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  1. M

    '23 MX Window Tint Recommendations

    I took my brand new MX Ultra Red to a local tint shop for my window tinting. The shop only carries Llumar film. They gave me a quote for $400 for full tint except windshields and top of FWD. They use Llumar ATR, if I want to Llumar CTX (ceramic), it costs $300 more. Is it really cost that much...
  2. 4

    Am I the only one who doesn’t plan to Tint their windows?

    So I’ve never really been a big fan of the way Tint made things look and I’ve read some issues with warranty and what not when it comes to Tinting. So I had decided I was happier without it. But I’ve had a few people ask me when I planned on getting my Windows Tinted, just happened again today...
  3. M

    Front/Rear Tint matching question

    1st post! taking delivery next month and I would like to get 5% ceramic on the front windows, prob 35-50 for windshield and the same for roof. my wife is allergic to the sun and is light sensitive. Anyway, what % would i need for the back windows/rear to match the front 5%?
  4. A

    2022 X tint percent

    Anyone know the tint % of the side and rear glass?
  5. M

    Does it make sense to get white interior if we have two kids in car seats?

    We ordered a model 3 with blue exterior and white interior. I am having second thoughts. We have two kids that are in carseats (one rear facing and the other forward facing. Does it make sense to get white seats? Will the car seat base damage the white seats? I heard the white is easy to clean...
  6. S

    Rear glass cracked is tint a possible cause?

    I noticed my rear glass cracked months after I had my M3 tinted. I am certain it was not an accident from the tint shop since I inspected their job right after the tint was placed. Is this normal? I am getting my car serviced, should I remove the tint before going in so they won't blame it on that?
  7. dwahl

    NASA Special Edition Model X

    Does anyone know what brand of window glass tint was installed on the Space X/NASA custom Model X?
  8. R

    Having a difficult time choosing: Stek Nexseries vs. 3M Crystalline Tint?

    Hi, After owning my M3 for a few months I want to add a tint. Tint will include a clear front and tints on the sides and roof. After doing a lot of research I have settled on a Ceramic tint due to the heat rejection and non interference with radio waves. I originally thought that the 3M...
  9. K

    Seeking recommendations for window tint shops in Orange County area

    Hi everyone! Just got my M3 on Saturday evening. I’m super stoked but now I need to get my windows tinted. Can anyone recommend a great tint shop in Orange County and if possible give me an estimate of what you paid for your M3?
  10. D

    Window tine

    Hi I'm planning on tinting my model 3 tomorrow. Was gonna do the rear glass 5 percent all the way to the top. Was wondering if anyone has done this, and what are your thoughts since Ik the comes tinted. Is it too dark on the top, of is it fine. Also was gona do 5 percent on the back side windows...
  11. D

    2018 Tesla Model 3: EAP, Red Seats, Ceramic Coating, PPF, Tint, Sport Wheels

    I am selling a very lightly used Tesla Model 3, which was delivered in June 2018. I'm located in the Seattle, WA area! This 2018 Tesla Model 3 features: Enhanced Autopilot Long Range battery Premium interior Midnight Silver Metallic paint color RED INTERIOR real leather seats from T Sportline...
  12. H

    Replacing after market tint on a Model S affecting rear defroster?

    I have a 5 month old Model S that i recently got tinted. I had ask for a 50% ceramic and after a lot of convincing by the tint installer, ended up going with 35%. After seeing the car with 35% I immediately told them it was too dark and made an appointment to have them take it off and replace...
  13. dreamingof3

    Tesla P85 2013 Multi Coat Red only 15k miles!

    2013 P85 – one of the few remaining from this year with under 16k miles Purchased from Tesla CPO program (warranty should be for 48k more miles or through 2021) Multi Coat Red – paint is in very good condition only a few chips minor scratched Grey Performance Interior Ultra High Fidelity Sound...
  14. Mike M

    Colorado - Llumar Films Wrap & Rayno Phantom Tint - MX 90D

    We just got our MX 90D back from Colorado Detail and they did an extraordinary job. Full front and rear bumper wrap in Llumar Films Clear Bra, GtechniQ Crystal Serum paint treatment and Rayno Phantom 30% tint on driver and passenger windows with 20% tint on upper half of the front windshield...
  15. A

    Tinted Tail Lights

    Anyone have pictures of tinted tail-lights on a Model X? If you do, can you kindly reply with: What tint material was used? What tint percentage was used? I searched this forum and could not find any pictures. Thank you, AMG-WS
  16. Lauren

    Photos - Teal & black vinyl wrapped 90D

    I should start by saying...I'm a fan of bright colored cars! So when I took delivery of my 90D, I immediately took it to get wrapped. I also had the 19" cyclone wheels powdercoated a glossy black and the windows tinted. The vinyl colors are 3M Ocean Shimmer (Satin) and Avery Satin Black. We...