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  1. C

    charging adapter

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a used 2021 model Y and it didn’t come with its supercharger adapter (for no Tesla chargers) can someone point me to where I can purchase one? I see a lot of aftermarket options available and just want to make sure I get the right one. Thank you!
  2. yurmix

    NACS / SAE J3400 to NEMA 5-15 adapter?

    I’m trying to find a solution to charge my e-bike in the garage. I could get an electrician to alter the small circuit box feeding my Tesla charger, or find an appropriate adapter that will convert to a NEMA 5-15. I found this adapter but it is not NACS, it is J1772. SUSUTOO J1772 to Nema 5-15...
  3. jonathanslam

    Expired FS: Tesla Gen2 5-15P and 5-20P Adapters [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS: Tesla Gen2 5-15P and 5-20P Adapters. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. S

    Any ideas for charging between these two?

  5. F

    Newbie question on adapters: Is there a Tesla brand NACS-to-J1772 adapter?

    With yesterday's announcement of the Universal Wall Connector coming in October, I was thinking of returning the regular Wall Connector that I got two weeks ago (still new in box). I've owned a Model Y Long Range for just under three weeks now and we've been fine with using the Mobile Charger...
  6. wooter

    Expired Tesla CHAdeMO adapter [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla CHAdeMO adapter. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. S

    Want to buy: 14-30 Adapter Gen 1 UMC

    Looking to buy a 14-30 adapter for GEN 1 Tesla Mobile Charger. Please give me a reasonable price $ and I'm ready to buy. Or I can even trade a Gen 1 5-15 adapter, but most people have that one already for it.
  8. A

    Charging using 32amp CEE and mobile charger

    It looks like if I purchase the CEE blue adapter, my mobile charger which came with my MYLR, would go from the rather pitiful 1kW to 2kW charging rate up to 7.4kW, by using a 32amp https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/blue-adapter---16a_32a- The question I have been unable to get answered is...
  9. F100D

    Anyone in Southern California with an old CHAdeMO adapter just gathering dust?

    Hi all! I'm finding myself in a frustrating situation in which, for stupid logistical reasons, I can't get the charge port on my 2017 MS 100D updated to support the DCFS adapter at this time, nor will I have a home charger installed for another 3-4 months (waiting for particular incentives to...
  10. A

    Model 3 Not Charging with Siemens vg2 charger

    I recently purchased a 2023 Model 3 and to my surprise it won't charge with my Siemens vg2 charger. I had this charger previously installed (and it works) with my other EVs, but when I try to charge my Tesla with a J1772 adapter, it errors, returning "Charging equipment communication error." I...
  11. O

    Tesla Chademo Adapter - Brand New

    Brand new, Tesla Chademo Adapter Never used, box opened for inspection. Asking $550 shipped within USA. International shipping at cost.
  12. C

    CCS adapter availability

    I’m wondering if anyone else is having difficulty purchasing a CCS Combo 1 adapter from Tesla. When I go on the Tesla website through a browser, the adapter seem to be in stock and available to purchase. When I click on the link, it takes me to the store through my Tesla app and the charging...
  13. S

    Wall connector adapter

    Hello, is there an adaptor to charge my e scooter from Tesla Wall Connector? There is J1772 to NEMA by a Californian company. I dont have an electrical outlet in my condo parking but only my 3 Gen connector. Thanks a lot
  14. D

    Why can't I charge through the Type2 to J1772 to TPC multi-adapter?

    Hi I tried to convert the V3 Type2 WC connector to J1772 first, and then connect the original J1772 to TPC adapter to charge the Model 3. But the charging indicator is red and cannot be charged. What is the problem? Do I need to add any protocol or resistor? The ECU on my car is Gen4...
  15. L

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    Has anyone here ever tested out Using an Internal SATA SSD via USB to SATA III adapter (for dashcam/sentry)? It seems to me that, in theory, this should be the ultimate solution for performance, durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. I can only find one person (has a tiny 98 views...
  16. K

    Looking for the right adapter for 240v 30amp

    Hi guys, I have this 240v outlet in my garage and looking for the right adapter. Does anyone know which one it is? A link or would much appreciated
  17. B

    Want to borrow: J-1772 adapter in Whistler

    I’m staying at the Whistler Hilton and they only have a J-1772 charging station but I forgot my adapter at home. The supercharger at the fairmont is behind a paywall! $7 just to access the parkade to charge??? #!%$& Can anyone in Whistler please help me out and loan me a J adapter for a couple...
  18. S

    NEMA 14-50 adapter and receptacle

    I have a NEMA 14-50 adapter and the receptacle for sale. Tesla brand adapter Hubbell 14-50 receptacle Both have never been used, found out too late that I can not use them at home. Selling both for $100 plus $10 shipping.
  19. B

    125/250v outlet

    Hello, all: I just found a spot where I can charge my car at work, but I need an adapter for an outlet that’s 50A, 125/250v. I saw an adapter on another car today (see pics). Any recommendations where to get this adapter? Thanks!
  20. T

    Supercharger adapter for US SPEC to EU superchargers.

