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7 random deposits in my account

There have been quite a few posts about this lately. Around five or six threads with a few posts per thread.

So far, the general consensus is that those are refunds due to overcharging during supercharging sessions, although I don't believe anyone has received absolute verification to that effect.
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I had this same exact thing happened to me. I was going to call someone at my local SC but got busy. I’m not too concerned being that they’re small amounts but I’m monitoring my CC now. I have free supercharging on both my S/X so am wondering what these might be. @Cmunny, thanks for posting.

Tesla credited my account with free miles, and notified me via Tesla Inbox on 10/11/2019:

Subject: Supercharging miles credited


We discovered an inaccurate transaction in your Supercharging payment history.

We have credited 360.00 Supercharging miles back to your Tesla account.


>>> So I assume this is how Tesla does credits. And your CC refunds certainly look like tax refunds. Check your Tesla Inbox.