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  1. homero89

    Supercharger - Raphine, VA

    Flying under the radar https://www.tesla.com/findus/location/supercharger/33870 713 Oakland Cir, Raphine, VA 24472
  2. GMW93

    Supercharger - Abingdon, VA

    Did some digging around the Washington County, VA website and found permits submitted for an 8 stall Supercharger at a new Royal Farms Convenience Store (#439). RF website says the address will be 25016 Lee Highway Abingdon, VA 24211.
  3. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg - Patriot Hwy, VA

    A supercharger is coming to the Sheetz located at 8533 Patriot Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22407.
  4. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Portsmouth, VA

    A supercharger is coming to the Wawa located at 720 London St, Portsmouth, VA 23704.
  5. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Atkins, VA

    A new supercharger is coming to the parking lot of the Comfort Inn Atkins-Marion located at 5558 Lee Hwy, Atkins, VA 24311. Per the information shared in the following tweet in late August, the site was supposed to already be under construction at that time.
  6. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Virginia Beach, VA - Lynnhaven Pkwy

    Moderator note: The first five posts of this thread were originally in two separate threads. It looks like a supercharger may be coming to the Wawa at 1579 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23453 based on a permit found by MrPlugShare. While it doesn't say Tesla in the permit details...
  7. J

    State inspection in Charlottesville ( Cville )

    Preferred places to get state inspection on your Tesla in Charlottesville, VA?
  8. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Lexington, VA - E Nelson St

    Marco has come up with site plans for an 8-stall V3 Supercharger at Sheetz #514 in Lexington, VA. Great news for the I-81 corridor! Targeted opening Q4 2022
  9. J

    For Sale: 2022 Tesla M3 Long Range (delivery June 20th) Maryland

    Selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. I take delivery of it tomorrow and since ordering, I now have a new role for work that allows 100% telework, so I no longer need the vehicle for commuting. I've had 2 other Teslas before and LOVED them, so it is a weird feeling giving this up so quickly...
  10. P

    FS: 21” Uberturbine Rims and Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4s in Northern Virginia

    $3000 Came off a 2022 MYP with 30 miles and Includes: 2x 21X9.5 Uberturbine Front Wheels 2x 21X10.5 Uberturbine Rear Wheels 2x 255/35R21 Michelin Pilot All Season Front Tires 2x 275/35R21 Michelin Pilot All Season Rear Tires 4 x TPMS (new bluetooth) 4 × 21-Inch Uberturbine Lug Nut Covers Lug Nuts
  11. Z_Lynx

    NADA Official Car Guide using VIN and Virginia Personal Property Taxes

    The last year has been crazy. Found out Virginia property taxes on my 2020 MY may increase from ~$1430 paid in 2021 to as much as $2,324 based on NADA Official Car Guide: clean trade in value using vin number for 2022 - though they are thinking of doing tax drop because so many older cars'...
  12. M

    Supercharger - Reston, VA - Sunset Hills Dr

    A new permit has been filed for the latest Reston Supercharger!! 12 pre-fab stalls are planned behind the parking garage at Reston Town Center West. Full plans attached in PDF format
  13. corywright

    Supercharger - Exmore, VA

    Tesla's updated Find Us map now shows a "coming soon" for Exmore, VA. A quick search for utility tickets shows one submitted by Leading Edge Services for electric car chargers at the Royal Farms at 4317 Lankford Hwy, Exmore, VA 23350. I'm particularly excited about this one because it's a much...
  14. W

    Supercharger - Mechanicsville, VA

    Looks like they are installing a supercharger at the Wawa at 7847 Compass Point Ln, Mechanicsville, VA 23111
  15. M

    Supercharger - Leesburg, VA - California Dr

    A Supercharger is planned for the new Sheetz station located at 601 California Dr. Found an electrical permit filed by Havepower for a Supercharger install at the Sheetz, which is most likely the one due for Q2 2022. There was also an 811 ticket filed in November so work may have started...
  16. M

    Supercharger - Richmond, VA - S Providence Rd

    Permits have also been issued for the Richmond area's fourth Supercharger, located at a Sheetz station right off the Midlothian Turnpike. Work will be preformed by the HavePower team. So far, I have not seen 811 tickets for either the Richmond or Colonial Heights Superchargers so construction...
  17. M

    Supercharger - Colonial Heights, VA

    Permits have been issued for the Colonial Heights/South Chesterfield Supercharger!! 8 stalls will be built at the Wawa at 15840 Jefferson Davis Hwy and work will be done by LES. Last I checked, no tickets have been filed on VA811 and no inspections have been reported.
  18. corywright

    Supercharger - Ashland, VA

    Leading Edge Services has posted a ticket requesting utility markings for an electric car charger installation at the Sheetz located at 12341 Washington Hwy, Ashland, VA 23005.
  19. L

