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  1. I

    Sell my new Model Y - Irvine CA

    I would like to sell my brand new Model Y Long Range I took delivery last week. Current Mileage 600miles. My interest lies in getting a Model X. Specifications Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White Paint 19’’ Gemini Wheels Black and White Premium Interior Five Seat...
  2. P

    August 2021 order finally ready to deliver

    14 months wait, finally got the VIN. I am not super interested in taking it since i had to buy an Aviator when my old car ran out of lease. But the price is at least 10K cheaper than someone ordering one now. Tesla is allowing me to update the registration info so i can sell it right there or...
  3. A

    Selling Model Y LR Reservation - Oct '22 Delivery, Bay Area - California

    I placed an order for a Model Y back in Nov '21 and the car is finally about to get delivered towards the end of next month (Oct '22). The delivery date got pushed out from June '22 at the time of booking to now, and I am interested in selling this reservation at this point. The all-in price...
  4. Y

    2019 Model 3 Standard range plus

    I have a 2019 model 3 sr+ with 63500 kms on it. Red exterior. Black interior. Rear heated seats. Mud flaps. Asking $57000 cad
  5. V

    Selling Model Y Reservation - 7 Seater / Hitch / White Int / White Ext - MSRP / Pre Price Hike (64k~)

    Hi, TLDR: Cannot afford Y anymore. Will sell reservation @Nov/Dec with a discount. Charlotte NC (though I think you can change delivery location) I ordered a Model 3 and Y at the beginning of the year, but my situation has changed unfortunately and I cannot afford the model Y any longer...
  6. N

    Sold 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard for sale (WA)

    It's a white 2021 Tesla Model 3 with white seats 2.3k mi. Looking for $54k Specs Tesla Model 3 SR+ Oct 2021 Full Self Driving (FSD) 18" Wheels (Rimetrix Covers) Matrix Headlights Euro Foglights 3M Window Tint Rear Heated Seats 1 fender bender by previous owner. No airbags deployed but has...
  7. S

    2022 M3 LR white TX

    2022 model 3 long range DFW TX White ext Black Int Tint all windows except windshield Include sunshade and screen protector All weather mat include frunk and trunk 2700mi Excellent condition $64000
  8. P

    Where do you sell your wheels? (If you ever have or would)

    I have a 2022 Model Y Performance and I’m interested in selling my 21” Uberturbines, with Michelin Pilot Sport All Season tires, and original pressure sensors, all with less than 4,000 km on them, and I live not too far outside of Toronto (a bit north right now but I’m all over the GTA anyway so...
  9. A

    Powerwall 2 For Sale - Dallas, Texas

    When I moved last year I had my Powerwall 2 uninstalled (by a certified Tesla contractor, they can attest to its operability) thinking I would get a new system in the home we would move in to. This 'new' house has some challenges that are leading me to push out getting a new system for a few...
  10. N

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Standard for sale (Austin)

    It’s a blue, Tesla Model 3 with black seats. 2.9K miles. Looking for $58K Will need to contact Tesla for USB C + wireless charging pad retrofit. Specs Partial Premium Interior Autopilot Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive 18’’ Aero Wheels Deep Blue Metallic (PPSB) All Black Interior
  11. S

    London / UK MYLR reservation sell (beige June price increase, delivery Q4 2022)

    Hi , anyone is interested taking over my order for MYLR Sep - Nov 2022 delivery? Change of plans on my side, want to see if anyone wants to take the advantage of this pre price increase price before I call to cancel it. PM me, thanks!
  12. A

    Old/broken Powerwall, Gateway, similar products

    Does anyone in the UK (or a country near Serbia - I spend half of my year there too) have an old/broken/unused Powerwall, Gateway, or any similar products, like GivEnergy or Sonnen?
  13. S

    NEMA 14-50 adapter and receptacle

    I have a NEMA 14-50 adapter and the receptacle for sale. Tesla brand adapter Hubbell 14-50 receptacle Both have never been used, found out too late that I can not use them at home. Selling both for $100 plus $10 shipping.
  14. M

    Selling Reservation for Tesla Model Y. VIN assigned. March 20 delivery.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  15. M

    ISO Tesla Model Y 7 seater reservation in NY metro area

    Looking to purchase/take over your model y reservation as my own reservation got delayed to August, 2022. I’m located in NYC area. I can travel 200miles from NYC to pick up the car. Please see the attached configuration and let me know if you have something similar coming up. Please let me know...
  16. H

    Selling two Model Ys (5 seat and 7 seat) - 2021

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  17. M

    Looking to buy/take over your Model Y Reservation

    Hi, I’ve ordered a model Y last year in October thinking I will get my model y before my current car lease expires. But unfortunately my model y got pushed to June/July time. I’ve spoke to customer service and they said I can take over someone else’s model build exactly as mine for the same...
  18. F

    Taking delivery TODAY of Model X Long Range 2022 (North East USA)

    Model X Long Range Pearl White Multi-Coat 20'' Cyberstream Wheels All Black Premium Interior with Ebony Décor Six Seat Interior Yoke Steering Wheel Autopilot Pay-as-you-go Supercharging I have the VIN but will not share until car is in my possession because I do not want...
  19. J

