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  1. L

    Model Y Center Console Sliding Tray Jammed

    Ugh. I bought one of those sliding trays for my center console and now a pen or something has jammed the tray it in the shut position. I've tried countless tools but the angle is too odd and I can't release it. Does anyone know if it's possible to pull off the top of the forward center...
  2. S

    Evannex Model S Center Console For Sale

    Hey everyone, I have an Evannex Model S center console for sale. Tan leather with matte obeche wood. It's in excellent condition-not a scratch on it. Purchased for a 2016 Model S but I believe it will fit 2012-early 2016 models. Would like to get $250 plus shipping. Located in GA. Venmo or Paypal.
  3. L

    MY Jan 21 Center Console

    MY Jan 21 center console not the “2021 model y slider console”. It is matte black but does not have the sliding console feature. Can anyone please advise what may have happened?
  4. Beta V

    Built-in Credit Card Safe

    I went to KFC last night and laid my credit card on the console instead of unbuckling and slipping it back into my wallet. Big mistake. While driving home on Autodrive (at 40 mph), Angel (my Model X) decided to abruptly brake when a car turned in front of me. Yes, the other car was well out of...
  5. TMYB-C1

    New Tesla Shop Item - Model 3/Y Center Console Trays

    I do not believe I have seen these in the Tesla Shop before Model 3/Y Center Console Trays The listing even includes mention to a “Refresh Console and Pre Refresh Console”
  6. J

    MY with new console spotted today

    I was at the Rocklin showroom today and noticed several Y's with the new style console. All of them still had the old style headlights.
  7. T

    2021 Centre Console Insert - yet?

    Hi, Has anyone found anywhere that's managed to scan the new centre console interior yet and get an updated insert into the market? The new position of the USB-C ports means 'old' ones aren't ideal. And of course I have no idea how the overall dimensions have changed too, if at all. C
  8. A

    6 Seater with Center Console

    This might be a dumb question but, has anyone been able to order a 6 seater with center console off-menu recently?
  9. ShawnA

    LED, Ambient Center Console or LED, Glove Box - Do yours work???

    Hi Roadsters, I was reading the Roadster Parts Manual and I saw the "LED, Ambient Center Console" listed. I can feel it with my hand under the gear selector buttons on the console. I am sure it does not work. The LED in the glove box does not work either... Do yours work? Do you have a better...
  10. D

    Removing center console from executive rear seats

    I just bought a 2015 P85D with executive rear seats. When I was looking at it, I mainly just checked that the windows and doors worked and didn't even think about that there wasn't a middle seat. If I can get the center console out then I can put my child seat there and then I would still...
  11. jobiggs24

    Black/Gray Evannex Console

    Bought in Dec 2018. Gray leather with Piano Black. Asking $275 plus shipping from NY 12159.
  12. Avendit

    Centre console/phone tray squeak - solution

    Since I've had the car there has been an incessant squeak from the phone charger drawer when driving. The accepted solution seems to be to apply some foam, or padding or felt here: My gut told me this was not addressing the root problem tho. Pulling the tray up as far as it can go lets you...
  13. skyline

    Vendor Help us test new Tesla accessories!

    Hello TMC! Skyline is hard at work on some exciting new products for the Tesla community! So far, the feedback has been amazing for our Model 3 Sunglasses Mount! Tesla owners are telling us that they love our intuitive, custom designed solution to storing your shades in Model 3! If you...
  14. B

    Improvements on my new ‘used’ P85D

    Hey everyone. I finally pulled the trigger on my ‘new’ used Model S and it is a beauty! It’s a 2015 P85D, loaded to the gills. I actually think it has every option Tesla offered at the time, including rear facing jump seats, panorama roof, alcantara dashboard and carbon fiber trim. I’m thrilled...
  15. BromerS90D

    FS - Tesla Rear Console: Black & Obeche Gloss

    OEM rear console in perfect condition. Includes original box. $425 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego.
  16. A

    M3 Console Cupholder with WiFi

    Selling Console Cupholder part with WiFi module for $70 There is scratch shown separately which you can easily wrap with vinyl or you might be interested in wifi module only and don't care about the rest.
  17. T

    Kenriko Console Wrap Tips

    Hey Tesla Club! New to the forums, veteran to forum lurking. Recently got my '18 LR DM and am IN LOVE. Purchased a few wraps for the logos and interior, but ran into EXTREME frustration when attempting to do the cup portion of the vinyl wrap. Any experienced ones who've had success? I've...
  18. R

    Console freezes when switching from radio

    So I got my model 3 two days ago and noticed today that when I switch from the radio to streaming on slacker (I select "Todays hits") the entire console freezes and becomes unresponsive and after a couple of seconds the music will also stop playing, the only way to fix it is by restarting the...
  19. H

    2015 Yacht Floor & Floor Mats

    2015 Model S Yacht Floor and Arm rest assembly. Best Offer Front floor mats - Good condition, however the Velcro tabs are missing or not in good condition. Best Offer Buyer to pay shipping
  20. H

    Center Console

    I am interested in purchasing a Tesla center console for my 2015 Model S in Piano Black.
  21. TD_alseT

    What mods have been the happiest with?

    I'm jumping right into a few basic mods and wondering what you guys have done that you are REALLY happy about. There is an incredible number of model 3s in my areas. I definitely need something to make it feel different. This is currently on my list: Calipers - Paint/decal Interior lights...
  22. M

    Pre-facelift model S center console

    Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a center console for a 2015 P85D. I would like it to be with the carbon fiber trim. Thank you!
  23. T

    Suggestions for fixing a rattle in console....

