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    Vendor 🚀GIVEAWAY! Lasfit Latest Product Drop: Join Our Test Program 👏

    Hi Tesla enthusiasts, How's everyone doing lately? 👋 We've got some exciting news to share! We are here to introduce our latest products: Seat Back Cover Mats for Tesla Model 3 (2017-2023) and Underseat Protector for Tesla Model Y (2021-2023) 🚗💨. These products are meticulously designed to...
  2. Maximillan

    Videos to watch whilst waiting for delivery of your Tesla

    After following the waiting room thread, I remembered that watching Tesla videos was the best way to wait for my car to be delivered that didn't involve checking the Tesla app or buying more accessories. So I thought I would start this thread for people to post videos to watch in order to...
  3. Y

    Finally I'm done with the first version of the App

    Hey everyone, being a proud 2021 MY owner and a software engineer, I was not too satisfied with the Tesla App which needs a lot of clicks to get information or send commands. So I made an app myself. I've asked questions earlier in here. I know many of you probably already use TeslaScope and...
  4. S

    Test my 50 amp charger in Toronto, Ontario

    Hi, I just installed a ChargePoint Flex Home Charger and am looking for someone with a Tesla (S, X, or LR 3) to test it at 48 or 50 amps. I have an older EV which is not capable of charging at high amperage. I’m in Etobicoke close to the airport. Please message me privately if you’re willing to...
  5. M

    Model X Front Door Windows Wind Noise Leak Test Video

    I had started another thread on a wind noise issue I had with a new Raven Model X. After weeks of poking around I managed to find it and fix it myself. This is not a Video on how to fix it but how to test for it. I see a lot of folks complain about Wind noise and I thought I'd create a quick...
  6. IgorAntarov

    Quiz - Your perfect electric car

    Hi, everyone we've made fun but serious quiz — "Your perfect electric car." Your perfect electric car It's a 1-minute test that helps to find the right electric vehicle according to the given requirements. This is not a final version, and we need feedback from the EV Community. — Is it...
  7. Zcd1

    Model 3 wins Motor Trend comparison test with BMW 3 series and Genesis G70

    Sure to be only the first of many such wins, but nice to see! New Cars - New Car Prices & Research - Motortrend - MotorTrend
  8. Zcd1

    Top Gear Magazine: Model 3 Performance is faster around a track than the BMW M3!

    Not really a surprise to most of us, I suppose, but it's nice to see it verified by an independent resource: Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track | CleanTechnica Tesla Model 3 vs BMW M3: new issue of TG magazine out now! BMW M3's acceleration is "glacial" by...
  9. EvolutionTeʂla

    Wow, so much fun! My first NOA test with 2019.12 (video)!

    Hey gang. I just posted a couple new videos to my YouTube channel (Evolution Tesla) covering 2019.12. The latest one offers a good test of the new capabilities of NOA on the highway. I ran into a few issues but overall it was a really fun and exciting experience. We're getting really close...
  10. D

    2016.5 TESLA MODEL S 75 - Facelift, Obsidian Black, Warranty

    Purchased a 2016.5 Facelift Model S60 CPO (now S75) two months ago and received on 9/1. Our garage is unable to accommodate both the MS and my wife's Lexus SUV so I am going to sell and look at a M3 - terrible planning, I know. She's been nice enough to park in the driveway since we got the MS...
  11. aikisteve

    What is the most efficient travel speed?

    For us Europeans there is always a big question when we go on road trips and have to crosse Germany. Do we have fun on the Autobahn and drive fast, but charge more? Or is it less time consuming to drive slower and charge less? This week I took it to the test and compared driving 120 kph to...
  12. DITB

    Tesla Owner and EV enthusiast tries out BMW i3 for 4 days

    In the Hong Kong Drive Electric week 2015 final event at Tamarind, I won third prize. This gave me the possibility to choose the prize of testing a BMW i3 for a weekend. Since it turned out to be Thursday to Monday, it was 4 days of testing, just over 300 km. Two adults and two kids under 2...
  13. R

    Official EU Test Drive Events

    Hey everyone! Let's welcome Tesla to EU and try out our eletric beauty! RSVP → Munich: 25-27 Jan 2013 RSVP → Zurich: 01-03 Feb 2013 RSVP → Antwerp: 07-10 Feb 2013...
  14. Wiebe

    Video's: Test drive in the Netherlands

    Here are two vids of e recent test drive in the Netherlands: Part 1, Ex- and Interior: Tesla Model S testrit in Nederland - Deel 1, Auto en interieur - YouTube Part 2, Test drive: Tesla Model S testrit in NL - Deel 2, testrit! - YouTube Have fun!