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  1. M

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV - can I use same tires on both and back ?

    Hi I am planning to get new summer tires and considering these Michelin Pilot sport EV The thing is that they has one size for 21 rims : 255/35/21 And I had before a 245/35/21 front, and 265/35/21 back Is it ok if I place same tire size on fron and back axel ? thanks
  2. L

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Model Y. Blue with White Interior. Selling to buy Model X to have 6/7 seats. Lots of add ons: 20” black KMC Wheels + Michelin Tires - $2000 OEM Tesla CF Wing - $1000 Avery Denison NR Nano Ceramic IR Tint 35% sides and 50% windshield - $750 Trunk and Cargo Mats All...
  3. SirLaz

    2020 M3P 20" Performance wheels (Satin black) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    Selling my 20" Performance wheels off my 2020 M3P purchased in September 2020. Wheels are powder coated satin black. All 4 wheels are 100% clean, no curb rash or nicks. Comes with the OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, rear tires were recently replaced and have about 1k miles on them, front have...
  4. T

    Best tire size? 18x8.5” wheels.

    I’m wondering what alternative (from oem) size tire is the best fit for essentially the oem aero wheels. Performance and aesthetics are my main concern, and I doubt a slightly wider or narrower tire is going to have a huge effect on range. I just bought some nice Martian wheels for my ‘21 M3...
  5. Leeon

    Vossen HF3 wheels and tire set Model 3 $3000

    Staggered setup of Vossen HF3 Gloss Black 20x9 +32 20x10.5 +45 on Michelin A/S 3+ 245/35F 285/30R They have about 90% tread. Will fit any model 3. Original price $2900 for wheels and $1100 for tires. Total $4k. No curb rash or scratches on wheels. $3000 OBO. Willing to ship. Will include TPMS...
  6. G

    FS: Vorsteiner VFF 107 wheels w/ Michelin Pilot 4S tires

    Hi everyone, I have for sale a set of Vorsteiner VFF-107 wheels and tires package. "The 107’s mesh design is a modern take on the classic mesh often seen in 70’s and 80’s era motorsports scene. Our modern take is an alternating mesh that combines two five-split spoke designs creating the mesh...
  7. KeltekNW

    2021 Model 3 Performance wheel swap

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance wheel swap Matte Black Tsportline 19" TST Flow Forged Wheels 245/40R19XL Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ I purchased the following parts directly from Tesla to complete the wheel swap. 4- Bluetooth TPMS sensors $75ea 4- TPMS nuts $0.50ea 4- Black on black center...
  8. dwahl

    NITTO MOTIVE - Longer Life & Lower Cost Alternative to Michelin MXM4 Tires?

    The Michelin 235/45R18W MXM4 Tires that came Factory on my Model 3 needed to be changed after just 25,000 Miles. The MXM4's cost about $330 to replace per tire, or $1,320 for 4 tires. A tire shop in Arizona recommended the Japanese NITTO MOTIVO 235/45R18W tires as a less expensive alternative...
  9. C

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    When it's time to change out the OK but not great OEM Michelin tires at 44k miles for my Model 3 LR AWD, I was going to order the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 3+ since I had that on my GTI and really liked it. However the Pilot AS4 was listed as available in a week on tirerack.com so I went...
  10. C

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    When it's time to change out the OK but not great OEM Michelin tires at 44k miles for my Model 3 LR AWD, I was going to order the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 3+ since I had that on my GTI and really liked it. However the Pilot AS4 was listed as available in a week on tirerack.com so I went...
  11. Tony_YYZ

    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 launched July 1, 2020

    Hi All, It looks like the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tire has launched recently. Are any of you looking to grab a set? I can’t find any reviews of them yet but have been keeping my eye on this one. It looks to be the successor to the Pilot Sport All Season 3 tire. I really liked that...
  12. B

    Michelin Cross Climate for Model X?

