 stealth performance FSD

    2018 model 3 stealth performance for sale. Pics coming soon... Dark blue with FSD paid, premium unlimited connectivity included, front end ppf, ceramic coat, homelink, fsd hw 3.0 35k miles Looking for 51k, willing to go a bit lower for a cash buyer that can meet in the Cincinnati area this week.
  21. B

    2018 m3p with fsd or 2021 Sr+

    All right I need help making a decision, I have 2 options here and I need to decide asap...so torn. Take delivery of my order for a new 2021 SR+ with no fsd later this week OR pull the trigger on a local opportunity to get a 2018 M3P with 35k miles and FSD. price difference is pretty negligible...
  22. E

    WTB - Stealth Model 3

    My stealth model 3 got totaled by a buddy and I'm looking for another one that isn't price gouging. Would prefer autopilot or FSD but not picky if it's priced right. Will be paid out by insurance by the end of the week. Willing to get a plane ticket anywhere in the continental US if the price is...
  23. MichaelP90DL

    2020 Model S Raven Performance for sale, $89,000

    2020 Tesla Model S Raven Performance 9,626 miles Outstanding condition 0-60, 2.3 seconds Quarter mile, 10.45 seconds, 126.25 mph Top speed, 163 mph 920 pound-feet torque Range, about 340 miles All-wheel drive Tinted windows Eight-year ceramic coating applied in July to protect the...
  24. C

    2020 Tesla model 3 performance $53k

    Black 2020 Tesla model 3 performance for sale. Excellent condition inside and out. Never wrecked. Only thing done to it is a dark window tint. Tiny paint chip here and there that comes factory with any Tesla delivery. Has autopilot not FSD. Call or text 209-712-9581 Vehicle located in Louisiana...
  25. R

    Battery Range for Perf Model Y with 19” Wheels

    Hi, I have a 2021 Performance Model Y and replaced factory 21” Wheels with 19” Wheels from T-sportsline. I changed the wheel size settings in the car to 19” Gemini and rebooted. It still shows max range is approx 300 miles at 100% charge on the battery meter. Should that now have updated to...
  26. SirLaz

    2020 M3P 20" Performance wheels (Satin black) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    Selling my 20" Performance wheels off my 2020 M3P purchased in September 2020. Wheels are powder coated satin black. All 4 wheels are 100% clean, no curb rash or nicks. Comes with the OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, rear tires were recently replaced and have about 1k miles on them, front have...
  27. R

    [WTS] 2020 Model 3 Performance Stealth FSD (Bend/Bay Area)

    New remote work policy means this baby is on the block. Too many cars in the garage. No mods or custom work. excellent condition and well-cared for. Asking $50k delivered anywhere between Bend, OR and the Bay Area. Fire away with any questions! Specs: 2020 All-Wheel Drive Performance 9000 miles...
  28. 2020Reset

    Model 3 Performance 2020 For Sale

    Upgrading to a Model S - Asking $55K - San Diego CA Specs Long Range All-Wheel Drive - Stealth Performance All Black Premium Interior - Matte Fiberglass Upgrades Midnight Silver Metallic Custom Wheels - Avant Guard wheels - M520-R Dark Graphite Metallic 19" Michelin Sport AS/3 Tires –...
  29. T


    I took these off my 2020 Model Y Performance at 10,000 miles. OEM 21" Uber turbine wheels with Pirelli tires (FULL SET OF 4). TPMS included. $2500 including shipping. All tires have minor blemishes on them that I have taken photos of. Please take look at each photo. Each rim are identify...
  30. D

    Model 3 in 1 Lap Of America - team PGR!

    My Tesla buddies are flexing a Model 3 in the 1 Lap Of America, 'charge them up' with some support on their social media! ;-) team PGR - Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuSfUFJFjP7dyJC06F5OOMA team PGR - Insta https://www.instagram.com/teampgr1/
  31. fastp3d

    Tesla Podium at Global Time Attack *Video*

    Happy to report my 2nd place podium at Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow. I competed in Enthusiast class which limited my setup but was still a great challenge. My tires were one of the biggest limiting factors. I was restricted to 255 with a minimum 220 tread wear. I also needed to include all...
  32. N

    WTB: Model X P100DL w/ 6 Seats - FSD Preferred but not Required.

