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  1. dwahl

    Project Highland Ideas

    Update the Interior Headliner and Pillars to Black Fabric so that it matches and blends better with the colors on the door, dash, steering wheel, center console, floor, and the rest of the interior. The current Grey color doesn't match well and becomes dirty very easily. The grey interior is...
  2. Michael Sant

    Headliner glue

    Is this "within spec" for a headliner? passenger rear side headliner is nice, only maybe 3mm gap, but the left side drivers rear side is about 8-12mm and shows this black adhesive. I was going to cut off the adhesive with a blade.
  3. S

    Model 3 Black Headliner, White Interior, Ingenext Ghost & More for sale

    I have the following for sale: Ingenext Ghost for Model 3 to make your 0-60 3.1 Sec $1400 Model 3 White seats,dash,door,cards swap $1000 Model 3 black alcantara headliner $1000 Uberturbine wheels $1900 Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler & matte black spoiler $150 I am located in NH and can ship...
  4. D

    Tesla Model S 2018 dakbekleding

    Beste leden, Erg blij met onze Tesla Model S 2018. Alleen vinden wij het jammer dat de interieur dakbekleding beige is ipv zwart. Zijn er mogelijkheden om dat zelf te vervangen of bij de Tesla service laten vervangen? Heb contact proberen te nemen met Tesla alleen zijn ze erg moeilijk te...
  5. S


    Can someone help me verify something about the headliner? From the rear seats, both sides (driver and passenger) looking up and forward I see what looks to be tape underneath the fabric part. Does anyone else have this?
  6. J

    Rammels, tikkende geluiden achter "rear headliner" Model S

    Ik ben eigenaar van een 2018 juli Tesla Model S. Al een tijd heb ik last van rammels, tikkende geluiden, die onder de hemelbekleding aan de achterzijde van de auto zitten. De auto heeft nog garantie. Is 4 x in het SC in Rotterdam geweest recent voor dit probleem. Maar de lieve mensen daar...
  7. Electric Steve

    Stuff Tesla fixed today

    Writing this up in case anyone finds this interesting or useful. I had a slow leak in my front left tire. It wasn't that slow; took maybe a day or so to drop after I pumped it up to match my other tires. But it also didn't drop more than about 7 PSI before it stabilized. Tesla said it was a...
  8. W

    Current Raven Cream Interior Headliner

    I'm aware that Tesla got rid of the matching headliner color material for the cream, but they still appear for some new inventory model x, almost like at random. I've seen a few inventory models in the past with a cream headliner against an all black interior as if someone at production just...
  9. super20g

    Broken Headliner? Anyone had it replaced?

    While having other delivery issues fixed, service is attempting to replace a broken headliner. Service said they have ordered and received at least 3 in the last month for my car while it has been in the shop and each one has arrived with the same damage. They said they replaced it with the...
  10. F

    Poll: Light or Dark Headliner for Black Ext & Int?

    We're going with all black (obsidian, black leather, carbon fiber upgrade, and black 22" wheels. We were originally going to do the light headliner to give a sense of more open space inside. It will be for 75D. However, my husband noticed that for the P100D, they don't give an option for the...
  11. Seagee

    Tan Headliner & Interior Trim Set

    Swapped out my Tan Alcantara headliner and trim for Charcoal. Selling the following complete upper trim kit in Tan Alcantara : – Headliner – Headliner Cross Beam – 2 x A, B & C Upper Pillars – 2 x Sun Visors & Clips ––––––––––––– 10 Pieces Total Parts came out of my 2015 85D with only 18,000...
  12. L

    Guide: DIY Interior Refresh Project - Beige to Charcoal

    I've had my S85 for a few months, and I already had the itch to make some changes, so I figured I'd try my hand at changing the interior pieces from beige to black. I had posted a thread asking for a more detailed guide how to remove the headliner since a few folks on the forum had done it, but...
  13. Evanmagic

    Looking for Pics: Tan Nappa Leather w/ Standard Headliner, NO Sunroof

    If anyone has a Tan Nappa Leather interior with the Standard Headliner (tan) and NO Sunroof, I would love to see pics! I am waiting on my car to arrive, and I want to show my wife this interior...and I can't find any online! Anything you have would be really appreciated! Thank you again!
  14. rfmurphy81

    Retrofit to Black Alcantara Headliner?

    Hi everyone, When I ordered my Model S, it came with the standard White Alcantara Headliner as I didn't want to upgrade to the Premium Interior Package to get the black (and the rest of the items in that add-on didn't seem worth the value). I'm now wondering if it's possible to retrofit the...
  15. F

    Alcantara Liner

    Anyone else noticed that when they switch the ordering page to the AP2 version Alcantara headliner have become a standard option now instead of part of the PUP? Just wondering anyone had a recent delivery of the X/S with AP2 without the PUP. Did you get the Alcantara headliner or the regular...
  16. E

    Aftermarket headliner change

    About two months ago, I excitedly built my model S through the website, somehow missing that grey seats and cream white headliner don't mix. I badly wanted to completely change the interior, tan seats, wood decor, black headliner on a titanium metallic body. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to :(...
  17. dwebb66

    Light or Dark headliner with Black Leather Seats

    I am one of the lucky 10,000 Production reservation holders that have been invited to configure. So far I have decided on all of the colors/options EXCEPT for the headliner. I am looking at the black leather seats, but I am having a hard time deciding if I want to 'lighten up' the interior or...
  18. Mark Z

    Signature X Seat, Belt and Interior Colors

    Signature X Seat, Belt and Interior Colors w/visuals This topic is to assist the Signature Model X buyers with the seat color and other color choices. Please do NOT discuss seat movement, as there are other threads for that: Will the second row seats fold flat? If so, how? Model X...
  19. SeminoleFSU

    Products that are safe for cleaning headliner

    Hello folks, Quick question. Does anyone have a recommendation on a product that I can use to clean the non-alacantra (standard) headliner with? I put a large coffee on the roof today, which slipped off the roof and fell into the car (OMG) and splashed everywhere, including on the headliner...