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New member posts with crazy issues

Is it me or do I see a lot of brand new members posting some crazy long story of how their brand new Tesla is a piece of crap or is a huge safety risk that caused them to wreck (with pictures). Every time I click on a title in the forum and see one of these long posts, all I have to do is look up and see a brand new member, and when I check weeks later, I never see or hear anything else from them. Short sellers trying to posion the well? Or am I just an uncaring, unfeeling jerkface with no compassion?
I just find it odd to see these pop up. Partially because Tesla folks are a different kind of breed that few other companies can claim they have and that almost all other vehicle manufacturers can't seem to comprehend. If Ford's CEO went to their customer base and tried to sell flamethrowers that aren't flamethrowers, I don't know the results would have been the same. I feel like all their effort to tarnish the brand is for naught. Most of the replies to these posts are well thought out ideas with reasonable solutions from thoughtful members looking to help, which is then followed with silence by the op.
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You're an uncaring, unfeeling.... :D

Seriously, I think we do have to look for a pattern, and if there *are* all these posts with no followup, it does look suspicious. Would all these people really post their story and not come back? Ever? Even if it was just to say they sold the car, got the lemon law, whatever...
Maybe the forum needs to adopt a system that prevents people from posting new threads until a certain time period has passed and/or they have posted a number of comments. I doubt most of these bogus posters have the persistence to meet such requirements.

Of course, this would depend on the forum software being able to impose those restrictions.


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Jan 19, 2016
I recieved my first Tesla in April 2015. Was invited to be a Early Access member and love every improvement. The GPS linked garage opener and suspension raiser, the first AP features, it was all great. Of course things were missing or not perfect but the novelties and great driving made up for this.

Left the country, sold my Tesla, came back, bought new S in Sept 2017, so AP2.

So how did Tesla improve since my first car.....not really, only the expected battery development moved it from 85 to 100kWh. AP2 is still not as good as AP1. Promised improvements with more camera’s is not here, the light years better navigation is just a minor improvement.

I still love the drive but less positive about the brand, Tesla is more focused to make the shareholders less unhappy instead giving us, the early adapters of EV, what was promised.
The current improvements and often useful for just a handful of users and the quick and dirty way it is introduced generates more bugs then I every have seen during my beta testing period.

I agree that Tesla drivers are not the standard car drivers, we love technologies and accept things are developing and not perfect from day one.
With the growth of the brand I can imagine people ( the second layer, not early adapters) are buying a Tesla like it is a regular car but only electric....
Those are the ones that start to be very focal but as they start to fall in love with the driving will start accepting the faults like we are doing.

It is this second layer of drivers Tesla need to focus on, they will bring the massive sales numbers and if not happy, they will move to other full EVs when becoming available in the next years. We, the early adapters, can help with the beta testing but do need to see significant improvements in the next 1-2 years to stay motivated doing this...


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Dec 2, 2017
A Coast
Drove my 2014 Volt the other day. Before that I drove a 2005 VW TDI passat I gave to daughter.
Daily driver is my 2017 100D
The Tesla is a MUCH MUCH better car. The issue's are minor to me (web browser ,Music interface)
When ever I ride in or drive any other car I feel like I went into a time machine...the wrong way.


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Jul 12, 2012
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Mar 10, 2016
This is basically how car forums (and the internet) have worked since the dawn of time. You have a core set of enthusiasts that make up a bulk of the content and a fringe of people that are only driven to post due to frustration with negative experiences.

I see very little reason to believe that the new negative posters are actually part of a conspiracy to take down Tesla. Sure, there are probably a few that are fake. But one doesn’t need to look very far to find legit accounts of Tesla screwing up badly.


Moderator - Model S & X forums
When someone has an issue they go looking for outlets and information, but they really have no interest in regular participation. I've, personally, done the same with other forums...have had issues with my Blackvue and went to a blackvue forum looking for answers/solutions and similar experiences from others...never went back after getting a few replies. Likewise Apple forums and others. It's the nature of the beast and I'm sure my posts at those enthusiast forums were equally frustrating to the regulars.

While there well may be a few short sellers, most likely this is just frustrated people that use google and came across us looking for some sort of feedback.


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I get that people post looking for an answer, and may not be interested in long term participation (unlike many of us! :D ), but you'd think they would at least come back for an answer or something or some sort of response, and not just post a rant. Which looks more like @fasteddie7's original thesis..... But, yes, there will be some like that, too.
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Welcome to the internet!

People visit forums to complain. It's nature. You're bound to see more new members complaining than praising.

On forums where I'm not active, I might join to post an issue/question. And then never post again.
So, why post the issue/question? Don't you want the answer? Or are you just posting it to raise awareness? Seriously. I guess that's the root issue here.
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Apr 8, 2015
So, why post the issue/question? Don't you want the answer? Or are you just posting it to raise awareness? Seriously. I guess that's the root issue here.
Are you referring to me? I post, I read the replies, I reply myself /if I need to/, and I leave. I meant I might never post in a different thread again, not the thread I started.

The OP didn't state if the people he's talking about are 1-post-wonders, if they are, that's different. But having people join a forum complaining about something is expected.


Moderator - Model S & X forums
So, why post the issue/question? Don't you want the answer? Or are you just posting it to raise awareness? Seriously. I guess that's the root issue here.
They may be looking at the responses, but are smart enough to not wade into the quagmire. But I agree, it is frustrating and at least a "think you everyone for your responses. I'll used the information to move forward."--benign, non-committal, appreciative.
There are a lot of one post wonders, some come back to the same thread but offer little participation. I see a lot of issues where they pick up a vehicle and it has *insert issue here* but as @Joe F said, they use terminology that I wouldn't expect to see from a newbie and most of the posts are very descriptive and not befitting a angry person who wants to let of steam.
The majority of owners (any product, not just cars) don't frequent forums.

I own an A/V receiver, but I'm not on AVforums
I own an Audi but I'm not on Audizine
I own various Apple products, but I'm not on Macrumors forums
I own a coffee maker, but I'm not on coffeeforums
I own a bunch of Sonos speakers, but I'm not on the Sonos forum
I even own fancy shoes(!), but I'm not on styleforums

Point being - Forums are for enthusiasts, which are a small subset of overall owners of any given product. The rest of the owners only land in a forum when they're googling like mad to figure out what's wrong with their product, and are desperate for help. So sure, maybe there's a few desperate shorts trying to spread FUD to make a few bucks, but let's please not just wholesale dismiss new posters because we all have tin foil hats on our heads.
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Joe F

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Sep 19, 2016
Outside Philly
So sure, maybe there's a few desperate shorts trying to spread FUD to make a few bucks, but let's please not just wholesale dismiss new posters because we all have tin foil hats on our heads.

Do you see first time posters being dismissed on TMC for the most part?

And there's more than a few who seem to post everything negative about Tesla, on a consistent basis, almost as if it's their full time job. :eek:

Thanks for the AVSforum reminder: Haven't visited it in years. Should have made my passed "Iforgot"

Oh, and the hat works best if you use a double layer, and not the cheap stuff either.


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Apr 25, 2015
A lot of negative posts I have been reading are about used vehicles/CPO where’s folks are expecting the full “Tesla experience” as the company grows that model is not really sustainable ...even for model 3s ....also doesn’t help that there are 100+ point checklists ...just enjoy the car !:eek:

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