    Like a lot of folks, I am less than pleased with the OEM Continental tires on the Model X. I will need new tires by the end of the summer and am thinking about Michelin Cross Climate tires. These would be for 3 season use since I have dedicated snow tires for winter. I believe this is a...
  13. R

    FS: Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/35ZR21

    I have a single Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/35ZR21 available for sale (was for my 2016 P90D which I no longer have). Never mounted, original sticker still on tire. Current list price on TireRack.com is $350, willing to entertain any offer, you pay UPS shipping costs for delivery.
  14. S

    For Sale: 19" Matte Black Wheel and Tire Set

    Barely used and in excellent condition. 19" TST (Tsportline) wheels and Michelin Primacy tires. Fit a Tesla and other cars with a bolt pattern of 5x114.3. Tires have 10,869 miles and have a warranty of 45K miles. Have pictures and receipt attached. New the set costs ~$2,600. Priced to...
  15. D

    FS: Michelin Primacy MXM4 245/45 R19 Tires (Model S Takeoffs)

    For Sale: Michelin Primacy MXM4 245/45 R19 Tires About 13-15k miles on them. No repairs, all pass penny test, (see photos). Were taken off the stock 19" rims from my old Model S. Local pickup in Portland, Oregon metro area. Will deliver for free within a reasonable distance. No Shipping...
  16. S

    BRAND NEW Tesla Model 3 Wheels OEM with Michelin Tires

  17. M

    Model 3 Performance Tires 2 (Michelin PS4S 235/35/20) SoCal

    Up for grabs I have a pair (2) of performance model 3 tires. These are the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires with about 50-60% life left. I want to keep these as spares but will sell for room in the garage. Measures at 6/32 for both tires. These are acoustic and ready to be mounted with no damage...
  18. Zcd1

    New wheels - TSW Ohm 20" - designed for Teslas!

    After looking at my car on my summer set (Stance SF03), putting the OEM wheels with winter tires back on the car for winter was a real let down. Don't get me wrong - the OEM 20s are nice, but I wanted something a bit more unique. When I bought the Stance wheels, they were one of the few forged...
  19. jrc91

    Performance Model 3 gray 20" wheels and tires for sale (brand new)

    I have some Brand new gray 20" wheels and tires that were pulled off my 3p once it was delivered. I will be picking it up on February 21st and traveling from Nashville to Colorado Springs. If anyone is interested I can stop anywhere in between. $2500 for the set.
  20. R

    Set of 4 OEM 18" Aero Wheels and Michelin Tires

    4 OEM 18" Aero Wheels and Tires Includes rims, aero hub caps, and Michelin tires with less than 300 miles on them. I had them on for less than a week. TPMS is not included. Asking $1000 Located in Sun Valley, CA (LA Area) local pick up.
  21. F

    In Phoenix: 99.9% new OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires full set Model 3 Tesla

    I am selling a full set of 4, basically new OEM tires, Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires, with only 30 miles of use. The only use is going home from the dealership and to my local tire shop the very next day for removal. I just wanted a more summery tire living in Phoenix. These are the...
  22. R

    Model S Winter Wheels/Tires/Chains (Rial Lugano + Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL) - SF Bay Area

    There is snow in Tahoe! 4 Wheels + Tires + Chains Mounted and Balanced Almost new (5 trips to Tahoe). 19x8.5 Rial Lugano 245/45R-19 Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL Lugbolts (20) TPMS sensors (work without any issues on my P85D) I had those on my Model S but I now have a Model X and these do not seem to...
  23. P

    New Matching Set Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 98W XL

    I'm offering the Michelin tires that came on my new Model 3. They have less that 85 miles on them. I' plan to use the rims for winter tires. So those are not available. I want to sell them as a set for $549.00. These are located in Eastern Massachusetts.
  24. R

    FS: Winter Wheels + Tires (Rial Lugano + Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL) - SF Bay Area

    4x 19" Wheels + Tires Mounted & Balanced 19x8.5 Rial Lugano 245/45R-19 Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL Lugbolts (20) TPMS sensors (work without any issues on my P85D) I had those on my Model S but I now have a Model X and these do not seem to be a good fit for the X. I've gone to Tahoe 5 times with...
  25. C

    Problem w/ Goodyear tires and "shimmy"/vibration on new s p100

    I just took delivery of a new 2019 Model S P100 (not raven) with 19 inch wheels. I traded in a 75 D and upgraded to the larger battery. MY OLD CAR had 46K miles and Michelin sport pilot 3 tires on it. I had purchased a used certified one from Tesla directly. Now 8 months later traded it in...
  26. Ostrichsak

    New Take-off 21" Staggered Sonic Gray Turbine Wheels And Tires For Tesla Model S

    Basically brand new set of wheels, tires, OEM Tesla center caps and 2nd generation TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors) from a Tesla Model S. These are as close to brand new as you will find w/o the $6,000 price tag the brand new set would come with from Tesla or the 4-6 week wait. These are...
  27. TM34M

    Tires for a 19x9.5 +35 square setup on a P3D+?

