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$10,000 to Charity for Elon Musk Interview

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Awesome. My only request is you ask questions that have not been asked before. I can literally recite every Elon Musk answer to date because the questions have been the same. With a few exceptions (the recent Chinese interview about the school for kids was pretty good and the Dutch/German one where they asked what he ate was really cool).
So what questions would you have him ask?
Maybe about the P85D HP discrepancy?
Why 21" wheels are now required?
What his first words might be if he ever lands on Mars?

1. What is your overall approach to design? What determines it. For example, why are the "oh shi*" bars not on model s or coat hooks or cup holders?

2. You mentioned on another interview all you see are flaws with the product (even though its awesome). What kind of flaws? Do you see a big flaw in the tech space today?

3. What is your approach to philanthropy (the conventional kind), does somebody run the Musk Foundation?

4. What video games do you currently play?

5. How do you decide to focus your time given your varied roles and multitasking requirements.

6. What will be the target ICE car for Model 3 to replicate/compete against? 3 series? A4?
Elon Musk questions

1) when will SpaceX start production of communication satellites?
2) why is such a large constellation planned/needed (2600 comsats)?
3) when can customers purchase internet connectivity from SpaceX's satellite operation?
4) will SpaceX offer sub-orbital passenger transport, such as a 30-minute ride to Paris for Concorde-like ticket prices?
5) will SpaceX build an orbital hotel and offer 1-2 week stays for $1M or less?
6) will Tesla build faster Superchargers instead of the 120-135 kW units they make today? If so, when?
7) will Tesla offer parts and service information for sale to ALL owners and shops that wish to repair and maintain their cars? If so, when?

Do you think the first generation gigafactory cells will continue to use graphite anodes?

At this point, does it look like you are going to need much better visual processing to get freeway autonomous driving?

Are you surprised that people are using TACC on surface roads?

Even without anticipated cost reductions from reusability, am I right in thinking that SpaceX is going to essentially own the commercial launch business within a few years, since no one else can match your cost and reliability?

I realize it is early days, but have you given any thought on a Mars colony governance structure? It is going to be a U.S. colony with an imposition of US laws, or is it going to be an sovereign state, and if so, what kind of political system will it have?