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  1. B

    WTB Model 3 reservation - white exterior (Southern California)

    I would like to buy your model 3 reservation in SoCal if you no longer want yours. White exterior preferred. Thank you.
  2. S

    WTB: Model X Plaid Reservation

    Would like to buy a Plaid Model X reservation if anyone has one available. (415) 938-4814
  3. M

    WTB: 21" Tires

    Need 2x 265/35/21 Or 255/35/21 275/35 21 If they will fit on 21" staggered turbine wheels
  4. P

    Just totaled my MYLR, looking to purchase reservation to skip line

    Hey all, Had my MSM MYLR for 2 months and just totaled it. Broken wrist for the wife but kids and I are fine. Looking to purchase reservation for another one. Don't care about paint color, just want White interior. Feel free to reach out/comment with offers. Located in the Buffalo area...
  5. Z

    White 2022 Model X Plaid Reservation For Sale | ETA 1/24 - 2/14

    Selling a Model X Plaid reservation with the following specs: White Exterior Black Interior 6 Seats 22” Turbine Wheels Reservation MSRP: $119,990 Current MSRP for New Orders: $126,490 So reservation price is $6,500 LESS than Tesla's current asking price. Estimated Delivery: January 24 -...
  6. Z

    2022 Model X Plaid Reservation For Sale | Estimated Delivery: January 21 - February 08

    Selling a Model X Plaid reservation with the following specs: Black Exterior Black Interior 6 Seats 22” Turbine Wheels Reservation MSRP: $119,990 Current MSRP for New Orders: $126,490 So reservation price is $6,500 LESS than Tesla's current asking price. Estimated Delivery: January 21 -...
  7. S

    WTB Model Y performance reservation AZ

    I am looking to buy a MYP reservation. Preferably before the price increase. Please DM me if anyone is interested.
  8. E

    WTB: MYP 21" Uberturbine Front Passenger Side Wheel - Indiana/Midwest

    🤦‍♂️ Scuffed up my MYP 21" Uberturbine front passenger side wheel (1,982 miles) and would like to buy a replacement. Also open to buy an entire set. Willing to drive a couple hours from central Indiana for pick up.
  9. A

    WTB: 2017-2020 Model X 100D / Long Range 6 Seater

    Family is expanding from 3-4. Rented a model X on Turo and I’m in. Just been looking for the right configuration. I am hoping I might be able to find someone on the fence about selling Ideally looking for the following build: Year: 2017+ Trim: Long Range (100D, etc) Color: White / White (live...
  10. M


  11. N

    WTB: Model X P100DL w/ 6 Seats - FSD Preferred but not Required.

    WTB! I'm looking for a Model X P100D with Ludicrous, preferably with FSD, but it's not a must. Less than 30K miles, clean title, no accidents, repairs or stories.
  12. J

    WANT TO BUY a Not a Flamethrower

    Hello, I would like to buy a Not a Flamethrower. Does anyone have one they would like to sell? Regards Jonathan
  13. J

    WANT TO BUY a Not a Flamethrower

    Hello, I would like to buy a Not a Flamethrower. Does anyone have one they would like to sell? Kind regards Jonathan Meier
  14. M

    Buying P85D/P90D (2014-2016)

    Hey folks, Just got out of my C63 AMG and now in the market for a p85d model s. (Will also consider a model 3 performance) Im hoping to spend anywhere from 33k-37k. Reach me by email if you have something close! [email protected] Thanks, J
  15. L

    WTB Tesla Model 3 w/ white interior, awd, priced around $40k

    Looking to buy a used tesla with the following specs: Priced around $35,000 to $40,000 at least EAP software (if not EAP, price should be around $35k) White interior Long Range AWD I'm located in Michigan, but would be willing to travel to visit the vehicle if the right vehicle comes along.
  16. G

    WTB: 2014+ Model S

    Looking for a Model S to buy, sub 100k miles. Looking for Hi-Fidelity Sound, 4G LTE, Power liftgate. MCU2 upgrade already done would be nice, but not necessary. Priced around $30k, let me know!
  17. I

    WTB Model X Signature Paperweight w/ Box

    If anyone has one of these to sell please let me know! Looking to buy one ideally with the box. Thanks!
  18. J

    WTB: 20" Induction Wheels Model Y San Diego

    Hello All, I am looking to buy a set of 20" induction wheels for the model Y in San Diego. Ideally looking to buy with TPMS and maybe the Tires. DM Me.
  19. L