    For sale: 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance with extras – 1,031 miles

    Hello and thanks for your interest. Car is mint. Professionally wrapped front-end with paint protection film since day of delivery. Vehicle has Pirelli all season tires. Original summer tires are for sale here. Vehicle configuration is attached. Description of vehicle follows. – Paint...
  20. M

    Available 2022 Model S Long Range reservation

    I have a 2022 Model S Long Range (Midnight Silver Metallic, 19" Wheels, Black and White Premium Interior with Walnut Décor, Yoke Steering, Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Capability (can be removed)) that is ready for delivery in the SFO area (on hold till Jan 3). The reservation was made before...
  21. cucubits

    2016 Model S - trade in choices

    The time has come to move on. I'm sure some of the regulars from here will be happy to see me go for my openly voiced, mostly negative, opinions on many aspects related to Tesla. Glad I can make your day a little brighter :) In all seriousness I don't dislike everything about these cars, I am...
  22. F

    Model Y 21 inch Uberturbine wheelset Texas

    Brand new to tesla and the forum. I’m taking delivery of my performance Model Y in January And I’m super excited. I do so much driving I want a smaller wheel to get a little more range and smoother ride. Anyone in Texas interested in a trade for 19 or 20 inch of want to buy the 21 inch...
  23. J

    Selling new 21" Überturbine wheels SoCal

    I’m getting my Y performance in mid -late December. I’m planning on immediately changing out wheels and tires. Is anyone looking to purchase the 21” uberturbine wheels and tires? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well. I’m in Ventura county, so cal Thanks
  24. Shpigford

    Importance of fixing large scratches before reselling 2021 MX?

    We've had our 2021 Model X LR+ for 8 months and after multiple issues (most recent of which has our Tesla getting towed 2.5 hours away to a service center after it just...died), I'm just about done with it and ready to move on from Tesla. We've got a couple of pretty substantial scratches on...
  25. M

    Selling Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter for USA/Canada

    Hello, selling my slightly used CHAdeMO adapter, changed job locations and no longer have a need for using this adapter. In honor of Elon Musk, $420 plus shipping :)
  26. C

    Gemini wheels for sale

    Looking to sell my new Gemini wheels and hub caps. They came off my Model Y with 700 miles on them. They are in perfect condition, boxed and ready to go. They come with the lug nuts as well. $1200 located in San Antonio TX
  27. willow_hiller

    The Investor's Dilemma: TSLA or Tesla

    I know a lot of investors in the main thread have expressed regret about selling shares to finance a vehicle purchase. Given the impending FSD price increase, I have a slightly cheaper dilemma on my hands, but a dilemma nonetheless: Would you sell shares to buy FSD? In my situation, I know my...
  28. J

    Tesla Model 3 LR RWD with FSD. 2018 - California. Asking $39k OBO

    List of options purchased: - Full Self-Driving Capability - Enhanced Autopilot - Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive RWD - Black Premium Interior - Deep Blue Metallic - 19" Sport Wheels - Rear Heated Seats Sticker was $63k Clean Title. No accidents. No damage of any kind. VIN ***109006 Want to sell...
  29. J

    $58000 , 2016 Tesla Model S 75D (Refresh), 31k Miles

    Been browsing the forums for awhile and never got around to making an account. Trying to sell the Model S before I go to pick up my new Model 3. Hopefully providing a good deal for someone looking for one. Vehicle Specs: 31,485 miles Production Date- November 2016 Smart Air Suspension Premium...
  30. N

    2017 Model S 100D - WHITE interior - Babied and garaged

    New member here. Happy and excited to be among friends :):) RANGE RANGE RANGE! :D Largest Tesla battery. Nearly 335 miles at full charge! No accidents; also, i'm always the guy who parks 2 miles away, just to avoid dings (as i'm sure most of you can relate :D). Modesta coating, so paint is in...
  31. fasteddie7

    2 years, 50k, what to do next...

    I have a 2016.5 model s 75d that is coming up on 2 years and 50k miles. I have been weighing options on what to do next. Come September, I can do my 4th annual service $750, buy tires $800, and buy the extended warranty $4250, or possibly sell/trade in and get a new model s/x. Anyone have the...
  32. fasteddie7

    New member posts with crazy issues

    Is it me or do I see a lot of brand new members posting some crazy long story of how their brand new Tesla is a piece of crap or is a huge safety risk that caused them to wreck (with pictures). Every time I click on a title in the forum and see one of these long posts, all I have to do is look...
  33. T

    How much to allocate to TSLA and when to sell

    Everyone's situation is different. This is where I am at, and my future plan: I have stock money and other assets. On the stock side, majority is in TSLA plus small amount in index and various stocks. I think TSLA is very safe and has very little real downside, dips will be short lived if we...
  34. travwill

    Thoughts on Good 2016 90D X Private Party Price vs CPO?

    I see Tesla CPO seems high in price still, this 2016 90D that is same as ours (but has high fidelity) is listed for $103K. That is with 26K miles also. Inventory Search | Tesla Does you guys (or gals) have thought on a fair private party sell price for similar car here? I am potentially...