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model s 100d

  1. J

    Autopilot Package on Carfax

    I am trying to determine a sale price for my 2019 Model S 100D w FSD so I ran a carfax and the only “Optional Features” listed were: 1) Ultra High Fidelity Sound Package and 2) Autopilot Package. Is the Autopilot Package the same as FSD? Price with “Autopilot Package” is $58,700 and without it...
  2. I

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D for sale

    Tesla Model S 100D 2nd owner, California vehicle Clean title, no accidents, runs excellent - Warranty: 3 year unlimited mileage battery and drive unit warranty until April 2026 via Tesla - Range: 310 mile range at 100% charge Vehicle condition: - 10/10 interior, non-smoking vehicle - 9/10...
  3. kriskross

    2019 White/White Model S 100D with FSD, 18,xxx miles, $69,999

    This comes with Full Self Driving, Summon, Sentry Mode, Cold Weather Package, Premium connectivity pre-paid. New Performance Acoustic front tires installed 1/24/23. Pearl white exterior with white interior, 100D (about 330 miles of range). 21" staggered Turbine wheels, some curb rash...
  4. D

    Couple of questions on 2017 Used Model S

    Hello folks, I am a new owner of a 2017 model s 100d that I just purchased from Tesla couple of weeks ago. I spent 73k for 39k miles on it. The car has used limited warranty till 50k or august 2023 and also drive train and battery till March 2026. I have been driving the car and have some...
  5. C

    GUI artifacts while reverse camera is on

    Since the last update to 2022.8.10.5 I have noticed that I am getting a graphic artifact band about 1cm tall and across the screen only when the reverse camera is activated. I have only noticed this in this specific situation. The artifact appears to be nav/map bleeding thru and is black and...
  6. S

    2019 Model S 100D Long Range w/8890 miles for sale. Solid black, premium cream interior. $82,000

    2019 Tesla Model S 100D Long Range 8,890 miles Pristine Condition, SF Bay Area Full Self-Driving Capability All functionality of Basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot 335 mile range 4.1 seconds 0-60mph Premium Upgrades Package Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Smart Air Suspension Solid Black...
  7. Brown1428

    2018 MS 100D No Warranty: Mistake?

    Contemplating the purchase of a 2018 Model S 100D with about 30K miles. Basic warranty is set to expire in 1-2 months. I had a terrible experience with a 2020 MY I bought new. Car & service were horrible.
  8. Brown1428

    2018 Model S 100D without AutoPilot

    Looking to buy a a 2018 Tesla Model S 100D from Carvana. This particular vehicle was manufactured in early March 2018 and is not equipped with AutoPilot (no B pillar cameras). - Does Tesla offer a retrofit option to make these cars AP and/or FSD capable? If so, how much? - Does Tesla still...
  9. T

    Model S Panoramic Roof Whispbar Roof Rack for sale

    $300: pickup in SF. Tesla Model S Roof Rack for Panoramic Roof $450 new Tesla badged Whispabar Tesla Model S 1036384-SE-C *Rare discontinued* Compatible with Panoramic Roof Model S vehicles only. Model S Roof Rack – for Panoramic Roof was designed and engineered from the ground up for...
  10. G

    2017 Model S 100D battery behavior after charge

    June 2017 Model S 100D. Bought new June 2017. Now 54,785 miles. I generally keep the charge between 50 and 70% unless on a road trip… then 90%. Every 3 months or so, I charge to 100% and drive a long distance right away. Supercharger for about 60% of the time, rest using dryer outlet to get...
  11. K

    Dakdragers model S 2018

    Beste mede Tesla rijders, Voor onze ski vakantie willen wij graag een dakkoffer gebruiken. Ons vertrek staat gepland voor 12 maart a.s., op 20 maart zullen wij weer richting Nederland rijden. Na meerdere belletjes met verhuur locaties is mij ter oren gekomen dat de dakdragers nergens verhuurd...
  12. I

    Tesla App not working

    Hello Everyone, I picked my first EV i.e. Model S Tesla 100D and I had never test driven any model Tesla but with mostly other friends advice went ahead with the decision. First think when I got the car, the Tesla App does not work! I tried all tricks a. start fresh b. reboot the smart Phone c...
  13. C