    What tire size should I get for a 19x9.5 square setup on my P3D+? Replacing stock 20”s, bent wheels due to pothole only after two months of driving. Jersey roads. 265/35/19 265/40/19 255/35/19 255/40/19 Also, are 19x9.5 +35 the right setup for the performance model 3? i.e better than the stock...
  28. JWardell

    FS: individual OEM 18" Model 3 tires Michelin Primacy MXM4 New England

    Original 18" tires from my aero wheels, happy to sell individually, $100 each with 1000mi of use (I replaced them with snow tires) Prefer meeting within an hour or two of Boston. Currently all 4 are available These are $235 new on TireRack...
  29. Triumphz28

    Qty 4 - 21" inch Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires For Sale - Tesla Model S and other Vehicles (3 + 1)

    Qty 4 - 21" inch Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires For Sale - Tesla Model S and other Vehicles (3 + 1) NO TEARS / NO PATCHES / EXCELLENT CONDITION Quantity 3 - Michelin Tires - Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires - 245/35 ZR / 21 (2 tires measure about 7/32nd and 1 measures about 6/32) - 9/32nd is...
  30. I


    I have 2mm left on the front tyres and 4mm on the rear. Looks like 4 new tyres soon! However, when I checked them, thinking they may be the originals (39500 miles), i discovered the front pair are Michelin and the rear Pirelli! To be precise: 245/45/R19 102 Extra Load Michelin Pilot Soort 3 MO...
  31. archon810

    New Tesla Model S 21" Arachnid wheels/rims (silver) with sensors - $2900

    Location: Montclair, CA (Oakland, CA). Pick-up only, not interested in shipping, sorry. PM me if you want it. For sale are 4 brand new Tesla Model S 21" staggered wheels in silver, with sensors and Tesla logo wheel caps. I can arrange for a free installation at the Dublin, CA Amador Plaza...
  32. T

    21” Turbine Wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

    21” Turbine Wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires Wheels: 21x8.5 ET 40 (square set). All 4 wheels have small bends in them. Repairable by any reputable tire shop if needed, since they still run fine. Curb rash present mainly on 1 wheel, but others do have a few small nicks here and there...
  33. R

    Michelin PSS staggered tire set

    I am selling s new set of staggered Michelin PSS tires. Located in Los Ángeles prefer local pick up, but we can negotiate shipping. Asking for 800 for the set brand new Two 245 and two 265
  34. I

    NJ - 4 Michelin OEM Take-off Tires MXM4 235 45 18

    These are takeoffs from a new Model 3, driven under 150 miles - tread is the full 8/32 that the tires begin their life with. The tires were dismounted by the Tesla Service Center, foam liners per factory. Date codes 6/18 , located Central NJ, pickup only. $600
  35. E

    21" Arachnid Wheels - Brand New Michelins - 3000

    Have some brand new 21 inch arachnids for sale. 245/35zR21 Located on the Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo Pick up only. Thanks
  36. P

    Set of 19" Base Wheels and Tires with TPMS

    I recently bought a CPO 2015 MS and then moved from MA to FL. With the move to FL decided to upgrade to 21" wheels. The wheels are 19" base, original to the car, have ~46,000 miles on them and show typical wear and tear for that mileage. The tires are Michelin Primacy MXM4. Two of the...
  37. aikisteve

    Had to review my opinion on "silent" tires

    About 6 months ago I reviewed the Continental Contisilent tires and measured the noise they generated versus the regular Michelin tires, without the foam padding. It turned out to be only a 1 dB difference, which is barely audible. After putting on foam padded tires on the Arachnid rims, I...
  38. Tesl@ Bargain

    245/35R21 front & 265/35R21 rear tires - Deeper meaning behind this and can it be changed?

