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  1. W

    Available Eibach PRO-KIT Lowering Springs (Model Y)

    $265 OBO - Prefer local pickup in OC/LA area but can ship at buyer's expense Only had these on the car for <300 miles, wife did not like it so we went back to stock. Can provide original receipts if requested. Fits Model Y Long Range and Performance SKU: E10-87-002-01-22
  2. R

    N2itive Camber and Toe arms - Model S/X - Brand new

    Going a different route. No longer need. Brand new never installed. Currently on backorder $1500 obo plus shipping
  3. R

    Unplugged performance lowering brackets - 2020 Model S

    Like New. No longer need. Fit 2016.5 to 2020 Model S with air suspension 450 obo plus shipping.
  4. DC813

    Larger tires to fill gap without lowering the car? 2022 M3P - Vossens HF-2

    As the title says, I want to reuse my Vossen wheels without lowering the car but want larger ties to fill the gap... I'm TERRIBLE with tire size calculations. I had the below setup on my 2020 stealth and had all KINDS of suspension issues when I lowered the car. Now, I have a 2022 MP3 and I...
  5. G

    Socal: 22 Model S - Lowering links, Spacers, All weather mats, game controllers

    I am in Socal. I just sold my 22 Model S Long Range. These parts were in my car for 6 months. 1. Unplugged Performance lowering links- Fantastic option, with the links the suspension was on low when "medium height" was selected on the screen. Handled great. $450 2. Adaptec Billet aluminum 20mm...
  6. oggunderscore

    FS: Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Linear Lowering Spring Set - Model 3 RWD

    Heya, looking to sell this extra set of springs. They have approx 5k miles put on them. I already have MPP Coilovers on my Model 3, and these came in as a bundle with the purchase from the previous owner. These Mild springs are meant for Model 3 RWD (SR, SR+, LR RWD) (2017-2023) Original...
  7. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP / TeamPGR Project Plaid

    Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a great week! We've been meaning to make a Plaid journal for a while - so while we're a bit late, it's better late than never. For those are you that are eager for the latest updates, we are usually posting to Instagram. Let's get started! A quick...
  8. tom @ eas

    Vendor ▀▄ eas | KW Variant 3 Coilovers now available for Tesla Model Y - IN STOCK

    KW V3 Adjustable Coilovers have landed for your Tesla Model Y and are now in stock at EAS! https://europeanautosource.com/products/kw-suspensions-v3-coilover-kit-tesla-model-y Lowering Front Lowering: 1.0" to 2.0" Rear Lowering: 1.0" to 2.0"...
  9. Danthebeast

    Eibach lowering springs for model 3 AWD/Performance slightly used for 200 miles

    Eibach lowering springs for model 3 AWD/Performance slightly used for 200 miles located in Southern California, San Diego still have them in box asking $320 will post pictures later
  10. R

    FS: Model 3 Performance MPP Comfort Coilovers (Non-Adjustable)

    Selling my Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers (Non-Adjustable) that I had on my Model 3 Performance for ~4 months. Looks and rides better than stock. Only selling because I'm selling my car. Looking for local sale in the bay area. $1500 obo. Thanks!
  11. Kirill

    2021 Model 3 LR: My Latest Build

    This thread will be updated regularly showing the progress of my latest build. Here's a photo from delivery day, June 10th:
  12. S

    Wanted: TSportline lowering springs (Maryland)

    I'm looking for a set of lowering springs for a Long range AWD. Preferably on the east coast. If the deal is right, I'd pay shipping.
  13. MountainPass

    Vendor Hurry Up And Wait Coilover Sale!

    Hello dear MPP friends! We hope everyone is doing well in these strange and unprecedented times. As we mentioned in our last blog post, our damper supplier KW is currently in the process of making a massive upgrade to their facility in Germany, which will allow them to increase output speed...
  14. derichio02

    Model 3 AWD Performance Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

    Hi All, I have a brand new set of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for the Model 3 AWD Performance. New never used, asking $225. Located in northern SoCal but willing to drive and meet halfway.
  15. Z

    For sale: H&R Lowering Springs Model 3 Performance

    Ordered 2 pairs by mistake. I installed one set (image below) and never opened the second set. 1.2” lower front and rear H&R part #: 28659-1 $275 shipped
  16. MountainPass

    Vendor NEW: MPP Model 3 Comfort Adjustable Coilovers RWD/AWD!

    Our newest suspension line introduced in April 2020! You asked, we listened. It is clear that many of our fine TMC members prioritize quality and comfort over all else, so after testing the waters with a hybrid version of the Sports kit, we have committed to a fully retuned version that will...
  17. Z PYD

    FS: BRAND NEW Tsportline Model 3 Lowering Springs Performance/AWD

    Selling a BRAND NEW set of Tsportline Lowering Springs for Model 3 Performance/AWD models. Brand new and never used as I'm trading in for Model Y and never got around to installing. I paid $350 + shipping. Tesla Model 3 Sport Lowering Springs Asking $300 picked up, buyer pays shipping...
  18. _richard

    Ft Bumper Looking HOT AF - Splitter review..