    WTB: Model S 100D

    Looking to buy a Model S 100D with the following: Must Haves: Blue Exterior White Interior with Dark Ash Nice to Haves: Subzero Homelink Looking to buy ASAP if the price is right Thanks!
  14. J

    Replacement Rear light units

    A cyclist riding on the pavement crashed into my 2019 Model S 100D while I reversed onto our drive yesterday... (he was fine). Both nearside rear light units were cracked and the Tesla decal strip all got broken and needs replacement. Tesla wants £700, so thought I'd search for a second-hand...
  15. Sig72

    Late 2018 Model S 100D red, FSD, 17k miles- $83.7k

    My dad is selling his low mileage, 1-owner, pampered 100D. It’s in like new condition. He purchased new in April 2019, but hasn’t needed to commute much during the pandemic. SF Bay Area local buyer is preferred. Full details are in the Craigslist ad. PM me with questions...
  16. P

    Rear motor disabled

    Heard a clunk and the Model S slowed down while I was driving up the hill. I am not sure if I can still drive it. It's out of warranty. Driving it doesn't feel right as there's some noise it makes in the rear. Wondering...is it okay to drive my Tesla Model S year 2017 while the rear motor...
  17. D

    Models S - 2017 100D or 2019 75D

    Hi all I am about to buy my first model S. Have owned a 3 before. In my budget I have a choice of : 1. 2017 100D 2. 2019 75D Otherwise both same in terms mileage and specs. I will use it 90% for London driving with the occasional (every 3 months ) 300 mile trips. Can’t decide between the...
  18. Ciaopec

    FS: 2017 Model S 100D AP3/ Midnight Silver/ MCU1/ FL/CLEAN TITLE

    New tires and no wheel scuffs. Capable of FSD but needs software. On options list the AP 2.5 has been upgraded to 3.0. Center console upgraded to wireless charging. Also has upgraded 72 amp charger which charges at about 17mi/hr on a 240v/50a circuit. Tesla Mobile EVSE. Rides and drives...
  19. M

    2018 Model S 100D - 23,400 miles - Selling for $68,800 in Menlo Park, Bay Area, CA

    I'm selling my 2018 Tesla Model S 100D with only 23,400 miles, Pearl White Exterior, Premium White Interior, excellent condition. Car Details Specs Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White Multi-Coat 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels Enhanced Autopilot Non-Performance Uncorked Acceleration Premium...
  20. J

    Model S 100D - Full charge - 300 miles - should be 335?

    Hi, Just received my 2017 100D Model S and loving it so far. I've noticed that when I plug into my home tesla charger (240v) that fully charged only goes to 300 miles. I know the car is advertised to get 335 miles. I've double-checked to make sure it is set to charge to 100% and I can certainly...
  21. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Weekend Sale: 10% Off and Get Free Shipping to US & Canada!*

    Labor Day Weekend Sale Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. 10% Off discount excludes Wholesale Orders, Model Y 19" TSS Wheels, Model Y 19" TSS Wheel & Tire Packages, Model Y 19" TST Wheels, Model Y 19" TST Wheel & Tire Packages and Off-Menu...
  22. A

    Model S - New Buyer Questions - Victoria, Australia

    Hi All, This is my first post, and I'm looking to purchase a model S performance but can't seem to find any insurers that will provide me a quote, so I'm reaching out I'm 29 and I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have the following questions around the purchase 1. What insurance do...
  23. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Father's Day Sale: Free Shipping to the US & Canada!*

    *Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. Discount excludes Wholesale Orders. Free Shipping for customers within the US and Canada only. Model S Front Bumper Refresh, Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Dash, Model 3 Trunk Wing and Model 3 Lowering Springs are excluded from Free Shipping to...
  24. L

    2017 90D vs 2018 100D - is it worth it?