    WTB! I'm looking for a Model X P100D with Ludicrous, preferably with FSD, but it's not a must. Less than 30K miles, clean title, no accidents, repairs or stories.
  33. S

    FS New 20” Model 3 Performance Uberturbines Wheels

    Took delivery of my Model 3 and will be switching out the rims for a different set. The wheels will be coming off my car tomorrow afternoon. Zipcode is 92694. Looking for $2,000 for the whole set. Please note that listing is for the wheels only.
  34. D

    Tesla only vehicle

    Good afternoon, I ordered my first Tesla, a Model Y, a few days ago. Been reading a lot on this site about performance issues, fit and finish issues, as well as flat tires causing Tesla’s to be out of commission for days in some cases. My concern after reading all of these comments is am I...
  35. Persfoto

    My Delivery Of my Model 3 Performance inside the Tesla factory

    Last week they delivered my 2021 model 3 Performance car from the Tesla Factory in Tilburg. A great experience. I made a short video of it including the ride inside the factory. The video can be found here My Model 3 Performance Normally you are not allowed to film or photograph inside, but...
  36. Persfoto

    Video Aflevering van mijn M3P 2021 in Tilburg

    Ik heb een filmpje online gezet van de aflevering van mijn 2021 model 3 Performance in de Tesla fabriek in Tilburg. Aflevering Auto Je mag in de fabriek in Tilburg niet filmen of fotograferen, maar ik was als beroepsfotograaf mee met Elon Musk en Minister Kamp. Elon vroeg aan mij waarom ik...
  37. K

    Dyno/Road Tests for All Models/variants

    Hi, just out of curiosity, has anyone compiled a spreadsheet or something similar of all of the various Dyno results and 0-60 times? I'm not just talking about the latest and greatest "Dyno breaking" ones, but one that has all models like the S60 vs S85, RWD vs AWD, Model 3, etc? It's tough to...
  38. Persfoto

    Vlug mijn Uberturbine velgen beschermd

    Er kwam een agenda punt voorbij bij ons fotopersburo. Andy hoe bescherm je de nieuwe Tesla Uberturbine velgen. Ik werk zelf als auto journalist / fotograaf voor de grote media bedrijven en TV. Dus na wat zoekwerk kwam ik uit bij Alloygator. Strak en bijna niet zichtbaar als je de juiste kleur...
  39. S

    21” Model Y perf wheels. 95125

    San Jose ca Removed at 500 miles and only 1 car wash! the inside lip of the rims that were on the drivers side of the vehicle got the grey shaved off. TPMS included. center caps included. Can deliver or meet you halfway, within reason. “Within reason: to be defined as containing over 10% ABV”
  40. Kbra

    2018 Performance Model 3, FSD, 36k Miles, Plus Upgrades

    $47,000.00 Located Atascadero, CA 2018 Used Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Performance. Deep Blue. Black. Full Self Driving. $35,500-miles. $47,000. Atascadero. California 36k miles Long Range All-Wheel Drive Performance Deep Blue Metallic Black Premium Interior Llumar tint on all around Chrome...
  41. M

    2021 Model Y 21’’ Überturbine Rear Wheel Like New $500

    Selling 1 Rear Wheel it was removed with the car having only 40 miles on it..No damage no curb rashes. $500 This listing is for Wheel and Center Cap only...NO tires NO TPMS Thanks
  42. MattAndLou

    (3) Model 3 Performance Tires For Sale SoCal

    Hey All Had an insurance claim where they just replaced all 4 tires. These only have 10k easy miles. I say easy because I took pics of the new and old and I can’t tell the difference in tread wear. Was going to save them, but I really don’t have the space in the garage. Thought I’d pass...
  43. K

    Odd tire wear on M3 Performance

    Hey what’s up! Hope everyone seeing this has been doing well. I thought I’d ask some of you experts here, but I have a 2018 Model 3 Performance. I got the tires replaced last year with original Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (all 4 replaced at the same time). On year and 7k miles later my tread...
  44. W

    FS: M3P 20” Wheels/Tires (Silver) Orlando FL $1750

    Just as the title describes, I have a set of OEM Model 3 Performance 20” (Silver) wheels (square setup). These have about 20K miles and are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (235/35/20). Two of the tires have ~6.5/32 remaining (9.5/32 new, so 50% life left) and the other two are...
  45. Adrian Cockcroft

    Free track mode telemetry viewer

    Creating this thread for discussion of the tool, announcements of updates to it, and sharing results at different tracks. For those of you who have Model 3 or Y Performance cars with track mode, the car saves telemetry files and videos. In my spare time over the last few months I've written an...
  46. F

    WTB: Unplugged Performance Mild Lowering Springs FOR Model 3 LR RWD

    as the title states im looking for UP mild lowering springs for my LR RWD Model 3. I'm located in Toronto, Canada so it would be nice to deal with someone local. If you're not local still message me see what we can work out.
  47. C

    M3 Performance after updating to 2020.48.12.1

    My 2020 Model 3 Performance is feeling a lot faster after 2020.48.12.1 - anyone else?? is it in my head? :eek:
  48. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla "T" Plaid Stickers!

    Somebody's getting ready for the rollout next year, LOL. Found this on RedBubble. When I get mine, gonna order a few, for the rear side windows. :)
  49. C

    WTB: Zero-G Referral Wheels +34 offset

    Looking to buy a set of new Model 3 referral wheels for around $3500 shipped (make an offer). Needs to be +34 offset, not interested in the +40 offset.
  50. S

    WTB: Tesla Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Hello! I am looking for a Model 3 Performance OEM spoiler. New condition would be preferred. I am in the Los Angeles area. Thanks!

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