    WTB Tesla Model X, S, or 3 priced around $45k (2016.5/2017 Model S)

    I'm looking to purchase a used Tesla Model S. I will also consider Model 3s if they have Full-Self Driving. Features Desired: Model: S or X Year: 2016.5 or 2017 AWD Price Range: ~$40k to 45k Milage: ideally less than 50k Interior Color: white/tan is desired Autopilot Hardware: Full-Self...
  20. S

    Looking to join the club

    Hey folks, I've been perusing the forum for a while, and have had all the intention of making my next car a Tesla - my thesis for vehicle acquisition: either air cooled, carburated and collectible, or electric. So I was initially going to get a Model Y... and then I thought that I don't...
  21. P

    WTB: 22” Onyx Black Turbine Wheels

    Looking to buy 22” Onyx black turbine wheels for the Model X new or used in Southern California (Orange County). Also willing to trade my 19” stock OEM rims and good tires for them + cash.
  22. CheddarChiz

    WTB: Model 3 Performance Referral Wheels

    Preferably in Greater Seattle Area but wouldn't mind paying for shipping if the price is right.
  23. jwmoss

    WTB: Model S + free supercharging + 0-60 < 4.4 for $40-$45k

    Anything out there? The free supercharging would be nice as I'll be driving quite a bit for work long distances, otherwise, I'd use ev-cpo or another website to monitor for Model S with non-free supercharging. The 0-60 requirement limits me to 85D, 90D, P85* models. Thanks!
  24. D

    WTB: Model 3 Performance

    Prefer with FSD and under 20k miles Any color besides red, either interior Located in SF Bay Area but mobile to most of California Let me know if you got anything out there!
  25. O


    Looking for a used model 3 AWD or performance. -Not super picky with exterior or interior color -less than 20k miles -EAP or FSD -interior needs to be in very good shape (no dogs, cats, critter scratches everywhere) I am located near Charlotte, NC. can drive to pickup within 500 miles...
  26. agg212

    WTB: Model 3 OEM 19" Sport Wheels + Tires

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a set of 4 19" OEM Sport wheels (with or without tires/TPMS) for my Model 3. I'm located in the Boston area and willing to pay cash.
  27. J

    WTB used Model 3 - SoCal (San Diego, Los Angeles)

    Hello, I am looking to buy a used Model 3 in South California (San Diego, Los Angeles, ...). If you have one for sale, please message me. 2017 or 2018 models would be best. 2019s models are often too close to the new price unfortunately. Open to any trim/color options. Looking to buy...
  28. C

    Looking for right rear passenger door panel for Model X P100D

    Wow, these are tough to find. Anybody got a spare P100D gull wing passenger side door panel in white handy?
  29. T

    WTB: NEMA 14-50 Adapter for Gen 2 Mobile Charger - Montreal

    Just picked up our model 3 and the 14-50 adapters are out of stock online. Is there anyone in Montreal who would like to sell me theirs?
  30. rshields89

    Looking to Purchase a 2012-2014 Model S w/ under 80k miles & warranty remaining

    Hello, I drove my first Tesla last week and am absolutely hooked! I've always wanted a Tesla, and since i got rear ended a few weeks ago and had my Lexus totaled, I figured it was a perfect time to join the Tesla family and go electric! I am in the market for a 2012-2014 Model S & would prefer...
  31. comec0rrect

    WTB: M3 19" Sport Wheels

    Looking to buy Model 3 19" sport wheels. In the SF Bay Area for pickup, or can pay for shipping. Thanks!
  32. jjvan

    WTB Model S 85D or 90D

    Hello. I'm looking for a 2015 or 2016 Model S 85D or 90D or better. My only hard requirements are: -must have a pano sunroof (to accept a roof rack) -have AWD My budget is $41k max. I'm on the lookout on the Tesla used site as well. I know Tesla has sold 41 used 85D/90D cars with warranty...
  33. Haxster

    WTB Bay Area Model S 19" Sonic Carbon Wheels & Newish Tires

    Set of four Sonic Carbon Slipstream "pull-offs" preferred with TPMS 2 and minimal miles on tires for my "facelift" Model S.
  34. eghead

    WTB: NIB Black Signature Wall Charger

    As the title states I am looking for a NIB signature black wall charger. Happy to do a local pickup near Florida or Michigan but also open to having it shipped. Thanks!
  35. M