    Ok, so I've been wanting a lower splitter for a while now just to bring the nose down and get a bit more aggressive, and finally found something I like. I was VERY dubious, since its one of like 3 i've found out there, and I wasnt completely sold on the 3 piece situation (it comes in 3 pieces...
  19. arty

    How to lower a Model 3?

    I just got a text from Tesla saying my model 3 will be ready in 2 weeks and I'm getting some mods lined up for the car. I purchased a bunch already like the charging pad and center console wrap. I'm wondering what springs is the best to lower these cars? If you guys have photos of your model...
  20. S

    Lowering the Tesla Model 3

    Has anyone lowered or is considering to lower their Model 3? Keen to get thoughts, experience, recommendation on product and installers. I'm not serious about doing it right now (I've had my Model 3 for less than a month), but i've been doing some research on springs and would consider going...
  21. R

    For Sale: Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs for Model 3 (Moderates)

    I am currently selling the set of springs (4 in total) of the Unplugged Performace moderate lowering springs meant for RWD LR, MR, and SR Model 3s. The springs are slightly used as they have been put on for about 3 weeks. The springs have less than 1,000 miles on them and they are still in very...
  22. bwherry

    Cete Automotive Active Suspension Control for Model S (smart air suspension)

    Hi guys, While I was researching wheels for my Model S (because wheels...) I found a thread with a wheel style I like installed on an Audi S8 and in the owner's post he mentioned that his car was lowered with the "Cete lowering module" - and I was all like, "WTF is the Cete lowering module?" So...
  23. S

    Eibach Springs on LR vs SR+

    Looking to lower my SR+. The Eibach spring seems like the better choice for me as I want slightly lower (approx. 1") and stiffer than stock. I couln't find the SR+ application on the Eibach website, only the 2017-2018 long range application. The LR car being approx 200lb heavier, I suspect the...
  24. scubastevo80

    Spring Install - North Jersey

    Does anyone have a shop recommendation to install a set of Tsportline springs on a dual motor Model 3 non-P? My springs continue to sit in my garage. I reached out to 4 places in NJ recommended on other forums that typically do work on BMWs, Porsches, Audis, etc and here were the results...
  25. E

    Lowering - UP Mild & Moderate

    Hi all, i'm really stuck between the UP Milds and Moderates. I really want better cornering but I am worried about ground clearance issues associated with the moderates. There have been a lot of scattered postings in various threads, but I was hoping this could be a place to share photos and...
  26. S

    Suspension Height - P3D vs. P3D+ vs. RWD

    I received my P3D without performance package at the end of July. When parked next to RWD cars at the delivery center, it was pretty obvious that my car was lowered slightly (when I ordered it, the performance upgrade package did not list lowered suspension as an upgrade). I'd be curious what...
  27. EVS Motors

    Vendor *NEW* For Sale: Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs for Model 3 (Moderate Version)

    I have brand new Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs Sets (Moderate) for sale for the new Model 3. These are currently out of stock on the site! Version: Moderate – For Sports Car Drivers (Best Seller) Target Use: For Tesla Model 3 owners who desire well balanced improvements to handling...
  28. TriggerBanger

    Issue with Lowering Brackets by Unplugged Performance

    Hey X Family, First of all let me share that they (David) were great to work with. Here is my situation: My mechanic buddy just installed the kit. After all was installed , I lowered it to very low and it did lower but then went immediately back into Jack Mode. The X wouldn't get out of...
  29. TriggerBanger

    Has Anyone Tried/Used This Lowering Link?

    I'm looking to potentially lower my X and I am going through all the available options. I've read about Unplugged Performance's version. Has anyone used: TESLA MODEL X EVOLUTION LOWERING KIT / LINKS / MODULE | eBay They have solid feedback from Audi, Mercedes, etc drivers. Thanks, JC
  30. TriggerBanger

    Has Anyone Tried/Used This Lowering Link?

    I'm looking to potentially looking to lower my X and I am going through all the available options. I've read about Unplugged Performance's version. Has anyone used: TESLA MODEL X EVOLUTION LOWERING KIT / LINKS / MODULE They have solid feedback from Audi, Mercedes, etc drivers. Thanks, JC
  31. BLKMDL3

    How much does it cost to wrap a car in vinyl?

    Hey everybody, I was considering model x in vinyl. Maybe satin army green or satin black and lowering it with Unplugged Performances lowering kit. Does anybody know how much it costs. If you had yours wrapped could you post pictures? Thanks Zack
  32. R

    How to lower the car with standard coil suspension

    Does anyone in Hong Kong know where this can be done? I bought a set of springs from T-Sportline but unfortunately it doesn' t work very well as there is some funny sound from the springs whenever the car goes pass some big bumps on the road...
  33. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline Model S Lowering Springs

    Our springs are under development, and your opinion is very important to us. We want to know what sort of ground clearance the masses want.