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tire damage

  1. S

    Bubble in tire - Boston

    Has anyone successfully navigated receiving tire warranty coverage in the Boston area for bubbles in the tire sidewall? Two of my tires have them and the car is new. Tesla says they don’t do it. Pirelli says that warranty overage exits and Tesla should. Other pirelli dealers say they do not...
  2. T

    3 months & tires are damaged from curbing them

    Tires are 3 months old. Three out of the four tires have peeling off where the tires meet the curb while parking. I have never seen anything like it on tires before. The inner rim of the tires is shredding and I have concerns about the tires blowing while driving. Should I be concerned about my...
  3. M

    Tesla service department ruined my tires!

    I had to have a wheel replaced (thank you Chicago streets!) last December. While my MYP was there, they took off all the tires for an inspection. Fast forward to Late April/early May, Im having serious problems with the tires. Lots of vibration, alignment going off, among others. It turns out...
  4. terraform

    Minor Tire Leak - Sealant Repair Kit

    The front passenger side tire of my MY is losing about 1 psi per week. I can’t seem to find any puncture. My question is should I use my Tesla Tire Repair Kit to try to solve that with the sealant. Or is that overkill for such a small leak. Alternatively, I could just keep filling the tire...
  5. A

    Advice on hothole hit (rim and tire surface )

    This happened 2 day ago and just saw it today. There is pretty bad dent on the rim and surface rubber was cut and peeled open. No pressure loss so far and the car drives no difference. Any suggestions for the tire surface and rim fix? Will insurance cover this type of minor fix as I may have low...
  6. A

    Two incidents of new tire deflating by 50% in hours

    Model X was in-service (for about a month) waiting for new HV pack. Had new rubber placed on the car. Upon pick-up, “Low tire pressure” indicator and warning appeared. Promptly walked out of car and notified Service Manager. “Just drive it,” he says. “The warning will reset”. I’m not an expert...
  7. C

    Model S Plaid - 19" vs 21" - All Season vs Summer Tires - Ride Quality/Performance/Tire Wear - Thoughts?

    I recently purchased a 2021 Model S Plaid w/3k miles - it has the (OEM) 21" Arachnid wheels w/Michelin P4S Summer tires. What initially started as an unsuccessful search for 21" all-season tires has led me down the path of considering 19" wheels and all-season tires. Option 1: Buy Winter...
  8. P

    Crazy Tire Wear Pattern

    Anyone seen a wear pattern like this on a Model3P and know what the cause is? All 4 tires were like this.. These are factory tires from 2019. Michelin. But something is rubbing or interfering somewhere..
  9. S

    Scratched my rim and BRAND NEW wheel on curb - need advise!

    So i changed the tires on my model S recently (3 months ago) and i scratched my tire coming out of a car park. Do i need to change the entire tire or do you guys think it's OK to go on with it? Need some advise Thanks in advance! P.S: measured the damage it's 1 CM length & 0.5 CM deep
  10. W

    Advice on body damage from accident today

    My wife got into a low speed accident yesterday (other driver's fault) where the other person's rear tire brushed up against the right rear tire well at about 20 mph. Lots of rubber slag and it seems to have taken off some of the autofilm I had installed -- a definite endorsement for the film...
  11. J

    Bubble on the side of my tire

    I just noticed a tangerine sized bubble on the side of my rear tire. My 2018 Model S has less than 20k of mileage but I have a Tesla service appointment for next Tuesday. Will Tesla replace the tire free of charge? Is it dangerous to drive with this bubble until Tuesday? Should I just cancel...
  12. FSDIN2020!

    I told service about a tire defect, they said it was fine.....

    Hello everyone first time poster, long time reader. First and foremost, I love my MX I think it is literally the best car in earth. I didn’t come here to smash on my favorite brand. I took the car to service with a large list of minor repairs and concerns all due bill stuff in mid March. One...
  13. David29

    Anyone used Hogan Tire in Westwood for tire problems or purchases?

    My car picked up a nail this morning so I need to get that looked it. It is holding pressure for now so it might be possible to plug it. The nearest tire dealer that I have experience with is the Hogan Tire place in Westwood. I used to bring my Mercedes there. Anyone had a Tesla serviced...
  14. Pkmmte

    Is there something wrong with my tires?

    Disclaimer: I consider myself a techie, not a car guy. I'm clueless about most car stuff so I apologize for this foolish question ahead of time. This morning, I felt like there was something off with my drive to work. Not sure why. It's as if the ride suddenly felt harsher than usual for some...
  15. plasmo

    Sidewall tire damage pics

    I’m planning on taking this into my Tesla SC but before I do so, just wanted to post pics of my right rear tire showing sidewall damage to see if anyone thinks that this might be salvageable. I’m expecting that I will need a new tire(s). There is no bulging of the tire. I’m not sure how long...
  16. I

    Tires - Road Hazard Warranty? (Ran over a sheet metal screw tonight)

    the good news: it was a loaner Model S as Tesla fixes a paint ship from shipping my Model 3 cross country. this incident got me thinking about whether anyone has recommendations as to 3rd party tire Road Hazard Warranties. not sure if I am going to do it, but I want to look into prices and...
  17. A

    Rocklin, CA supercharger destroyed my tire

    On Monday when driving back from Reno to the Bay Area I went to charge at the Rocklin supercharger near Sacramento. Shortly after backing in and charging my low tire pressure warning came on, which I thought odd because the tires are less than two months old and I hadn't hit anything. Anyway...
  18. essmd

    Rear wheels "Cupping" on 20" w/ Michelins

    After delivery last July I was not particularly happy with the tire noise or harsher ride (prefer comfort), so I purchased Michelins from the SvC but only because nobody else could access the proper rated tire. I did not really notice any difference from the Continentals (So don't waste your...
  19. Haxster

    DIY Rear Tire Puncture Guards

    Since most nail and screw punctures seem to occur in the rear tires, I made a pair of “Puncture Guards” to protect the rear tires of my Model S. For the last 50 miles, they’ve kept my rear tires puncture-free! :)Time will tell if they’ll continue to work their magic in the future. I don’t plan...
  20. J

    Have to replace a relatively new tire due to a nail

    On our recent road trip back home, I discovered a nail in the passenger rear tire (see picture below). We drove for over 600 miles without any change in tire pressure. This morning I brought the car to our local car shop that I like, hoping they can just remove the nail and patch it from the...
  21. D

    Is tire damage covers under warranty on initial tires?

    i had my X in about a week ago for a faulty door latch, and just had the remaining tread measured at 4/32 on the inside of the rear tires (@15,800 miles) - wear was even all around, just 1/32 less on the front. They inflated all to 45 psi. I have the original 20 in continentals. I figured I'm...
  22. SeminoleFSU

    Gotta love our crumbling infrastructure.. Hit a pothole at freeway speed

    Hi folks, I'm trying to determine next course of action. I hit a really bad hole on the way home tonight doing about 70-80MPH. After I hit it I was shocked my alignment wasn't off and the tire still had pressure. However, now I'm getting a subtle vibration that starts above 70 and gets louder...