    The rims (in my case 21" Arachnids) obviously are the same, but the back wheels came with a wider tire. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport Acoustic is not a specific EV tire and my guess is that the wider rear tires are just supposed to provide a better wheel grip for RWD sports cars (clearly not an...
  39. Ketchups

    OEM 21" Turbines SILVER w/NEW Pilot Super Sport tires

    I have a complete square set of four Silver Turbine wheels+tires that were removed right after vehicle purchase and they are in as NEW condition with as NEW Michelin Pilot Super Sport 265/35-21 tires, 2017 manufacture and 10/32 tread. OEM Gen 2 TPMS included. "as new" because I drove them off...
  40. Ketchups

    OEM Michelin Primacy mXm4 tires 19" one pair

    2015 manufacture, 6/32 = 60% tread left. $200 cash picked up for the pair.
  41. ipryor

    FS - 19" Rial Lugano in Gunmetal and Michelins

    Hi Everyone - I have a couple spare parts that have been sitting in my garage and I figured I would offer them up here. Here is what I have 2x 245/45-19 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 with about 5,000 miles on them. Tires are in great condition and unmounted. 1x Rial Lugano Wheel in Gunmetal -...
  42. AndreyATC

    Model X 20 inch OEM tires - Michelin Latitude Sport 3

    Selling OEM take offs with few miles on them These are comfort tech OEM tires with foam inside 255/45/20 front 275/45/20 rear Price is $800 for set of 4 This is half the price of new from TireRack I will ship at buyers expense (should be fairly low rate)
  43. 209California

    FS 4 Michelin Pilot SuperSport 245 35 21

    Had to downgrade my wheels so no longer have a need for these tires, I will try and get better pictures posted but this set has about 7k miles on them. No holes or punctures in them. One of them was replaced so one will have much better tread then the other 3. Welcome to message me with any...
  44. MTBHXC

    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Staggered Tire Set 245-265/35/21

    Selling a full set of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires for M-S with staggered 21s. Just over 8/32 tread left on the fronts and 8/32 on the rear, new tires are between 9-10/32 so still plenty of life left. No plugs, patches, or damage whatsoever. Asking $500
  45. M

    Winter Tires for P90DL - Alpin 4

    I live in CT where the pilot a/s 3 oem tire will get me stranded somewhere in a hurry when the snow starts flying. I've long been a fan of the Michelin Pilot Alpin 3 on previous cars and the latest generation Alpin 4 is now available in a size close to our 245/45/19. There is a Porsche...
  46. MTBHXC

    245/45/19 Michelin Primacy MXM4

    I have a set of 4 245/45/19 Michelin Primacy MXM4 with 8/32" tread and 1 with 9/32 that's patched but holds air perfectly, could be used as a spare. Brand new these come with 9/32" and Tesla recommends replacement at 3-4/32". PM me to negotiate price and shipping costs.
  47. MTBHXC

    Michelin, Continental, and Pirelli tires 245/35/21 & 265/35/21

    This is what I have in 245/35/21.. Continental ContiSportContact 5 ContiSilent (foam lined inner) 4 with 8/32" tread 2 with 7/32" tread (1 patched but holds air perfectly fine) Continental ExtremeContact DW (non foam) 1 with 8/32" tread 1 with 10/32" tread Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 5...
  48. J

    FS: 19" Michelin XI3 on Graphite Lugano w/TP

    Selling a set of four Michelin XI3's with Graphite Lugano wheels and tire pressure sensors. Used half of one winter season and then put in storage, so practically brand new. No rash and perfectly straight. Sold car so have no use for the tires anymore. 19x8.5 Graphite Silver Rial Lugano...
  49. R

    Rial Lugano + Michelin X-ice + something else...

    This is one of my winter wheels - Rial Lugano fitted with Michelin X-ice... and a sleepy newborn! You should know that no baby was harmed in the making of this picture. It is composed from 5 different photos, shot in a studio by a professional photographer, with the parents of the baby having...
  50. R

    Cross Rotating Michelin MXM4 19"

    Been searching on the forums, but haven't really come across any definitive answer in my search. On inspection of my 19" MXM4's I don't see any arrows to indicate the tires are directional, or the words "outside only" to indicate the tires are asymmetrical. If that's the case, I don't see why...

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