    WTB: Model S side mirror/chrome

    I'm looking to buy the side mirror chrome pieces for the 2015 generation Model S. It will be for a 85D. I'm not sure what variants there are, but the car also has the premium interior package. Three pieces in total, per side. I'll consider....consider....any cosmetic condition. I apologize if I...
  36. M

    WTB: Model 3, EAP or FSD, LR RWD or AWD - SoCal preferred

    As the the title suggests, I'm looking for a Model 3 in SoCal. I'm not too concerned about color or wheels. I do want the long range battery and don't care about rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. Full Self Driving is great but the car must have at least enhanced autopilot. If it's one of the...
  37. L

    WTB Used Tesla Model S for trip around the US 10/1/19 - 4/30/20

    Hi everyone We (my girlfriend and I) are from Switzerland and we will be on a 7 month trip around the US from Oct 1st 2019 till Apr 30th 2020, start and end in Miami, FL, and we would be interested in buying a used Tesla as cheap as possible (probably high milage, older model). We already have...
  38. IROAR

    Wanted 18 inch aero wheel rim Model 3

    Did a number on one of my 18 inch rims. Need to replace it. Would buy 2 if available. I live in Phoenix area.
  39. The T-man

    WTB- P85D/P90D, P85/P90 In CALIFORNIA

    Looking to buy a well cared for, clean, 2014/15/16/17 Tesla P85D / P90D or P85/85+ / P90 Options preferred in order of importance- Color- Titanium, Grey, Silver, Green, Red or Blue AP1 or 2 Black or Tan interior Carbon accents or matte wood Suede Dash / Headliner High amp charging / dual...
  40. NoMoGas

    WTB 2016+ Model S Center console w/cup holders/USB

    Looking to buy a complete center console to upgrade my 2014 Model S. Feel free to DM if you happen to have one for sale.
  41. J

    Model S 2016.5 with AP 2.0

    Hi All, My first post here. I have been on the market for a Model S since December of 2018. I was close to buying two different ones, but both ended up being snagged before I could see the car and make an offer. I am looking for a 2016.5 or newer Model S, with AP 2.0 hardware. The AP, EAP, FSD...
  42. R1Fast

    Want to buy: P3D/AWD driver side top hat / perch / assembly

    Since there isn't a classified section I'm posting this here. Looking for a drivers side top hat / perch or entire strut assembly. Long story and I'll save you the details, but if you have any leads on any part out, wrecked etc. P/AWD M3s drop me a message or respond here. I was hoping to...
  43. TjckTock

    WTB: center console armrest limit switch

    I managed to break the limit switch which turns on the light in the cavity under the center armrest. I am sure I can make a general purpose limit switch work since I have the wiring harness but would prefer to replace with the actual OEM part. Anyone parting out a center console willing to...
  44. B

    WTB 21" Sonic Carbon Wheels and Rims

    21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Looking to purchase local in or around Seattle or Ship if price is right. Please provide photos. Must be in excellent condition, and original. Hoping to purchase by year end.
  45. B

    WTB or Lease Transfer - Model X White Interior, low miles, EAP

    I am looking to take over a lease or purchase a Model X with white interior, low miles, enhanced auto pilot and 6 or 7 seats. Please let me know if you have a vehicle that you would consider transferring lease or selling. Thank you.
  46. Knightowl

    WTB signature black wall connector (referral award) for $350

    I can live without but would be nice to have a wall connector to charge with as it would save my wife from backing into the garage to charge, she hates backing her car in and pulls in except for charging. I would also like it in black so looking for the sig black one for $350 all in if someone...
  47. J

    WTB: Model 3 aero wheels

    With aero caps but with or without tires and TPMS. Preferably in central/eastern MA.
  48. N

    WTB 22" MX Wheels

    Howdy, I'll be taking delivery of my new MX in a couple of weeks and am interested in purchasing the 22" Wheels. Please send me your offers, I would prefer the referral link to have them shipped to my SC (in Houston) for installation but will also consider a private sale and shipping if the...
  49. Sunshine State

    Want to buy X P100D, can purchase quickly, PM me

    Hellow everyone, I’d like to buy another X and we are a cash buyer. We have been looking at all the discounted new inventory and some low mile CPO’s, but like anyone, would like a better deal and know the deals are out there. We have several Teslas now so we are not in a rush until we find the...
  50. S

    Help! Newbie WTB 2015 P85D

    Hey guys, I've been considering a Tesla for quite some time. My Lexus lease is up this month and I believe I'm about ready to pull the trigger. After searching all the available years and models, it seems to me one of the best values for the money is a 2015 P85D. I'm looking at a couple...

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