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Solar Roof

  1. T

    painting fascia boards covered by solar roof

    I am in the process of painting the exterior of the house that currently has solar roof installed approx. 2 years ago. Are there an roof anchor points on the solar roof where the painter can safely secure himself? If not, what are other options? There are aluminum flashings around the edges...
  2. T

    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    I have a 15.1kW Solar Roof that was powered on March 1, 2021 in a West suburb of Chicago. My peak production in my first summer was about 13+kWh and I was able to store some credit for winter. Once winter hit, my production was virtually nothing and I ate through my credits before December. In...
  3. S

    Tesla Solar Roof Shingles for sale

    Hello fellow Tesla Solar fans! I am in a unique situation and I'm thinking this is the best place to post this - I apologize if this is the wrong place. I had a Tesla Solar Roof installed in December 2020 and I am currently in the process of having an addition put on my house. As a result, the...
  4. MontyFloyd

    Do you want Tesla to offer Solar Roof option on their cars?

    Do you want Tesla to offer Solar Roof option on their cars? After all, skip the middleman and go direct from sun to moving. HUGE caveat: the amount of energy gained is tiny compared to what a EV uses to move, its usefulness will be very minimal. On the flip side, the Solar energy collected will...
  5. andy.connor.e

    Are there any contacts for escalating solar progress?

    I've had my solar roof installation completed 9 weeks ago now and Tesla reps literally will NOT send the job completion document to my utility so i can fill out the net-metering form. Utility is waiting on the document before i can get the net-metering form, and need net-metering form before i...
  6. UncaNed

    Considering a solar roof. What about snow removal?

    Is there a good way to clear snow? My region only gets snow a week or two on my solar panels, so it's not a huge concern, but still it drives me nuts, those solar panels sitting there useless under 2" of snow for a couple days at a time.
  7. M

    Solar Roof Panel Sample?

    Hello everyone, I am looking to get a Tesla solar roof. However, my HOA needs to see a solar roof sample before they approve. No one that I know has the tesla solar roof. Do the Tesla stores have the sample? Or has anyone gotten the solar roof in Sacramento? thank you,
  8. heems

    My Solar Roof Journey

    Am going to journal my experience with our Solar Roof install in this thread. Context: Ordered back in Feb 2020. Then Covid hit and the permitting process with the city went dark. Eventually around September the permits came through and Tesla scheduled the install start date for 11/5/2020...
  9. M

    Tesla Donates Solar Roof to Buffalo Heritage Carousel

    so cool that these are just made down the road, nice work Tesla!! Tesla Quietly Donates Solar Roof to Buffalo Heritage Carousel - TeslaNorth.com
  10. E

    Solar Roof - Texas - HOA declined

    Hi All, HOA declined our solar roof last week and I was wondering if anyone had any experience around this? Not sure if it's worth appealing or just cancelling the order. The reason given was that the roof has to be "weathered wood" asphalt even though there's a clause for solar shingles and...
  11. tropical1

    Solar Roof Florida

    We got a system design for a Solar Roof install in the Tampa, FL area. The final design is a 26.55 KW system with 4405 sq ft of roof. Total cost is 95,011.14 without any power walls (Cost breakdown below). Our dimensional shingle roof is near the end of its life so we need to replace the roof...
  12. S

    Solar Panels or Solar Roof?

    I've been struggling with this for months. I'm absolutely an over analyzer and have been driving my wife crazy by waffling back and forth on the two options below: Context: Just bought a house, roof is in bad shape, installing solar in Southern California. South face roof with a slope...
  13. friday80s

    Financing limitations on a solar glass roof for new construction

    I'm in the early planning stages of a house rebuild and we're considering a solar glass roof right from the get go. Our objective is to cover the cost of construction through a construction-to-permanent loan, where when the construction is done, this loan rolls over into a traditional mortgage...
  14. TMC Staff

    Tesla: Giga New York Built 4 MW Of Solar Roof Last Week

    Tesla hints at the capability to produce enough Solar Roof tiles for up to 1,000 homes per week. Tesla boasted yesterday that its Giga New York plant (also known as Gigafactory 2) built 4 MW of Solar Roof tiles last week. We assume that it’s the total volume, produced at the plant in Buffalo...
  15. Ty_McMahan

    Time for Tesla to Show Some Proof for the Roof

    Tesla’s solar business got some shine last week when the company reported an increase in deployments and the launch of a new version of its solar roof. “So all in all, the roadmap for energy products from solar, Solar Roof, Powerwall to Megapack is super exciting, and I expect Tesla Energy to...
  16. TMC Staff

    Walmart Sues Tesla After Seven Solar Rooftop Fires

    Walmart is suing Tesla after solar panels at seven stores allegedly caught fire, according to a court filing. Walmart also claims Tesla “routinely deployed individuals to inspect the solar systems who lacked basic solar training and knowledge.” “Tesla’s personnel did not know, for example...
  17. R