    Just wondering peoples opinion: I have the following options for a used Model S purchase through Tesla. 1) 2017 Obsidian Black 90D with 31k miles on it, autopilot 2.0, premium upgrade package, upgraded sound system, sunroof, premium vented seats, 19 inch wheels. Good photos but there does appear...
  25. J

    Fix scratches & chip in 2018 TMS around Westchester NY

    Looking for a good body shop/ detailer who can fix minor scratches and chip caused from my son hitting car with bike and other incidents. Looking for spot repair, not panel resprays. Considering PPF as preventative. S 100D Deep Blue Metallic thanks & stay healthy!
  26. Alsaid

    wheels model S Tesla 100D

    I have the 19" silver wheel model S 100D 2017, I need to upgraded them to 21" turbine wheels I am looking for any one need the 19" wheel and swap with me the wheels and if he/she need me to pay the difference I will. just please offer me and I will get back to you
  27. prash

    For Sale-2017 Model S 100D with FSD/13,900miles in IL-$74950

    Please find attached pics and build sheet. No accidents and always garaged. Can provide with FSD purchase receipt and additional pics to interested buyers. AP2.5 with MCU1. Full Ceramic coat. No subzero package and premium sound. Car located in Southern IL.
  28. C

    Model S Winter Tires 245/45/19 - Los Angeles

    $200. Set of 4 Dunlop Wintermaxx tires for Model S. 245/45/19. Excellent condition, maybe 2500 miles. Drove from LA to Tahoe 2x last winter including thru the Donner Pass during a crazy snowstorm. These tires handled great on ice and unplowed roads, way better than constantly installing /...
  29. M

    Driving from Denver, CO to Mesa Verde National Park

    Hi, First time posting and just looking for a little advice. I’m going to be in Colorado mid-September and I plan on renting a model S. I thought the drive from Denver to Mesa Verde would be an awesome way to try out the Tesla platform. Just wondering if anyone else has made this trip in a...
  30. G

    How many of you are renting your Model S on Turo?

    Hi, I've known about Turo for a while. Never used their service. I just wanted to know how many of you are renting your Model S on Turo and if yes: 1) How's your experience. 2) How much does Turo charge as their fee plus insurance. Just asking these questions for brainstorming/curiosity...
  31. G

    Looking for complete specs list for my 2018 Model S?

    Hi, This might seem like a noob question but I was talking to a friend who likes the Porsche Taycan currently has a Porsche Panamera, so he was mentioning specs of the car like KWH and 800 volt charging etc. I have a P100D (now called Long range). I am looking for a full spec sheet with HP, max...
  32. B

    Hanging panel on the bottom of my brand new Model S

    OK so just bought my model s yesterday and noticed a hanging piece on the bottom of the right side passenger door, sucks that i messed this up 50 miles in. Anyone know what this is?
  33. V

    Has anyone done a study comparing Standard vs Long Range?

    On configuring a new Model S, I see that Long range is $10,000 more than Standard with a difference of 85 miles on a full charge. We mostly keep our daily trips less than 200 miles. So, is it worth it to get the Long-range over the Standard range? Thanks in advance.
  34. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories 4th of July Sale: 10 % Off and Get Free Shipping within US & Canada!

    Offer Terms & Conditions Online orders only. Discount excludes Model 3 Lowering Springs, Pre Orders, Wholesale Orders, and Custom Services. Discounted Shipping for customers within Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. T Sportline Referral Program is excluded from the 4th of July Sale. Sale ends...
  35. Y

    13k for the difference between 335 and 370 miles?

    Hello! I placed the order of a model S Raven on 04/24/2019 morning, the first day it is announced. And now I am very frustrated by the waiting experience just as many Raven buyers in the forum. Talked to the local showroom last Friday and they still have no clue when my car will be in the...
  36. J

    Sentry mode at night

    Hello, I just received 2019.12.11 on my 2017 S100D AP2.0 and I wanted to test sentry mode. Works fine during daytime but I can't make it work at night. Also I noticed that the steering wheels buttons are illuminated although the car is locked. Does anybody encounter the same issue? Thank you.
  37. L

    Best ceramic coating in LA / Orange County

    Hi fellow Tesla owners, Want to share with you a great new ceramic coating place in Los Angeles. I took my new Model S to D Lux Studios for coating. The owner and team there are very thorough and are car enthusiasts themselves. They got rid of swirl marks, did paint correction, and did an...
  38. M

    Front a Bumper Lip Protection

    I have a 2018 MS 100D and I’m concerned about damaging the bottom of the front bumper lip. I know PPF will protect the front-end, but pulling up against curbing will tear right through that film. Can anyone recommend a product that will protect the bottom of the lip?? Thanks!
  39. S

    All Tesla new inventory MS/X US cars are gone....