    Slightly used supercharger adapter for US SPEC Teslas to use in the EU. I've used it several times over the past couple years. I'm moving back to the states so I no longer need it. Part is in Germany, near Nuremberg. I can meet in person near there if you would like to try before you buy. I'm in...
  21. bman325i

    CCS1 to Tesla Adapter by Lectron/Sentec

    List Price: $600 Location: Los Angeles, Ca area NO SHIPPING. LOCAL PICK UP Accept Venmo, Apple Pay, Cash, Zelle CCS1 Adapter to Tesla, Max Output while hanging = 50kWh. Only used a couple times. Firmware updated to most recent software since 01/2022. It works, just don’t need it since...
  22. R

    Need Tesla Charger Adapter

    I’m visiting my family In Hanford CA and desperately need a charging adapter. I will pay up to $200 for one. Thank you!
  23. M

    14-50 Amp Adapters and/or sockets for Australia

    How to make this work in Australia?!!..... (got me stumped... even the Tesla recommended electrician I called couldn't advise) Just bought my first Tesla (Model 3) this week. I'm on the Sunshine Coast... Australia. I have seen that in the USA you can just have a Nema 14-50 socket installed by...
  24. Guacahummus

    Sold FS: Chademo Adapter - DFW

    Selling my Chademo adapter for $375 local pick up in DFW, or can meet in Austin, Houston, OKC, Tulsa or anywhere in between DFW and those areas. Willing to ship as well.
  25. M

    Chademo Adapter For Sale SF Bay Area

    FS: Selling new in unopened box CHAdeMO adapter. $450 plus shipping. Michael
  26. Canada_dude

    Calgary area - NEMA 14-50 Adapter (new, unopened box) for sale

    I thought before I return it back to Tesla for a refund perhaps someone in Calgary might want to buy it and have it right away instead of waiting weeks for FedEx to deliver it. I have a new unopened box containing the NEMA 14-50 adapter. To charge your Tesla with a Gen 2 NEMA adapter. Simply...
  27. N

    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter Brand New For Sale

    I purchased a CHAdeMO Adapter off the Tesla website, but needed one sooner than the estimated delivery date and was able to buy one at the service center instead. Figured I could just return the one I ordered online when I got it, but unfortunately was not aware of the ridiculous 25% restocking...
  28. derdzyan

    Tesla Gen1 mobile connector wall side wiring diagram

    Hi I bought from Ebay a gen1 UMC and didn’t notice that its wall end adapter is cut. So now as I'm far away from the US and received it I need to figure out how to refurbish it. I see there are two thick red wires which are L(+), two thick black which are N(-) and green-yellow which is G...
  29. S

    Chademo adapter

    Selling a used Chademo adapter (I only used it 2 or 3 times). $300 + shipping (if you aren't local). I am in the Los Angeles area. Also listed some other items for sale (please check those out if interested).
  30. jjs357

    Using a Prius Prime custom cable setup with my MY -- temporary

    I traded in a 2020 Prius Prime Limited for a Model Y. I had a Prius forum member make a custom cable pigtail that plugged into my NEMA 14-50 50A 240V receptacle and ended in a 5-15 socket. The two blades in the plug were wired to the two sides of the socket providing 240V. This worked because...
  31. L

    NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Hey guys, it seems that the NEMA 14-50 adapter sold on the Tesla website is out of stock. Does anyone know how often these adapters get restocked? Or is there some third party adapter that I can buy? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  32. Z

    Germany - Supercharger Adapter for US built M3?

    Does anyone know if there is an adapter for the USA mfg M3 so it can be charged at a European Supercharger?
  33. R

    Tesla not charging, please help!

    My 2019 M3 has been charging on a 6-20 connection for about a year. Over the weekend, I noticed that it stopped charging (see picture). It says it was getting 0/mph, 2/16 amps, and 245V. What does that mean? Does it mean that my Tesla 6-20 adapter is bad or is it more likely something wrong...
  34. Ostrichsak

    Looking For UMC Gen I Tesla 6-50 Adapter

    Needs to work perfectly and be well-cared for. No issues or quirks. PM me to discuss price but I'm not looking to pay new prices for a used adapter because I'll go buy a new one if this isn't going to save much money. I'm looking for lowest offered price under $30 via PM.
  35. samuelffrancis

    Mobile Connector for PHEVs?