    Tesla now RENTS solar panels

    FYI - Tesla just announced a new monthly rental program for home solar panels. 3 levels - $50, $100, & $150 per month. Not a lease - Tesla handles all installation costs. Maybe car charging systems and power walls are next logical rental step to help generate solar use? Tesla launches...
  18. TMC Staff

    Blog Report: Low Demand From Tesla Sends Panasonic Solar Cells Overseas

    A report from Reuters says most of the solar cells made by Panasonic at Tesla’s Buffalo, New York manufacturing plant are being sent to the Philippines to supply an eco-homebuilder. Reuters reported on May 15 that Panasonic planned to ship most cells from the plant overseas because of low...
  19. G

    A Guide To Tesla Energy

    I wrote up a guide to distill my thinking around where Tesla is today, and where they need to go in order to make Tesla Energy an impactful business line. Would love to hear your thoughts! Tesla Energy And Elon Musk's Sustainable Future
  20. woferry

    New Solar Install

    Hi. Been following this forum for a few months now, decided it's time to make my first post. Tesla just finished my roof work on Tuesday, city final inspection is scheduled for next week, and then there's the wait for PTO from PG&E. So there's still at least a few weeks before it will be...
  21. TMC Staff

    Tesla Begins Solar Roof Ramp Up At Gigafactory 2

    More than 800 workers are now full-time employees at the Buffalo Gigafactory 2 location Led by Ryan Nungesser – the top level on-site employee – the Buffalo located Gigafactory 2 is ramping up production to fulfill all the Tesla Solar Roof orders after months of delays and several production...
  22. Bebop

    Early Access Token for Solar Roof

    Just got this referral prize but I have no use for it. This gives you early access priority solar roof installation. NOT solar panel, solar roof. Asking $500 or Trade for a Kids Model S code.
  23. Q

    Should I maintain my roof for $1800 or wait for Solar Roof?

    Hi all, I live in North San Jose, CA my roof size is roughly 2000 sqft recently I had a roof check with eastmanroofing.com and they said I should do a roof maintenance for $1800 to fix cracks and debris, etc. I always want to install Solar roof, but you know, Tesla is SLOW on production...
  24. J

    Free* Tesla Solar Roof Token

    Hi there, I just found out that I missed the updated referral by a day, and instead of being able to get a nice black wall charger, I instead get a Solar Roof token instead. My roof doesn't need to be replaced for many years, so willing to give this to someone. Would love to trade for a...
  25. J

    Want to buy Tesla Solar Roof token

    Hi there! I am looking to buy a Tesla Solar Roof token from the referal program to move up in line. Can anyone help me? Best Regards Jeppe
  26. ElectricTundra

    Tesla Solar Roof does not meet 2014 electrical code ?

    Two different people from two different solar companies who both sell Tesla Powerwall have told me that Tesla Solar Roof does not meet the 2014 NEC and so cannot be installed in states that have adopted 2014. However, California has adopted 2014 and I believe Ohio has as well which are the two...
  27. B

    [email protected] Email?

    Hey, I sent an email to the above address about wether or not the Solar Roof could go on a multi-family building. Still no response. Should I keep waiting, send them a follow up email, or something else? Also, if you have an answer to my question please comment below! Thank you
  28. S

    Referral Solar Roof up for grabs

    All I'm now up to 3 referrals and only about 100 days to go. Really keen to get my hands on a PW2, so if anyone waiting to place an order is interested in my early access to a Solar Roof token (not in my hands yet though...) in exchange for using my referral code then I'd be very happy to...
  29. P

    Buy a Model S or X, get a free Early Access Token for Solar Roof

    For those who aren't familiar with the Tesla referral program, one of the prizes that Tesla offers for a referral is an Early Access Token for Solar Roof. While I think the Solar Roof is pretty cool, I just don't need a new roof and am happy to give the token to someone who uses my referral link...
  30. jhm

    Tesla Solar Roof

    I suggest we have a tread for more detailed discussions of the Solar Roof product. TMC discussions have revealed that consumers may have difficulty properly valuing a solar roof. Consequently, Tesla investors may well have difficulty valuing this product line as well. So there is much that needs...
  31. Raindog1

    Get Elon to discuss Climate Change with Donald Trump! Petition

    Donald Trump claims that he will surround himself with the best people.... if that is true then he needs to meet with Elon Musk to discuss Climate Change. If you haven't already you can check out the petition at change.org; Donald Trump: Get Elon Musk to meet with Donald Trump and discuss...
  32. joefee

    Poll: Will you eventually buy Tesla EV, Powerwall and Glass Solar Roof?

    Will you eventually buy Tesla EV, Powerwall and Glass Solar Roof?
  33. AssortedBread

    Tesla's "solar roof" Event - Hosted at Universal Studios

    Tesla’s ‘solar roof’ event will be live-streamed from Universal Studios on Friday, more hints from the invite Thoughts about the upcoming event on Oct. 28th? Hoping for quick discharge abilities for the new Powerpack 2.0 so that you can get a days worth of miles in 10-15 minutes.