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used car

  1. T

    2020 White Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    Located in Toms River, NJ, I love this 2020 Model 3, with FSD. but I'm getting the model Y and need to sell it. In good condition inside and out. Year: 2020 Model: Model 3 Long Range Asking Price: $46,500 Current Mileage: 64,100 Exterior Color: White Interior Color: White Number of...
  2. T

    2020 Model 3 For Sale

    Located in Toms River, NJ I love this car but I'm getting the model Yand so need to sell it. In great condition inside and out. Year: 2020 Model: Model 3 Long Range Asking Price: $46,500 Current Mileage: 64,100 Exterior Color: White Interior Color: White Number of previous owners: 1...
  3. T

    Model S Ownership Transfer Process. Email has not been sent to recipient.

    Hello everyone, I just bought a used Model S 75 from a vendor and the original owner has offered to help transfer the car to my account. The car has had one account associated with it (original owner) and has not been sold or taken ownership of by a dealer through Tesla (no auction, used...
  4. OilSucks

    FS: 2017 Model S 75D - Metallic Silver - Premium White Interior/Carbon Fiber - No FSD - AP Enabled - 46,xxx miles

    Hi all, Looking to sell my December 2017 build Model S 75D for 43k with the following stats: * 46,xxx on the odometer (could go up a bit since I'll be shopping around for a buyer for the car). Original warranty still available until December 2021 and an extra 1 year/10k miles after that. *...
  5. O

    How to tell what options a Tesla has?

    Hi all! I am going to buy a used Model X P90D & am looking for some way to know what options a 1st-time owner purchased. I know you can get some info from the "Software" screen clicking "Additional vehicle info." But it doesn't get into detail like carbon fiber upgrade, wheel upgrade, etc...
  6. E

    Purchasing used M3

    I’m pulling the plug and purchasing a Model 3! Before I do so, how does the current owner check the range of the car? Is the only way to charge to 100%? Once I purchase and remove their phone from the list of keys, would they still be able to track the location of the car? Any way to...
  7. S

    Recent Used Buying Experience (New Policy)

    Hi All, Has anyone had recent experience (after Sept 4th) buying a used Tesla under their new policy (no pictures and 145pt inspection, $500 deposit)? I am looking to purchase one, but am hesitant to pay a $500 deposit plus shipping without seeing the car. Not sure how comfortable I am at the...
  8. zone121

    Used car nightmare

    So I bought a used 2017 Tesla model S a month ago from Tesla and I have discovered some structural damage to the car that I wasn’t aware of before I bought it nor was disclosed by Tesla at the time of sale. I asked Tesla to show me a copy of the pre-sale inspection report to compare it with the...
  9. T

    Is this rust or just dirt?

    First time poster, long time lurker/ reader. Love the community and looking to join the fun of owning a Tesla. I found a possible dream car 2017 Mod S 75D. It's pretty loaded expect for FUSC but I can live, my issue is, when looking at the photos, it seems like there is some kind of rust or dirt...
  10. Maryland

    Advice on buying a used Model S P90D

    Hi all. Made this account as a prospective Tesla buyer. Perhaps I'll keep using it if I become an owner someday. The situation: I am looking at a used Model S P90D, which is being sold by a non-Tesla dealership as a trade-in. The vehicle has Ludicrous mode, but I don't know what other options...
  11. M

    buying used Tesla

    I'm looking into buying a used model 3, but after searching, it appears that it's cheaper to buy a new car than getting an used one. A new model 3 SR+ is $45,000 after BC incentives, but a used model 3 SR+ is $49,000-53,000. I'm I missing something here? If anyone have experience buying a...
  12. C

    WTB - Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Looking to buy 2018+ Model 3: Long Range AWD Full Self-Driving Premium Interior 19" or 20" wheels Less than 25,000 miles Preferred exterior: Red, White, Blue, MSM, Black No accident, no salvage title Based on what I have seen trending around the forum, onlyusedtesla.com, and a motivated...
  13. S

    Used Model S inspection

    Hi, I am planning to buy a used single owner Model S but would like to get it inspected first. Can anyone help or recommend who should I go for - Lemonsquad or Pomcar or someone else?
  14. B

    Help checking out used Model 3 in Seattle

    Hi all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, please let me know if not. I'm looking at a used Model 3 for sale in Seattle, but I am out of the area (CA) and would end up getting the car shipped to me. However, I'd love to have someone take a look in person just to make sure the...
  15. samuelffrancis

    Used Model S Updates

    I’ve been in the market for a used S (clean title and report of course) and with all the buzz around used ones right now I’m a bit lost. Anyways, if I purchased a used S from a third party and not tesla (let’s say it’s a 2013) is it still receiving the latest updates? And will I have to be...
  16. Jomak

    Is there value in the Tesla 4yr CPO warranty?

    I am looking at used MS on EV-CPO and you can sort by 4yr CPO warranty and I got to thinking after reading stories and watching youtube...is there any value in this? Why would I not buy a car from a dealer or private party as well? Is this 4yr CPO warranty worth anything? Should you buy used...
  17. R

    Looking to buy a used 2016 P100D with 40K miles from out of state

    Hello Guys, I own a model 3 and very much impressed by the car and its functionality. I am looking to become all tesla house by selling my previous car and getting a model s P100D. I have my eyes on a few Model S P100Ds near me, but they have ~40K+ miles on them and they are 2016. My budget...
  18. S

    FUSC on used vehicle at car-lot??

    Hi Guys, I went through lot of MS cars on Tesla used car inventory and found they were really expensive if I had to go with free super charging. I liked the car on the used-car lot which is 2015 model and has FUSC for life. If I buy the car will FUSC be transferred to me? I spoke to tesla and...
  19. J

    Buying used Tesla process through Tesla

    Hey Yall, We just started the process of buying a used 2019 Model 3 go through the Tesla site. This will be our first Tesla let alone EV so we're just excited and anxious to get it. I was curious about what usually the time frame from start to finish some of you who may have gone through the...
  20. M

    What are you thoughts on buying used Tesla from Non Tesla Dealer

    Should I be wary of buying from a random car lot? This is the car if it helps. Autotrader - page unavailable
  21. R

    Did I get FSD or not?

    Ordered a car from the used inventory. The build sheet does say FSD. However after I talked with a Tesla rep he said that FSD was not included. Which one is it? Obviously the attractiveness of this deal is very different one way or the other.
  22. mjmiron

    CPO Limbo

    I ordered a 2015 S 85D and then sold my 2013 S 85. Then I was supposed to fly down to Vegas to pick the car up this Friday the 17th But hold on here is where it gets good. I get a call from the sales rep late last week saying sorry car was sent to NY by accident. And Tesla being so kind is...

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