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  1. fasteddie7

    HW4 auto wipers seem drastically improved

    After a few days of no stop rain in a new Model S with HW4, it seems the auto wiper behavior has been significantly improved from what I’m used to in 2.5 and dare I say on par with my 2016 MS with an actual rain sensor with the mobile eye suite. This was an improvement I wasn’t expecting and a...
  2. C

    Another Tesla design FIX, Rear view camera and rain

    So I got frustrated from the rain dripping on the rear view camera and decided to fix Tesla design, Arts and crafts came to mind so here we go... I had some molded plastic sitting around, those are some plastic beads that melts in boiling water which you can mold to your liking. I molded a top...
  3. drupe14

    Rain Guard for Model 3 Windows?

    Anyone know of any good products for the Tesla Model 3 that protects from rain spilling in from the windows? I'm looking for all black or matte black color. https://www.weathertech.com/tesla/2021/model-3/side-window-deflectors/
  4. T

    Damaged Aeroshield

    Hello all! I got caught in a downpour yesterday and unfortunately met up with some road flooding that tore the aero shield off from under my Model Y. The back bumper is also popped away in one section and water got into the storage well of the trunk. I was going 30mph tops and can’t believe...
  5. S

    First rain of the season outside and inside the car.

    Model 3 purchased Oct 2019. We had our first rain of the season overnight and when I went out to the car this morning there was a puddle on the center console. Looked up and the headliner near the rear view mirror is damp and slightly detached in the driver side as compared to the passenger...
  6. brjr

    Rear cameras? Rain affecting view?

    When i put the car in reverse i am seeing small (1") triangles in the upper corner of my reverse screen that are wavy sided and gray, blocking full view. It has been raining while i was out. Could this explain it? Where are the camera(s) located in the rear. Are they exposed to view?
  7. BennyMountfort

    Neural Net Rain Drop Sensor??

    So, Is anyone else still having some troubles with their rain sensor? Mine will not turn on or be delayed for small / medium rain and sometimes when its not even raining I cant get it to turn off without manual settings. I just dont get why we need Neural Net learning machines as some...
  8. Padelford

    Right front AP camera fails in heavy rain while on freeways

    My right front fender camera has developed a new quirk in January 2020, in that I get a dashboard message that the camera has become obscured or stopped working while I'm driving in moderate to heavy rain on freeways. The problem seems to take a half-hour to an hour to appear. When I stop and...
  9. D

    Rain and Roof Leaks

    I have rain water coming in between the back and middle panels. Am I alone?
  10. Fernand

    Model 3 Car covers? Tesla's are silly expensive.

    I'm wondering what people are doing to shield their precious, you know like those of us who don't have a garage, or can't find free space in that old treadmill, bicycles, toys, tools and other gadgets storage facility that once was a garage. After all, a freezer is important, and all that...
  11. K

    NO-DRILL license plate & Radar problem??

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has similar experience. I have an AP1 model S. I had installed the no drill license plate holder like this from EVANNEX. I am not certain but it seems I started to notice problem with my front radar after heavy rain. After some time of heavy rain, I will start...
  12. SparkyB

    The effect of rain on range

    I just took my first road trip in the TESLA and noticed that my range was less than expected. It meant a little additional time charging... Conservative planning, so I started thinking about why. If you walk down the street there might be some wind that pushes back or helps you along...
  13. D

    Model S - Water in Door wells

    After heavy rains I get water in the door wells of my Model s 2017. I've taken in for service twice and had seals redone and one of the doors reset... wondering if anyone else has/had that problem??
  14. C

    Water inside door after rain or car wash

    So I noticed that there's water inside the door after it rains or I go through a car wash even after a day or so. I noticed that because the windows roll down a bit, and when they roll up they're wet. If I roll the whole window down, it comes up all wet even a day after it rained. Is this...
  15. B

    Rain Sensing wipers

    Over time, since they started working, my rain sensing wipers have worked sometimes and not others. Sometimes pretty well sometimes terrible. My current software is 2018.39.6. On my previous car, Lexus RX 400h they worked well the entire 235,000 miles I owned the car. They are now not working at...
  16. S

    Squares on Model 3 Glass Roof?

    Had a rainy day yesterday and I noticed the raindrops on certain parts of the roof looked different than others. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that I have 6 squares of "different" raindrops on the roof that are in a symmetrical shape and can't be washed out. I've already tried wiping it...
  17. David29

    Pretty happy in the Nor'easter

    We are having a major Northeast storm here in the Boston area today, and I had occasion to drive about 30 miles in the heavy rain and wind. Air temperature was about 40F, winds are in the 25-35 mph range, rain is intermittently quite heavy. I have had my Model S 2-1/2 years, so I have driven...
  18. Triumphz28

    WeatherTech Floor Mats - Tesla Model S - Driver and Front Passenger - Like New

    WeatherTech Floor Mats - Tesla Model S - Driver and Front Passenger - New Anchor Style Design Price Firm: $100 Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505 Shipping to Lower 48 states: $25.00 WeatherTech 444581 Black Front Floor Liner For 2012-2017 Tesla Model S Description The WeatherTech FloorLiner...
  19. Haxster

    Wiper Anomalies

    So, I’m patiently waiting for the rain-sensing to be enabled on my HW2 MS. I’m spoiled by having that feature on my 17-year-old Porsche. How tough could this be? Didn’t they verify that they could detect rain using the front-mounted cameras before they got rid of the IR rain sensor? Maybe it...
  20. SSD420

    Is this normal? Windshield after rain

    Is this normal? This is what my windshield looked like after a brief but heavy rain..
  21. M

    Windshield Wiper Noise and Shudder

    I noticed this approximately a month ago. When it rains, the lower part of the driver's side wiper makes a shudder in the rain. However, unlike previous posts, which reported left over rain (and is a known problem), the blade does remove the rain in that area. I brought it in for service and...
  22. Brightonuk

    Rear Camera Visibility in the rain

    I am sure this has been addressed but just in case a dab of rainX on the camera lens makes a world of difference in the rain I can actually see out the back:smile:
  23. cinergi


    Before I respond, I'll note that I have applied Rain-X and use Rain-X wiper fluid. *HUGE* difference no matter the car. This stuff should be required for all cars.
  24. B


    For those of you in other areas and that just read trivial news about the election or whatever, it turns out there is this bizarre hurricane rolling up the Atlantic seaboard as we type. Its going to do this really weird thing and hang a hard left at Delaware and roll on over New Jersey Monday...

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