    Checked ev-cpo this morning and all new inventory MS/X US cars are completely gone. Checked Tesla's site directly for a few major zip codes, same thing there.... no inventory. Maybe a major price reset on the way given the recent pricing and battery changes for the MS/X???
  40. S

    VIDEO: New Member & Model S P100D Review

    I was never fond of any electric car before! lots of talk and love for the Tesla cars but really you don't understand how good it is until your drive one yourself. The new Model S P100D is the fastest Sedan ever. 0 to 60 in 2.5 Sec the power is instant and savage, it doesn't feel like anything...
  41. M

    Air Suspension question

    Only had my MS100D for 10 days and haven’t messed with the air suspension. However, got message today, while driving, that the air suspension was being raised because of location. I have no idea why it would do that. Anyone have an explanation??
  42. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories December to Remember Sale!

    The December to Remember Sale: Spend More, Get More! Save Up to $1,500 off your next purchase! $700-$1,350 receive a $150 discount $1,351-$2,750 receive a $300 discount $2,751-$4,250 receive a $500 discount $4,251-$6,750 receive a $1,000 discount $6,751+ receive a $1,500 discount * Valid...
  43. P

    First Road Trip Questions

    We are leaving shortly on our first ever road trip with our new Model S, 100D. Since we leave from just outside Winnipeg, MB and are heading to Orlando, Florida we are wondering if someone here might be able to throw some tips or advice our way. We've been reading the site since long before we...
  44. S

    Putting the new Navigate on Autopilot to the test

    If you have tested the function, please share with me how it worked for you? (Free sign-up to be our member at tocnys.org/register. 20% off promo code for Tesla merchandise awaiting)
  45. J

    2014 Model S 85 for sale/ 35k miles/Metallic Brown/Asking $46K

    Good evening, TMC. My family is selling a 2014 Model S with 85kWh battery that is in excellent condition. The car is metallic brown and has just 34,500 miles on it. Added features include the tech package. Tan nappa leather seats. The car has had just a single owner and is located in Staten...
  46. J

    Broker/Concierge Recommendations?

    I'm looking to buy a used 100d in the open market - looking to pay less than Tesla CPO and am considering using a buyers broker or concierge to source my purchase and work out the delivery from the nationwide used inventory. Has anyone used or can anyone otherwise recommend a good...
  47. Tshaffertodd

    Video of xpel and tint applied to new model s

    Tint is 35% front sides and rest is 55% including front windshield brow with a high end ceramic metal tint. Looks amazing! Completed by Midwest Tint in Independence, MO
  48. G

    All weather mats and trunk tray?

    Hi. My model S delivery will be scheduled soon. I am looking to get all weather mats and trunk tray before hand so I can install them at delivery. Tesla is selling their all weather mats for $245. Their trunk tray is for $200. Let me know what all weather mats and trunk tray u guys are using...
  49. N

    2017 Model S 100D - WHITE interior - Babied and garaged

    New member here. Happy and excited to be among friends :):) RANGE RANGE RANGE! :D Largest Tesla battery. Nearly 335 miles at full charge! No accidents; also, i'm always the guy who parks 2 miles away, just to avoid dings (as i'm sure most of you can relate :D). Modesta coating, so paint is in...
  50. shirosan

    Hello from Tampa, Florida - USAF Vet

    Hello everyone, I recently received my new 2018 Tesla Model S 100D back in mid June 2018 after trading in my lifted 15'/16' GMC Sierra Crew Cab. Before I bought my Tesla, I had a solar system with Powerwalls installed in my home back in the beginning of April. I've really enjoyed the Tesla...

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