    The shelf (phone dock) for charging phones in the middle console rattles. I may just stick a penny between it and the wall of the console, but has anyone else had same problem and come up with a better way to fix it?
  24. Ruby Red

    Bling and more bling

    So while I wait for my new Model 3 to be repaired, it's going on 2 weeks now, they pulled out the dash and part of the console. I've been staying busy redecorating!
  25. Kenriko

    Using Butcher Block Conditioner on the Wood Trim.

    Length | 3:25 TLDW 1) I apply the conditioner 2) Gibberish 3) After a few weeks I go over the results 4) Makes the wood color deeper with a satin finish and should provide protection 5) Might build up over time due to the wax in the product 6) Overall I'm happy with the results 7) Closeup of...
  26. Kenriko

    Favorite Model 3 Console Wrap Material

  27. K

    Knee pain, need to buffer/remove center console

    Picked up the X today, did a 3 hour drive home. Amazing drive, but couldn't ever find a good resting spot for the right leg/knee. I'm a wide dude with a wide stance. Sitting too close and my knee was hitting screen, too far back and it was resting on the hard console. Ideal solution may be to...
  28. Beta V

    Console Design--Seriously?

    I've owned Fords, Toyotas, Buicks, Pontiacs, Acuras, an Infinity, and a Lexus--over 30 cars in the last sixty years. Except for my Model A Ford, all of them had better-designed center consoles than my Model X. Okay, it is what it is. Surely someone has figured out how to keep whatever's stored...
  29. fasteddie7

    Official type c installation

    I saw Tesla finally came out with an official type c charger for the s/x! I got one and installed it easy peasy! Made a video for everyone, as if you do need to change the charger port in your console do to getting a new phone, it'll help as each one install the same!
  30. Jetson

    Model S (and X?) Original Rear Seat Console / Cup Holders / Storage

    If anyone is looking for a rare original made by Tesla rear console, they don't make these anymore, here is one: Tesla Model S X Original Rear Seat Console, Arm Rest, Cup holder with storage | eBay
  31. Olds442

    I customized a used Evvanex console.

    i recently purchased this console for my P85. but since my car has a carbon fiber dash, i needed to put in some elbow grease. from this. to this! i used VVIVID matt carbon fiber off amazon for like, $10. i did have to disassemble the unit to do this, which wasn't easy as one of the...
  32. Haxster

    WTB: Model S Dash & Cup Holder Decor Trim Pieces

    I'll be wrapping the panels, so any decor style is okay.
  33. E

    WTB Premium Center Console v.1

    Looking for a new or like-new Premium Center Console. Please send pics/offers to [email protected]
  34. MTBHXC

    Evannex Center Console Insert (Tan Leather /Matte Obeche Wood)

    Selling for a friend, gently used Evannex CCI in tan leather and matte obeche wood trim with cubby drawer. Paid over $750 new, asking $570 shipped.
  35. MTBHXC

    Evennex Model S Console- Tan/Carbon

    Selling an almost new Evennex console. Just recently upgraded to the new style Tesla console so parting with the previous. I've had this for about 6 months and worked great for my needs. Tan leather and real carbon fiber. No installation required, just slides in. Paid over $600 new shipped to my...
  36. MTBHXC

    Piano Black Tesla Front Console

    I'm selling a gently used Model S console. Great condition, includes android docking cable. Asking $600
  37. BobinBoulder

    Where do you put your change?

    Dumb question, but where do you throw all of that extra pocket change in your Model S? Doesn't seem to be a place for it in the console. The charger area would just slosh around and block the charger, and the cup holders.... Just no. Was thinking of buying a small leather box or something...
  38. jellybeans

    Dead Space In the Front Center Console

    Hey All, I got my new S 70 yesterday. While settling into my new car, what hit me the most was the surprising lack of storage space when compared to my old Passat: No front door storage. No arm-rest storage. (What's in there any way?) No seat-back pouch storage. No rear door storage. No rear...
  39. David29

    "No Man's Land" in the center console

    Has anyone else "lost" anything in their center console? I have the Tesla "premium center console" offered until the Model S began to have the redesign version as standard equipment. After thinking I had lost something in the car and then finding it in the console, at least I now know where to...
  40. Tico

    WTB Center Console for Model S Piano Black

    I'm looking for a center console to match my piano black interior. Thanks in advance. Tico Colorado Springs
  41. rickgt

    Phone charger slot in console

    I read that the Model X charger slot has "guides" to make it easy to dock the phone on the charger plug without having to look and fumble around. Any chance this would be available as a retrofit for Model S console???
  42. dhelmly

    Why no pictures of the dash and front console layout?

    Am I missing a thread somewhere? No pictures of the dash and front console on website or picts from last night? Looks more or less the same as Model S? At CES the steering wheel had advanced touch controls like a small iPod screen. Did these make it into production? - my guess is no.
  43. travwill

    Center Console Wait/Timing?

    I know this topic has been touched on before, but it seemed more like from 2013. I'm expecting delivery of a new D 70 in mid to late June. I really would like a center console so I ordered the Tesla premium center console from the gear online site. They just sent me an email to confirm it was...
  44. P

    Active Center Console (Arduino)

    Hi, I have plans to make a center console with some active features for close/open compartments, rising/lowering phone holders or cup holders and maybe some LED's if I can find a way to do it without making it to look to "flashy" or "bling". My thoughts are to use a Arduino as control. I don't...
  45. wcalvin

    Door storage space needed

    Most cars that I have owned had a number of storage nooks that the driver could reach. The ones in the doors were big enough for a half-dozen magazines, though I usually used them for maps and trash. My Lexus also has a nice dropdown sunglass compartment in addition to one near the CD; it has a...