    FS: [Northern Virginia] 21" Uberturbine Rims, Pirelli stock tires (25 miles) + TPMS sensors from newly purchased Model Y performance (delivered 9/16)

    Hello everyone, I'm located in Northern Fairfax, VA and I'm looking to sell my 21" Uberturbines. They'll come with the stock Pirelli tires, x4 OEM Tesla Wheel caps, and the Tesla TPMS sensors. I'm also including Tesla Totes (x4) (new in box purchased specifically for the buyer's convenience)...
  20. corywright

    Supercharger - South Boston, VA

    In April Tesla added South Boston, VA as a "coming soon" location for a Supercharger, with a target opening in Q4. Yesterday Leading-Edge Services submitted a request for utility markings at the Sheetz at 1007 Philpott Rd, South Boston, VA 24592.
  21. M

    Supercharger - Woodstock, VA

    2 new tickets on VA811 for what appears to be preliminary work for the installation of a Supercharger at the Sheetz in Woodstock, Va. Haven't found any permits, but it looks like the first contractors have already done a few Tesla projects (not Superchargers). Either this is one hell of a...
  22. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Woodbridge, VA - Potomac Town Place

    Tesla's Find Us map currently has a "coming soon" pin for Woodbridge with a Q3 2021 target date. Looking for info on a different location, I came across the planning approval and building permit application for a Tesla supercharger at the Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center mall. Besides just...
  23. J

    Supercharger - Manassas VA

    New SC added to site, says target opening Q4 21. Assume the pin is a ballpark as doesn't look like a suitable location but near/in old town. Perhaps in the public garage near VRE, park, and the farmers market? Didn't find any permits here
  24. N

    Supercharger - Stafford, VA

    Stafford, Virginia was added to the list of new Supercharger locations coming soon. The Tesla site says Q2 of 2021. I was unable to determine where it would be located. Here is a link to the county permit site: Stafford County IWR if anyone else wants to try and find it. There was 1 permit named...
  25. corywright

    Supercharger - Charlottesville, VA - Proffit Road

    Thanks to @joshpowell for discovering the location of the upcoming second Charlottesville Supercharger! This was originally posted in the original Charlottesville Supercharger thread, but this new location now has it's own thread.
  26. Chuq

    Supercharger - Salem (Apperson Drive), VA

    It looks like a new stop-gap site (2 stalls only) has been installed in order to provide backup while the existing site is closed for rebuild. My guess is that this will be a new permanent site (and they've only got power supply for two units so far - they just rushed it through so there was...
  27. corywright

    Supercharger - Tappahannock, VA

    Today I stopped by a Supercharger that is currently under construction and I got wind of a new one that will be built in Tappahannock, Virginia. I looked for utility tickets at the Sheetz in Tappahannock and sure enough, there is one by Leading Edge Services. The ticket is from October, and I...
  28. J

    Va rebates?

    So i just ordered a MY. This is my first EV. Does VA offer an type of rebates or incentives for buying EV? Just don’t want to miss out on anything. Thabks
  29. M

    Supercharger - Petersburg, VA - Wagner Road

    A new Supercharger is coming soon to Petersburg, Virginia at the Sheetz on Wagner Rd. @Reddy Kilowatt was kind enough to lend me his crystal ball for a day and so I was able to find an 811 Call Before You Dig ticket for the “Installation of Electrical Car Chargers” at the Sheetz at 151 Wagner...
  30. Reddy Kilowatt

    Supercharger - Falls Church, VA

    My crystal ball says this is the next Super Charger site, 7501 Leesburg Pike near (Pimmit Dr.) At Idylwood Plaza . It's just outside Tyson's, which concerns me about the Tyson's site, both pins are on the Tesla site though. V3- 8 Stalls. Jason's subs, Starbucks and Whole Foods are near by...
  31. Jeff Wa

    Auto train?

    Just a thought, has anyone taken their Tesla on the Auto train to FL? My mother lives close to Sanford FL and we have done the trip twice with the kids, not as cheap compared to flying but total cost of trip a little less since no rental car. Is there a big phantom drain when the car is unused...
  32. Lanny

    Supercharger - King George, VA - Owens Drive

    Permit in process for a Supercharger at the Sheetz at 17188 Owens Drive, Dahlgren, Virginia. Map Link Thanks to @3PHASE who found this "King George" location by contacting the Building Official. Lanny
  33. Reddy Kilowatt

    Supercharger - Reston, VA

    I have know about a new 8 stall super Charger station going in a new building at 1904 Reston Station BLVD, Reston Va. The building is under construction and not accessible. As a result I can't get access, so no pictures yet. I will work on it as construction develops. This is at the Wiehle Ave...
  34. B

    Opinion on tinting the back window

    Debating on how the tint should be done for the back window..... Any issues having the tint stop at the dyed glass (defrost line)? Having a hard time justifying paying extra $200-$300 extra just for the full one piece.....
  35. B

