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Built-in Credit Card Safe

Beta V

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Nov 8, 2017
Redmond, WA USA
I went to KFC last night and laid my credit card on the console instead of unbuckling and slipping it back into my wallet. Big mistake.
While driving home on Autodrive (at 40 mph), Angel (my Model X) decided to abruptly brake when a car turned in front of me. Yes, the other car was well out of the way and there was no way Angel could have hit it--it wasn't even close. But I digress. As a result of the sudden stop, the credit card safe was activated. I looked down and the card was gone. I waited to get home before I started to search for it and subsequently discovered it had slid forward along the top of the console lid and lodged in the black hole behind the console. I had to pull off the flooring and the console wall to get to it. After considerable effort, and a few cut fingers, I was able to use a long "grabber" tool to get my card back. Not fun.

So my question is, does anyone have a suggestion as to an elegant way to block off this one-way-deposit slot so other items do not disappear?
Here is a nice you tube video that shows you how to pop the cubby!
Thanks SO much for taking the time to record this video. My Model X is almost the same age and I can see how easy it is to get my credit card back.
That said, I have a friend who has four (yeah four) 3D printers and is always looking for fun projects. I think I'm going to have him print me a custom baffle to keep the credit-card-eating monster's mouth muzzled. ;)
Maybe this will be helpful for other people, but I keep a money clip with credit cards and some cash etc. as well as another clip of less used credit cards and other shopping carts etc. I keep this in the upper cupholders. They fit perfectly. Obviously I don’t use these cupholders. Honestly they are in a horrible spot at least in my 2017 model X. Not sure if they changed it. Then I covered by sliding the armrest back forward. I have been doing this for years never had an issue.

Now the bottom Cupholder is a little bit on the low side but honestly much more comfortable and afterwhile like I used to it.…
I have this mount for the phone\tablet. The legs of the mount go into that slot and prevent stuff from sliding under there.


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