    Maybe it's the boredom of quarantine or my pure 'enthusiast like' fanboy curiosity, but I've always wondered (again just for kicks) if a Tesla Mobile Connector would work on charging my 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Plug in Hybrid at my current Level 1 (trickle charge) rate and with the proper...
  36. sniperside

    FS: Tesla J1772 Charging Adapter, SAE J17 [Like New] $65

    For sale is a new Tesla J1772 Charging Adapter. Used only only a handful of times. $65 nationwide. You pay the shipping. Message me for Venmo, Cash or PayPal (friends and family) Enjoy the most charging options of any EV owner on the road with the SAE J1772 adapter. Compatible with most Level...
  37. Xa4Tesl@

    charging your car in Sweden: compatible charging cards?

    Hi, Shout out to all swedish Tesla drivers or anyone with experience of driving their Tesla in Sweden. We will be traveling in South to mid Sweden (up to Lofsdalen, Jämtlands län) this May. Given that there are few SuCs in the area we'll need to charge from public charging stations. I currently...
  38. W

    CHAdeMO Adapter For Rent in Vancouver

    We have a CHAdeMO adapter and decided to offer other Tesla owners in the area to rent it. It gets around 30kW which is nice if going on a trip somewhere without superchargers around. Pick up can be arranged in either Richmond or downtown Vancouver. Please PM for rates and availability.
  39. bpjones

    FS: J1772 Adapter

    Selling a Tesla OEM J1772 adapter for use at Level 2 chargers. $65 shipped nationwide. DM for Paypal, Cash App, or Venmo info.
  40. T

    Are there any aftermarket J1772 adapters out there?

    I assumed J1772 adapters would be a dime a dozen and thought I’d just grab a couple extras from Amazon. It turns out I cannot find anything online, other than the OEM Tesla units. At $95 they seem way overpriced. There are a few on Ebay for a little less but they’re still pricey. Is this not a...
  41. Shemp

    J1772 Adapter Storage?

    Where do you all store your J1772 adapter? I use mine frequently as I charge at work (free).... I've been storing it in the little well on the left side of the trunk area, but I find it clumsy to open the trunk and charger port, each time, not to mention when it's raining or snowing all the...
  42. U

    TESLA GEN 2 5-15 Adapter(Free Shipping)

    Brought the wrong adapter, thus selling it at $30.
  43. M

    Car coming before my NEMA 14-50 Adapter.

    Hey all. Tomorrow I will become a proud M3 owner. I am thrilled, as well as surprised that my order will arrive a week+ early. The issue here, is that my 220V NEMA 14-50 adapter won’t arrive for a week or more (I’m told). Are there any other solutions for me that you would beyond charging...
  44. U


    Looking to sell used 5-15 Gen 2 adapter at $35 with shipping.
  45. Triumphz28

    For Sale: The Law Removable Front License Plate Bracket for Tesla Model X TorkLift Central -No Drill

    The Law Removable Front License Plate Bracket for Tesla Model X TorkLift Central - works with Autopilot $115 with shipping to lower 48. Payment via Venmo or PayPal friends and family. Excellent Condition Message me direct if you are interested. Don't get pulled over put that front plate on...
  46. C

    X items

    I have three X items to get rid of. I have a trunk liner from Tesla (the all weather one) and a NEMA 10-30 P adapter for the Tesla charger, and a center console magnetic charging tray. Details available upon message to [email protected]. Tesla bought my X back on lemon and I am moving on.
  47. MorrisonHiker

    New, Unused Gen 2 14-30 Adapter for Model S 3 or X

    I was cleaning out the garage today and found a new, unused Gen 2 14-30 adapter from Tesla. We use wall connectors and don't need this mobile connector adapter. Charge at up to 22 mph on a Model 3 using a regular dryer outlet. Stock photo: $30 shipped. PM with any questions.
  48. J

    Best adapter for this plug?

    Hello everyone, Last week I went to one of my local ski resorts an they have a few spots for electric vehicles with charging. The only problem is I was only able to connect with the 120V plug since they only had one other option I hadn't seen before (it is worth mentioning that I have never...
  49. srs5694

    J1772 holster adapter

    If you happen to have a J1772 EVSE that you want to use with a Tesla, and if you or somebody you know has a 3D printer, you may be interested in this holster adapter I've designed: J1772 to Tesla holster adapter by rodsmith It enables the J1772 holster to hold a Tesla charge plug (or, more...
  50. friday80s

    Is it OK to let the charging port door close over an unconnected J1772 adapter?

    There aren't enough charging stations to parking spaces at work so we usually park near a station and rely on coworkers who have finished charging to unplug their EV and plug in whoever's next in line. The stations are public level-2 EV-Connect stations which require the J1772 adapter to be left...