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  1. S

    Odd noise when starting/stopping charging

    Has anyone had an odd noise come from the front of the vehicle when starting/stopping charging? Almost sounds like a bad ball bearing or actuator of some type going bad. It started doing this earlier this week. I swear this car is just one thing after another. Video:
  2. Sanderpman12

    Noise when car is low?

    Hey all, So when my car is on the normal height for suspension or low, it makes a squeal noise when i break and the car hits 5mph or lower. It does not make that noise when i break at any other speed until the speed lowers to that. The other day though, i raised the car to the highest...
  3. WhtLighting21

    Tire Noise

    Hi All... I am hoping y'all can help me out...I have a 2021 Y with a little under 10K miles. I was in the drive through at Starbucks and noticed a noise when I had my driver side window down, when I started moving...it sounded like tiny pebbles. As soon as I got home, I had a friend take a...
  4. D

    2014 Model S 85 - Vibration + Noise that comes and goes?

    Hi all, I’ve read lots of answers to my questions here , so thanks to all for giving so much wisdom! This time it’s me investigating something on my 2014 Model S 85. It’s my first EV and I’m really happy and impressed with the car. Hence I want to make sure I take care of it. ISSUE: when...
  5. M

    AC related noises right?

    Model X 2018 - noises coming from front left / frunk, only when AC enabled. Had the car for 3 year and today I started getting this noise AC noise 1 AC noise 2
  6. chipcaldwell

    After-market door/window noise suppress gaskets advisable?

    While I am awaiting delivery of my new MYLR I've been learning in this forum. Thanks so much. I read in a couple of posts recommendations for after-market door and window noise canceling gaskets. In order to gain some Tesla experience I rented a model 3 from Toro this week and must admit that...
  7. M

    My model y is making this terrible noise.....

    My 2020 tesla model Y is making this terrible noise from a panel at the rear left side while driving on not perfectly smooth road. Anyone know what could cause it? Does anyone have the same problem? I have made two attempts with the mobile service and one service center visit but was not able...
  8. J

    Rammels, tikkende geluiden achter "rear headliner" Model S

    Ik ben eigenaar van een 2018 juli Tesla Model S. Al een tijd heb ik last van rammels, tikkende geluiden, die onder de hemelbekleding aan de achterzijde van de auto zitten. De auto heeft nog garantie. Is 4 x in het SC in Rotterdam geweest recent voor dit probleem. Maar de lieve mensen daar...
  9. J

    Intermittent loud screeching coming from right front wheel

    On my 2013 Model S (P85, 140K miles) I am getting an intermittent loud screech/squeal which seems to be coming from the front right wheel. It seems to occur mainly in the 25-60 MPH range and, oddly, immediately goes away when I apply the brakes. Also, oddly, it goes away when I veer left and...
  10. G

    Various loud noises on a model S

    Hi all, I’ve had a 2016 model S 75 for two weeks now and I’ve noticed various loud noises. I have noticed them at home when the car is cold, parked or charging. It sounds as if it’s coming from the front left area, and it’s quite loud as I can here it from inside the house. Theres another...
  11. cpobuyer

    Loud noise from battery

    Hello, For my 2015 P85D, I have started noticing loud noise from the car both when it is parked and when it is on the road. Being somewhat sensitive to loud noise, this has become an issue for me. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Sound from inside the cabin when the car was on the...
  12. S

    Beware Car Washes!!

    Hey guys! I have had the same issue twice and I think it’s worth sharing: Twice after using a standard brush car wash, my Tesla Model X’s fan broke down. It was immediately after the car wash, noticeable as soon as you turn the air on in the car and it blows out hot. The first time I...
  13. A

    A/C comes on while in garage randomly despite car is off,Dog Mode off

    Randomly,I'll enter my garage and hear my model S making a noise similar to the sound that the A/C makes.when I check the Tesla app (climate )I see the A/C is running. this occurs randomly and can be many hours after parking. Dog mode is off and I've even turned off cabin overheat and it still...

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