    Tesla Solar in VA

    Anyone have any insights as to what the hold up is to get Tesla installing in VA?
  36. skappler

    Supercharger- Ashburn, VA

    Just received confirmation that Tesla is opening a new 8 stall V3 supercharger location at the new Harris Teeter fuel station in Ashburn (Broadlands). The address is: 43300 Southern Walk Plaza Broadlands, South, Ashburn, VA 20148 link to article Eight Tesla Superchargers coming to Ashburn -...
  37. MXFan

    Supercharger - Vienna, VA

    From the Fairfax County FIDO site: Permit information for 191690390 Permit #: 191690390 Plan #: Q-19-3186 Permit Name: CHARGING STATIONS/WAWA Site Location: 465 MAPLE AV W, VIENNA Permit Type: MISCELLANEOUS BUILDING WORK Permit Description: Telsa electric vehical charging station - wawa parking...
  38. E

    Supercharger - Madison, VA

    I was driving from Culpeper to Charlottesville, VA today and was surprised to see construction at a Sheetz a few miles south of Culpeper in Madison, VA (2902 S Seminole Trl, Madison, VA 22727). I spoke with an employee who confirmed it is a Tesla supercharger with a planned opening of August...
  39. swengl

    Supercharger - Lynchburg, VA

    There is an excellent chance that Sheetz is putting in a Supercharger location at their Route 29 South store (near Wendy's). I stopped by this morning to grab some coffee and noticed that they had most of the side parking lot roped off for construction and when I asked the cashier if they were...
  40. T

    19" Gunmetal Rial Lugano w/ Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires, TPMS, and Tesla Wheel Covers

    I have updated this post with better pictures of the tires. These are the Winter Wheels off of my 2013 Model S, they are Rial Lugano Titanium Gunmetal rims. There is a minor scratch on one of them. The tires are Michelin X-Ice Xi3 with 30k miles on them. Purchased from Tirerack...
  41. T

    19" Gunmetal Rial Lugano w/ Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires, TPMS, and Tesla Wheel Covers

    These are the Winter Wheels off of my 2013 Model S, they are Rial Lugano Titanium Gunmetal rims. There is a minor scratch on one of them. The tires are Michelin X-Ice Xi3 with 30k miles on them. Purchased from Tirerack...
  42. Vestniek

    Supercharger - Leesburg, VA

    I heard rumors about a new SuperCharger coming to the Leesburg VA so I spent a little time looking around the parking lots near the Wegman's (on Route 7 at Crosstrail Blvd SE, Leesburg, VA 20175). The 10-station SuperCharger is in fact located on the second floor of a parking garage, the entry...
  43. HungryAsian

    Supercharger - Salem, Virginia

    Roanoke, Salem, Botetourt, Blacksburg folks it looks like a Supercharger is going in at the Sheetz in West Salem! It doesn't seem there is any information about it on supercharger.info @ZoomDoggie snagged these pics and her hubby asked the Sheetz folks and they confirm should be up and running...
  44. tangent

    Charging Near Massanutten, VA

    Hi, I am looking around Massanutten and notice the nearest Superchargers are miles away. I am thinking of bringing my kids (and in-laws ...) there for two days, and would try to avoid any range anxiety. I see a few Level 2 stations near the resort but not sure how occupied they are, and a few...
  45. Lanny

    Supercharger - Haymarket, VA

    A permit has been issued for a Tesla Supercharger at the Sheetz at 15315 Washington St., Haymarket, VA. It will have eight stalls along the north end of the property along Washington St. Thanks @morrisdl. cc: @BlueShift
  46. J

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D For Sale - $51,995

    Looking to sell my 2015 70D to make way for an upgrade. I have babied this car for 3 years and it is in pristine condition as a result. I live in the city where it is relatively easy to get around for daily needs so I did not use this as an everyday car, ~21k miles on it. Kept in a private...
  47. P

    Best MD/VA service center

    new model x owner here. Wanted to ask those in DC area if they take their Tesla to tysons corner or Rockville for service? Have a few things for them to fix up after delievery but don’t want to wait a long time Thanks!
  48. the_danimal

    After Market Shop in NoVA

    Don’t have my M3 yet but beginning to do the necessary research to protect the paint and make some minor cosmetic adjustments upon delivery. Is there a shop someone recommends in Northern Virginia, preferably in Fairfax County, that has done work on your car? More specifically I want to add a...
  49. MXFan

    Supercharger - Tyson's Corner, VA

    I just saw this permit for 1961T Chain Bridge Rd, 10 stalls: - FIDO - Fairfax County, Virginia
  50. theishu

    Northern Virginia group buy for PPF / ceramic?

    Hello NoVA peers, I'm interested in getting a PPF (maybe with ceramic) on my model 3 when I take delivery, if the price is right. The cost is a big factor, both for myself, and to convince my spouse. Does anyone in the NoVa area know of a reliable place which has good rates? Alternatively...

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