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  1. Flaximus

    Available FREE Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers for PICKUP in NYC area

    I have THREE sets of Model 3 18" aero wheel covers for free, just pick them up from me in White Plains, NY. I believe two of these sets have seen very few miles, probably under 500, maybe even under 50; the third might have around 10K miles. Please DM me.
  2. Ostrichsak

    Took Delivery of MY LR in Colorado, No Gratis Mud Flaps & PPF?

    I'm curious what the deal is with this. I read some saying that some regions get these items installed gratis. Some said their MY had them installed already at delivery while others said that their SA informed them to schedule in the app to have them installed as they didn't have the parts at...
  3. P

    Is Tunein supposed to be ad-free?

    Is Tunein on the Model 3 supposed to be ad-free? I'm referring to actual Tunein ads, not ads or commercials from local radio stations. I can't recall exactly but when I first got my Model 3, I don't remember hearing any Tunein ads either at the beginning of audio play or during audio play. Also...
  4. N

    FREE - Michelin Sport 4s Summer Performance Tires 235/35/20

    I’m giving away a set of tires previously used on my Model 3 Performance (2020). Great summer/track option for someone with 20 inch wheels. They have about 10k miles on them and are in good shape. I sold the car and no longer need them. First come, first serve! 40 Twin Circle Drive...
  5. .FP.

    Driver side headlight - 2020 Model S - Free

    Up for grabs is a used headlight (driver side) from a 2020 Model S Long Range Plus LED 1053570-00-F. This headlight was working perfectly when removed. There is damage to the rear housing and there is a crack in the lense. The tabs seem to all still be in place. See photos below. Local pick...
  6. R

    FREE (Pasadena, CA) Model 3 accessories - 2 Tesla emblem puddle lights (blue), 2 blue interior lights and front floor carpet mats with "TESLA" logo

    As the title says, for FREE I have 2 Tesla emblem puddle lights, blue color, 2 bright blue interior lights and front carpet floor mats with the "TESLA" logo on them. Pulled from a 2018 M3 I purchased from CarMax, previous owner left these in and I swapped them out for standard lights and all...
  7. K

    Anyone looking for OEM Floor Mats or Front License Plate Mount?

    I have a brand new set of OEM Floor Mats that are just taking up space. We switched to an aftermarket set so the OEM ones are brand new. I have no need for them and would give them away, you just pay shipping. Same thing with the OEM front license plate mount. I live in FL and we don't need it...
  8. J

    RPM Tesla Rear Skid Plate for 2018 Model 3 Dual Motor $00.00

    Couple months ago, I put RPM Tesla Front and Rear Skid Plates under my 2018 Model 3 Dual Motor. Fit Great! Front nice and quiet. Rear, amplified motor noise and road noise too much for me. Purchased a new OEM Fabric cover from Tesla for rear and installed today. Nice and quiet again. I have...
  9. jstuder

    Freebies For Community Member - Pay It Forward

    I just took delivery of my 2021 Tesla Model Y here in Georgia. Of course during the wait, I ordered a ton of accessories. I have two mainly that I don't need and rather then return them, I figured I would pass them onto a community member here. I won't ship them due to the cost, but am...
  10. Red Rocket IV

    Free accessories for Model 3 - Dallas

    Free if you pick up Dallas area Front and rear Tesla trunk mats Rear sub trunk organizer Heat shields
  11. ElectricIAC

    Model 3 1yr free SC for deliveries through 6/30? Details inside.

    Anyone else get this text?
  12. N

    Free 2 Years Supercharge?

    I signed for and picked up my Model 3 on September 27th. I called and they said I should get the charging on October 1st. Is there anything else I need to do on my end? Some folks seem to already have it and based on prior experiences with Tesla customer service everyone seems to be informed...
  13. CFrolander

    Ordering a Model X with the free +Ludi option

    So I talked to someone at my local center and he told me I should place an order for a Model X Performance without Ludicrous and that he will then put in a request to add it as a free feature. I did that yesterday, and I got a notification today that my change request has gone through, and they...
  14. Amit519

    6 months of free supercharging with any Tesla order

    The referral program was updated again tonight to include 6 months of free Supercharging for ANY Tesla order placed between Sept 19 and Oct 19. This includes the new midrange M3, long range M3, Model S and Model X. Wow! Feel free to DM me if you would like to use my code (against TMC rules to...
  15. E

    2016 Tesla Model S 90D Loaded with AP lease transfer $1090

    The color is Titanium metallic, great condition, never had any problem with the car. It's loaded with almost all upgrades. Took delivery in June 2016, it was a floor model with 3700 miles at the time. It has 18900 miles now. These are the official options for this car: Model S 90D All Wheel...
  16. Advicebox

    AutoPilotshould be free (for now)

    So who else thinks Tesla should suspend charging people for AutoPilot, at least until the feature is out of Beta, and some of the controversy over the feature blows over? I just posted a write up discussing the arguement for free AutoPilot. Maybe if enough of us sound off Tesla will listen. I'm...
  17. Gabzqc

    Nordic Brakes System for Model S

    Was browsing one of many blogs on Model S and Tesla that I follow, this chap from Norway has been upgraded to a special Nordic Brakes System free of charge... "Tesla Motors had developed a special cold climate braking system (also called Nordic brakes system), which is needed in Norway of...