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Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

Drive was good. Definitely felt a little less planted due to the extra height, larger tires and extra weight. But more body roll. And doing the full drive it didn’t feel a tick or two slower than the 3. Guessing the 0-60 time is the same as the Monroney sticker. Careless copying mistake.
So I really need to check what I type these days. 2am baby feeding duty is catching up.

But and more body roll.

didn’t did feel a tick or two slower than the 3.

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Dec 8, 2007
The Automobile Information Disclosure Act (AIDA), 15 U.S.C. §§ 1231-1233, is more commonly known as the Monroney Act (Senator Mike Monroney was the chief sponsor of the Act) or Price Sticker Act. The Act requires the affixing of a retail price sticker to the windshield or side window of new automobiles indicating the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), that is, the "sticker price." Additional information, such as a list of any optional equipment offered or transportation charges, is also required.

The Federal Trade Commission publishes a fact sheet entitled Buying a New Car, that has additional information.

The AIDA was amended in an effort to improve the dissemination of New Car Assessment Program ratings when the United States Department of Transportation issued a regulation in 2006, 49 C.F.R. 575.301, that required new car crash safety information, known as “Stars on Cars,” to be on the Monroney label. Gold stars appear on the Monroney label, ranging from 1-5, with more stars denoting greater safety to help consumers evaluate a car’s crash worthiness, see http://www.safercar.gov, for more information.

Automobiles, by definition, include passenger vehicles and station wagons, and by extension passenger vans and similar vehicles, such as Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Not included, as explained in the legislative history, are pick-up trucks.

The Act prohibits the sticker from being removed or altered prior to sale to a consumer. Criminal prosecution is possible under 15 U.S.C. § 1233, for the willful removal of a label and is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor permitting a fine ($100,000 per violation for an individual and $200,000 per violation for an organization under 18 U.S.C. § 3571) as well as imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.

Under a related statute, 49 U.S.C. § 32908, manufacturers and importers of new automobiles, including each category of vehicle identified above and pick-up trucks, are required to affix a label to such vehicles with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) label containing fuel economy information. See EPA website. Normally, the price sticker label and EPA label are combined as one large label. Failure to maintain the EPA label on the vehicle is considered a violation of AIDA. There are no private remedies under either Act.

CPB enforces AIDA, most commonly, by sending warning letters to dealerships alleged to have violated the Act. CPB also advises consumers of alternative avenues of redress where allegations have been made that a price sticker or EPA label is missing or altered.
Unfortunately that says nothing about what happens if the section about "technical features" had incorrect information.

I don't buy however the argument that the Monroney sticker is the final binding contract. After all, it lists the MSRP, but in traditional car sales that does not represent the final price (which may be higher or lower). Also dealer options/accessories are not listed on it, nor are "due bill" items.

Ultimately my feeling is the MVPA and whatever was on the website when you ordered (which is why I took screenshots) is what is binding. And nowhere there did Tesla suggest the SR would be anything other than RWD and one motor.

As for the subject of whether the Model Y SR has a front motor, others have checked (it's easy, just peek into the front wheel wells) and there is nothing there between the two front wheels.
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Just took delivery of the Model Y SR last Sunday( 04/04). Born date is 04/01/2021. VIN 163xxx. I have also attached the sticker. I think it’s safe to say that the SR is only a single motor. 😂

With the increase in price of the Y LR and Model 3 SR Plus—— this seems to be the deal of the century.


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I had 2 more friends that were able to order a new MY SR in SoCal. They are now starting to pop up and Tesla is unloading SR right now my SA said they made a bunch of extra SR due to demand. I feel bad for anyone who shelled out 1-2k for transportation fee since these extra SR are pretty much coming to california
I had 2 more friends that were able to order a new MY SR in SoCal. They are now starting to pop up and Tesla is unloading SR right now my SA said they made a bunch of extra SR due to demand. I feel bad for anyone who shelled out 1-2k for transportation fee since these extra SR are pretty much coming to california
Wow, you have so many friends ordering Tesla’s! That’s so awesome! So counting yourself and the other two, that’s 5!
So I picked up my SR Y this past weekend, the build date on the side said 04/21 (April!). Everything was good except the passenger rear liftgate glass is lifted from the panel on the top seam. Upon further inspection, it seems the glass itself is curved and needs to be replaced. I accepted delivery upon the promise that the service center will fix it. The right bumper is slightly misaligned but I was told it was "within spec". My Monroney sticker did not mention two motors - I believe they had updated that prior to my delivery.

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