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10+ Reasons Why I Love My 2023 Model S vs. My 2022 Model Y Performance

10+ Reasons why I love my 2023 Model S vs. my 2022 Model Y Performance

2023 S AWD vs 2022 MYP

1 - Ride Quality - I came from a 22 Model Y Performance into a 2023 Model S. The main reason for the switch was the ride quality. Love the MYP but it rode like a donkey cart. The ride in the S is way better. Smoother and more comfortable and the air suspension is adjustable.

2 - Quieter - The S is also quieter using double pane glass in front and back. I got the round steering wheel which is great.

3 - Steering Wheel - The yoke was too fat and clunky. Got used to no stalks in one drive though hate that there is no center horn.

4, 5, 6 - Screens - The 17" Screen is amazing especially all the gesture control but more importantly the center Dashboard screen is perfect. I didn't realize how much missed one til I had it back. It has everything I need in one beautiful place. Rear Screen - May not use it much but nice to know its there but provide entertainment to rear passengers

7 - Room - The Y has more room and was worried about the room but because it is a hatchback it has a huge amount of space with the rear seats down and you even get room behind the front seats when they are down which is fantastic for quick grab supplies while driving

8 - Sirius - I love Sirius and the S has it and the Y does not.

9 - Luxury - It is more luxurious on the inside and the center console layout is great. Loved the rear seat console with phone chargers built in

10 - Ventilated cool seats. Yes they work

11 - Range - Best feature? The range. I just drove from Vermont to NYC today with no stops and still had 30 per cent when I got here. And the computer range estimating seems more accurate than in my Y. I left showing 30 per cent when I arrived and it was right on. Never got that on the Y. Always predicted short

12 - Tilted screen - It just makes sense


"Tesla Model S (Facelift ab 04-2016) trimmed" by : Peteratkins *derivative work: Mariordo is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
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What’s your favourite of all of them?
S plaid or?
Both the S and X are incredible yet different. The S Plaid is definitely my favorite, as the driving feel of it is the perfect blend of sporty and premium. The speed difference is definitely noticeable to me after owning both. The X Plaid however has a more premium feel with the automatic doors and 6 seat interior, anytime I have more than 3 passengers the X feels like the better option to drive in.
That’s insane 😲😃 Two Plaids 👍🏻 Can’t get any better..
Yeah haha I believe the ideal stable of cars for me is the Model S Plaid, Model X Plaid, and a Cybertruck(incoming).
The powered door handles... there was a close call where our child tried to grab it as it was closing. Do they auto open if a finger is underneath, trying to pull?

It won't hurt. The motor only pushes the handles out, springs resist and gently hold the handle against the stops extending, there is mo active pulling. If the handle closed on your Child's hand they would only feel the spring (light) pressure. Same as what you feel when you pull and move the handle to open.